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What is BetBlocker

The ever-growing gambling addiction problem in the United Kingdom has created a need for extra measures to be taken. This demand brought gambling blockers like the BetBlocker app, which are meant to prevent players from entering betting sites. The latter is a charity free-to-download app created in Scotland back in 2017 and one of the most popular among punters who want a break from gambling.

Just like what happens at almost every betting blocker, once you have activated your exclusion, you won’t be able to undo it. But how exactly BetBlocker works? In the following BetBlocker review, you may learn what exactly this app is, as well as the answer to questions like if it can be uninstalled, the ways to bypass it or cancel it once it is activated.

What is the Betblocker app?

BetBlocker is a free tool that helps players control gambling impulses. The users have the chance to install the application on as many devices as they want. By registering, they will be prevented from entering more than 13.000 betting websites, including many Non Gamstop betting sites, like Slots Dreamer, for as much time as they wish, up to 5 years. The exclusion period includes one day, two days, three days, five days, one week, two weeks, one month, three months, six months, one year, three years or five years.

The application also offers a Parental Control setting, allowing to switch the tool on and off through a password. That way, the parents have the chance to stop the minors from accessing betting and other harmful – for children – sites. Note that the users cannot remove the restrictions once the app is activated until the chosen exclusion period has elapsed.

How does Bet Blocker work?

BetBlocker app is one of the safest freeways to stop players from entering the betting sites in the United Kingdom and Non UK betting sites. The only thing you have to do is download the software from the store of your device’s operating system. After installing it, you should tap and enter the application, select gambling exclusion and set your preferred exclusion period. The latter ranges from 24 hours up to 5 years.

Next, select the option “Block Gambling Operator sites”, to prevent yourself from entering all the gambling sites for as long as you will be excluded. Then confirm your exclusion. Always have in mind that you will not be able to undo this action before your exclusion period is over, even if you uninstall the application from your device or devices.

Can I download BetBlocker for free?

Yes, of course. You can get Bet Blocker on every device you want without having to pay for it. Although it is a free-to-get application, you will not find any advertisements inside. When you decide to exclude yourself from betting, you have to enter the Google Play Store, iOS, or Windows App stores and download the application. As soon as you have installed the software on your preferred device or devices, you can choose the exclusion period you want. Then, the app will immediately start preventing you from entering gambling sites.

How to remove BetBlocker?

You don’t have to do anything special compared to any other app if you want to get BetBlocker out of your device. If you are still wondering, though, “how do I uninstall BetBlocker” or “how to remove Betfilter” here are the steps you have to follow to get rid of the software. The following steps apply to all mobile devices, no matter the operating system.

  1. Constantly tap on the application
  2. Drag it and uninstall it
  3. The app uses managed access, so you will have to remove it by tapping ok on the popup alert
  4. Uncheck the admin access to the app
  5. Drag it again to uninstall it

Note that the software can’t be removed once the exclusion is activated. You will have to wait for the ban period to be over before you can get rid of the app.

Can I bypass Bet Blocker?

If you’re wondering how to block gambling sites, every gambling blocking software, like BetBlocker, BetFilter or NetNanny, is created so that you can’t really overpass it, but still, there are some exciting methods to help you get around Bet Blocker. Of course, we should note that we don’t recommend taking the following actions if you still are under gambling addiction. Instead, this guide addresses only players who are in control of betting impulses.

Use another device

You might have registered an account with the gambling blocking software, but if you haven’t installed it on every single device you own, tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop computer, there is still hope. You can use that device to enter either UK or Non UK betting sites, like Mystake.

Place bets with Non-BetBlocker Sportsbooks

Although more than 13.000 betting sites are blocked, there still are many more available from across the globe accepting UK punters. Especially the newest betting sites not on Gamstop, as well as non NetNanny casinos are the way to go since it would be difficult to be under the radar of any blocking software.

Place wagers on betting shops

All the gambling blocking softwares apply only to online betting. The same goes for BetBlocker. That means that nothing is going to stop you from placing your bets on brick-and-mortar betting shops. It could be considered as one of the safest ways to cancel Gamstop or any gambling blocker.

Wait until the exclusion elapses

That’s the most logical thing to do if you want to just take a distance from betting. The only thing you have to do is let the time fly and the exclusion period be over. Then, once you are in a better position, you can start betting again.

How to uninstall BetBlocker?

In case you want to cancel your subscription at BetBlocker, it is impossible. The app is designed as a tool to help punters fight gambling addiction. So, since the players have chosen to exclude themselves from betting, they won’t undo actions. This works as a precaution for the users who might slip down the same road again. Even if players decide to uninstall the application, they still will not have access to the gambling sites. Not at least before the self-exclusion period is over. The same applies to those wondering how to remove Gamblock.

Are there any Non-BetBlocker betting sites available?

While the application manages to prevent the players who have registered with it from entering more than 13.000 betting websites, there still are many options left in the tank. There are many international betting sites not on BetBlocker. You can find some of the most trusted ones in the following list.


At times, you might see that the app is not responding. One of the main reasons the app might not be working is that you haven’t activated the VPN on your device. You will have to close down and open the application again. Then the VPN connection will be again turned on. Now try to load the websites you want once more. You can also clear the DNS cache through your browser and the software will start working again.

The Bet Blocker app might be free but is excellent and genuinely good software, serving its purpose the way it was meant to. It helps the players control gambling urges and blocks access the betting sites. Its features are also helpful and show the app’s capabilities. You can install it on as many devices as you want using the same account, no matter the Operating System. Something great for those who want to take some moments away from betting, since they will be prevented from entering 13.000+ websites in total.

You may choose to remove your application from your mobile phone, but note that this may happen only as soon as your exclusion is over. Once the latter has been activated, you won’t be able to get the app out of your device. After the exclusion is over and only if you still don’t want to have the app on your device, drag it to uninstall BetBlocker. Then tap on the popup alert the option ok and uncheck admin access for the app from the settings menu. Finally, drag it again and uninstall the software.

BetBlocker is a safe gambling blocking program to use since it prevents players from entering the UK sportsbooks and the Non-UK ones as well. In addition, it restricts the entrance on more than 6.000 gambling websites, so if the players want to stay away from online gaming, it is a safe software to use.