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BetFilter App Review

Gambling addiction has been a massive problem in the United Kingdom, especially with the uprising of online betting. That fact led to the creation of gambling blocking software like the BetFilter app, intending to help gamblers cool down and handle gambling impulses. Like any other blocking solution, BetFilter in the UK prevents bettors from accessing a wide range of betting sites.

In the following article, you have the chance to genuinely understand what this app is all about and the way it works. Also, you can find various methods to help you bypass or uninstall the application in case you have regretted activating a license of the software. Like using a VPN, different devices or going to the betting shops, among others. Keep reading if you want to find everything regarding BetFilter.

What is Bet Filter

BetFilter is a gambling blocking application for mobile and desktop devices, preventing the players who need to stay away from betting from having access to gambling sites. As soon as the players complete the BetFilter download, they will be restricted from entering the British and Non-UK gambling operators. That means that all the sites where gambling for real money is taking place, like sportsbooks, casinos, poker sites and lotteries, will be blocked. The software is available on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. It is updated automatically, so you will keep being protected by new threats and temptation to enter gambling companies not on Gamstop, BetFilter or any other gambling blocking app.

How does BetFilter UK work?

Firstly, you have to enter your device’s app store, whether it runs on Android, iOS, Mac or Windows operating system. Then download it, install it on your smartphone, tablet or PC, and create your new account with BetFilter. Next, pay for your license for this device, or a multi-device license, if you intend to protect more mobile phones running, for example, the Android operating system. Of course, as soon as you have activated your subscription, you won’t have the chance to access gambling sites for as long as your self-exclusion is valid.

Is BetFilter free?

No, Bet Filter is a paid application offering protection to vulnerable players. Depending on the period you want to be excluded from gambling and the number of devices you wish to get protection for, you will pay the respective price. For example, if you want to get protection for just one device and a year, you will have to pay $69.95, while for a two-year license, the cost is $118.90. If you want to install the software on more devices, then the fee will be adjusted accordingly.

Can I uninstall BetFilter

If you feel like BetFilter doesn’t suit your needs or you just believe that you are now under control, you can remove the BetFilter App from your device or devices after canceling your subscription. However, before you uninstall the app, you will have to get a security password provided by Betfilters’ support team.

If you are not satisfied with the software’s service, you can also get a refund, but note that this will happen only within the first 48 hours after you purchased your license. If the 48 hours have passed, you are not entitled to a refund, but you will still be able to cancel your subscription and uninstall the application from your smartphone/tablet/computer.

How can I beat BetFilter

Bet Filter has a slightly different approach compared to every other gambling blocker. It works as an app with a different structure and fewer safeguards. That means that you can find more ways if you want to bypass the application. Just like with what happens with Gamstop. Note that this guide is only for players who feel ready to control and return to betting habits. If you have passed a self-assessment test and found out that you are still under a gambling addiction, we don’t recommend you using the following methods.

Use a VPN

BetFilter is a program blocking your IP address, so the latter will change if you use VPN software. In that way, the gambling blocking software or browser will no longer prevent you from entering your favorite Non UK gambling sites and non NetNanny casinos.

Wagering on Non-BetFilter Sportsbooks

Another way to go without using a VPN is to enter sites with slots not on Gamstop or gambling sites that are not in the BetFilter database. For example, you may create a new account on any international betting site accepting UK punters, as long as they are not in the software’s database.

Use other devices

In case you haven’t bought BetFilter licenses for all the devices you own, no matter if they run Android, Windows or iOS operating systems, you can use these smartphones, tablets, desktop or laptop computers to access your favorite betting sites.

Go to betting shops

Since all the exclusion programs and schemes apply only to online betting, nothing can really stop you from placing your wagers on your favorite events and teams in betting shops.

Let the exclusion period end

If you still don’t feel sure about yourself and your status, or you just believe that taking a break from betting would benefit you, just let the exclusion period you have chosen to elapse. Then get back to your betting habits, as long as you feel that you have your gambling impulses under control.

Can I cancel the Bet Filter app?

In contrast to any other software which allows you to block gambling sites for free in the UK, BetFilter gives you the chance to cancel your subscription and return to your betting habits. First, you should get a security password from customer support. For Android users, by entering the Google Play Store and choosing the “My Apps” menu, you can select to cancel your subscription and then remove the application. If you own an iOS device, you should go to the iTunes and App Store, tap your Apple ID, tap subscriptions and choose BetFilter. Next, you can proceed with the cancellation.

Are there any Non-BetFilter Βookmakers available?

If you have chosen to exclude yourself from betting, you have downloaded and installed BetFilter, but you now feel that you are under control; you can still return to your betting habits. To do so, you have to enter the Non-BetFilter Sportsbooks or the so-called Non Gamstop Betting Sites, such as Prestige Spin and Amigo Wins. That means that you will have the chance to place your bets on offshore betting sites which are not regulated by the UKGC or operating under UK laws. In the following list, you will find some of the most trustworthy, fastest-paying betting sites. Many of them also happen to welcome pro punters.


The application is available to any kind of device, and of course, the same applies to smartphones running on iOS. To get the BetFilter on the iPhone, you should go to the iOS store, search for BetFilter or BF browser and download your app. Next, you should create your account and pay for a license for this smartphone/tablet or multiple devices license if you have more than one iOS mobile phone.

Android device owners can rest assured that they will have the chance to protect themselves from problem gambling. To get the BetFilter Android software, you should enter the Google Store, search for BetFilter or BF browser and download the app. As soon as it has been installed, you can enter the app, create a new account, buy the license you need for one or more android devices and for the exclusion period you need.

Yes, you may find many deals around the internet, offering BetFilter at a lower price thanks to discounts many sites may give away. Also, at times you may find bargains at the official site, like the 2-year license for free that was given away back in 2019. So keep your eyes open and visit the official BetFilter site regularly to find your next deal.

It is impossible to download a gambling app on your device if you have activated BetFilter. You can enter a betting site, though, if you use a VPN to change your IP address. In that way, you will be able to enter any gambling site you want.
It doesn’t matter if your laptop or desktop computer will be in safe or regular mode. BetFilter will still be functional, just like what happens with all the other gambling blockers, like BetBlocker, or Gamban. So, if you have installed and activated the application, you won’t have the chance to place your wagers at any gambling site.