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Betting Sites without ID verification

Being a UK punter is not easy. Οne of the most prominent reasons is the exhausting Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure all users should pass before being allowed to place any bets. Players should go through credit checks, proof of residence verifications, or possible video calls to prove that they are the ones providing the documents. If you are fed up with the above and want to keep your privacy, betting sites needing no id to let you place your bets is the best solution. This way, you can succeed in both your goals, playing online without giving away your personal information.

That type of bookmaker gives you the chance to bet without verification and under the radar. When a KYC is requested to complete your first withdrawal, it will be simple, easy and almost instant. However, you still need to read the following article to find out the real benefits of using these sportsbooks, along with the types of no verification betting sites you will find around the internet.

Best Betting Sites that don’t need verification

There are tons of no verification betting sites out there, but you will have to be cautious about choosing and registering a new account. Go only for the sites approved by the betting community or the ones that experts have reviewed. In the following list, you will find the most trustworthy bookmakers, reviewed and tested in terms of withdrawal times, fairness, and total offering.

Why choose no verification betting sites

If you have been having second thoughts on whether you should try or not the no verification betting sites, you will find out that there is more than just one reason to do so. For starters, you have the chance to bet anonymously, while even when KYC is needed, it will be faster and fewer documents will be required. That will bring quicker withdrawals for you. Let’s see in more detail all the reasons to get on board with a betting site that requires no verification from your side.

Bet anonymously

One of the most important reasons to choose betting sites needing no id is that you can bet under the radar. Until you make your first withdrawal, you don’t need to submit any documents. You just open a new account and immediately start betting.

No credit checks

Another huge advantage is that no credit checks will be required to complete the KYC procedure. Your financial details will remain secret and safe. This is not the case for the UK sportsbooks, which need more and more documents, just to let you bet.

No exhausting KYC procedure

All bookmakers, even those not requiring an ID to let you place your bets, at some time will need to verify your ID. That will happen mostly when you will be ready to make your first withdrawal. The reason behind that is for the bookmakers to ensure that no frauds, money laundering, or third-party payments are going down, but indeed you are the one requesting the withdrawal. Another reason for the KYC is to ensure that the deposits and withdrawals are not connected to an underage person.

Quickest withdrawals

Of course, the reasons mentioned above are linked with that one. The fact that KYC will take less time will result in a much faster withdrawal procedure. Combined with payment methods like cryptocurrencies and wallets, you might have the money available within a couple of hours or even minutes.

Not registered in Gamstop

If you have registered with the self-exclusion scheme, then the betting sites with easy verification are your only way to go. They are your way of learning how to get around Gamstop, since none of them are registered with the scheme, but they accept UK punters. That means that you will be able to place your bet on the Non Gamstop betting sites.

Use of gambling blocking apps

On the other hand, if you use blockers like Gamban or BetBlocker, the app might block some of those sites, but not all of them. Do thorough research and see which of them are available to help you bypass the gambling blockers. Otherwise, you can simply opt for casinos not on Gamban.

Avoid the UKGC legislation

Of course, that would be the most important reason of all. Fewer limits and restrictions on bonuses and promotions, higher limits on betting and winnings, along with more relaxed KYC, create a combination letting the player focus on what matters the most, the betting activity.

Types of betting sites with easy verification

Suppose you will do a thorough search across the internet. In that case, you will find that there are many options regarding no verification betting sites that will let you place your bets without undergoing an exhausting KYC. But which of them are the easiest betting sites to join?

Crypto Sites

Crypto betting sites give you the chance to gamble under the radar. Crypto betting sites don’t need id for placing your bets with them. You may top up your account using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Monero and make a withdrawal to your crypto wallet without giving away your personal information. After all, transactions through cryptocurrencies are anonymous.

No source of funds

Many bookmakers ask you to send a bank or card statement as proof of the source of your funds before proceeding with your requested first withdrawal. For example, the bookmakers licensed in Malta or by the UKGC will require KYC for withdrawals of €2.300 or £3.000, respectively, but this is not the case for the no verification betting sites.

Bookmakers to bet online without registration

This is a new type of bookmakers, like Magic Win, that sprang up in the last couple of years. You have the chance to bet online without registration, just by using the platform Pay n’ Play, powered by Trustly. You can instantly transfer money from your bank account. In that way, the KYC procedure and the creation of the new account are completed automatically.

No video call KYC bookies

Many bookmakers tend to ask you to send a selfie holding your documents next to your face or even make a video call to verify that you are genuinely the one sending your documents. Thankfully, most of the betting sites needing no id from you will also not make a video call to you or ask you for a selfie with your docs, even at the time of your first withdrawal.

Bookmakers not using utility bills for KYC

One of the most common demands bookmakers have is sending a utility bill to verify your residence’s address. You will have to send your mobile phone’s contract bill, your home’s electricity statement or any other bill proving your home’s address. Fortunately, many more relaxed bookies around the internet won’t ask for that piece of information.

No ID Bookies

This type of bookies comes in contrast with all the high-rated UK bookmakers. The latter will ask you to complete the KYC procedure when you register your new account with them. On the other hand, many non Gamstop betting sites accepting UK punters will ask you to choose the type of document that suits you the best. You can choose between your id card, passport, or driving license and send any of them only when you request your first withdrawal.

Benefits of using betting sites that don’t require verification

Choosing to place your wagers with the proper betting sites with easy verification comes with many advantages regarding your daily activity as a punter. You will probably cherish things you didn’t have the chance to take advantage of when betting with highly-rated UK sportsbooks. Like more relaxed KYC, while you are still welcome even if you have been self-excluded from the UK bookies. Let’s see through all the advantages coming from using betting sites with no verification.

Easy KYC

Probably that’s the most significant advantage of the betting sites without verification compared to the UK bookmakers. You won’t have to give away the source of your funds, go through a credit check, or have multiple credit checks. That doesn’t mean that you won’t have to get under a standard KYC procedure. Even the sites that don’t need your ID to let you place your bets with them will ask you to verify your details when you request your first withdrawal. That would include just your ID card and, at some times, a utility bill or verification for the payment you are about to use.

Gamstop players accepted

If – for any reason – you decided to exclude yourself from all the UK betting sites, then the only solution would be to turn to the international betting sites. The Gamstop self-exclusion does not apply to the betting sites you don’t need to place your wagers. That means that you can be back in action, but first, you should go under a self-assessment test to ensure that you are not under gambling addiction.

Cards and crypto payments accepted

Another considerable advantage of this betting site is using your credit and debit cards to top up your account. Even AMEX card payments are available. Moreover, you can use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and some popular wallets on most credit card betting sites. Still, on the other hand, you won’t be able to proceed with your payments through Paypal.

Quicker withdrawals

From the moment the KYC procedure takes a lot less time, expectedly, withdrawals will be processed and completed quicker than what happens with the UK bookmakers. If you choose to use internet-based payment methods, like cryptos or wallets, the money will be available to you within a couple of hours.

Higher betting/winning limits

A vast difference is that professional punters are welcome, which is not the case for UK bookies. You will have the chance to bet on high stakes betting sites and enjoy even higher winning limits compared to UKGC bookies.

Drawbacks of wagering on betting sites without KYC

Not everything will be great when you mess with betting sites without verification, especially if you are not cautious about choosing the bookmaker. The latter might be licensed from a second-rate authority, which will instantly raise questions concerning the bookmaker’s reliability. Moreover, if you are a problem gambler, you are not safe. Let’s break down all the disadvantages of such a choice.

Poor licensing
Most betting apps that don’t ask for id are regulated in Panama or Costa Rica, with some of those sportsbooks licensed in Curacao. These regulators are known for leniency in how they provide licenses and supervise the operators. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you won’t find decent gambling sites, but on the other hand, you should expect to face many scams as well. Stick with the ones with the best reputation, reviewed and presented by us, and you will still be ok.

Questionable trustworthiness
Poor licensing also might mean questionable reliability. After all, it is at the site’s discretion whether it will show professionalism or not. Τhe regulators won’t be easy to get reached by the punters, so they can help you out with any complaints they might have. Moreover, with Non UK betting sites, there will always be a doubt whether they will pay you or not. Again, choose the ones approved by the betting community, and reviews show that no harm is lurking at the corner.

Gamstop self-exclusion does not apply
It is excellent, for sure, to find betting sites you don’t need id for placing your bets, but only when you can control your gambling impulses. When you face an addiction problem, that type of site can be tricky. The Gamstop self-exclusion applies only to the UK bookmakers and not at the offshore betting sites. Τhe same goes for every self-exclusion scheme. That means that you will be unprotected, but at least you can try using gambling blockers like Gamban, or BetFilter, which tend to prevent you from entering many international bookies.

Lack of mobile apps
The betting sites with easy verification are not known for following the trends of our era altogether, no matter if we are talking about offshore bookies, crypto sites or no ID sportsbooks. That means that you will rarely find dedicated mobile apps for Android and iOS devices and you will just have to cope with a -other times decent and other times poor – mobile website.

Is Betting without verification safe?

As soon as you find betting sites without verification that are reliable and trustworthy, of course, it is safe to bet with them. By opening a new account, they will not ask you to provide documents and verify your details. You will just have to complete your registration and start placing your bets. These types of bookmakers, just like Yeti Win, are also known as “betting sites with easy verification” since the only time they will need from you to complete a KYC procedure will be on your first withdrawal. And for what is more, this procedure will be more lenient and relaxed than what is going on in the United Kingdom.


If you have in mind that you want to keep your details for yourself, but you still want to place your bet, you can try out a wide range of betting sites without verification. For example, the crypto bookmakers will not ask you to go for a KYC procedure and the same will happen with other sportsbooks, not requesting your ID, a utility bill or a video call to let you place your bets with them.

Yes, even if you use gambling sites with no id, you will eventually verify your identity. That will happen when you try to make your first withdrawal, and it is a standard procedure, no matter the bookmaker. If you do not get a withdrawal in line, you will still be able to keep betting without verification.

If you really want to place your bets without giving away your details, choosing betting sites without verification is a one-way road. You could choose to use bookmakers not asking for your id card, a utility bill or a video call to prove your identity. You can also go for crypto betting sites or sportsbooks, not asking for a source of funds. Otherwise, you can place your wagers on bookmakers not requiring registration.