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How to Cancel GamStop Self-Exclusion

It is possible that you had a bad day in the past, leading you to self-exclusion, or you may even have been involved in problematic gaming, but this isn’t an issue anymore. Probably, the first thing coming to your mind is to cancel Gamstop and dive into the action again. But is it possible? This is a tricky question since, according to what the Gamstop.co.uk terms mention, you can’t undo your decision before the self-exclusion period has elapsed.

Ιf you have been asking around how you can get rid of Gamstop; unfortunately, there is no way. However, if you don’t mind placing your bets with Non-UK licensed betting sites, you can check below the list of the most reliable international betting sites that don’t require Gamstop removal.

Bookmakers that don’t require Gamstop Removal

It doesn’t matter if you have set the Gamstop self-exclusion by mistake or if it wasn’t really your decision. Maybe you even went to the dark place of gambling-addicted and you now feel fine. The truth is that you won’t be able to reverse the self-exclusion, not easily at least. Unfortunately, many bookmakers will flag you as a problematic punter, even after Gamstop. Don’t worry, though; we have prepared a list of reputable betting sites that don’t require you to reverse Gamstop to place your bets.

How to remove Gamstop after the exclusion is over?

gambling self exclusionΟnce again, if you are under a gambling problem, we don’t recommend you to stop Gamstop or find a way to cancel it. On the other hand, you may feel away from addiction. Maybe you signed up at Gamstop due to a bad day or under pressure from the closest people to you.

What matters the most is that you are now in a better place. So, what should you do to cancel Gamstop? Many punters think that just by allowing the self-exclusion period to be over, they will automatically be ready to get back in action, but this is not the case. You will have to contact Gamstop and ask to remove your exclusion, or else you will keep being banned for an infinite time.

Let’s assume you have taken all the necessary actions, and you have managed to stop Gamstop. You now have the choice to place your bets with the UKGC betting sites once more, but there is a catch here. You can’t be sure that the UK bookies will still let you place your bets with them since you will be possibly blacklisted as a problematic gambler.

Moreover, you should expect your credit score to be affected. That means that you will not be able to get a mortgage or a new credit card. Also, your existing card’s limits might have been diminished, along with your rating at the banks as a creditor. In that case, sports betting not on Gamstop sites, as well as non GamCare betting sites, are the perfect way to avoid all these awkward and frustrating situations. All these regulations, blacklists and credit checks don’t apply to these bookmakers, so again this might be your perfect way out.

The question should not be “can I cancel Gamstop self-exclusion”, but “am I ready to return to my betting habits”? The next thing you should consider is the pros and cons of getting rid of the Gamstop scheme before you make your final choice.

What will you gain if you reverse Gamstop

Should you have decided to remove Gamstop in any given way, you will be able to taste the advantages of your decision. You may place your bets once more, while you will increase your income again. Those are just a few of the benefits. Let’s see them all below:

Return to betting
This is the most obvious plus of all. You will get your betting action underway once more on bookies like Magic Win and Luck of Spins. You may place your bets on your favorite teams and events, both pre-match and live again and take advantage of your knowledge or even your instinct.

Additional Income
Many punters don’t just place wagers for fun but use betting as a way to make more money. Professional bettors and traders will probably depend on betting action to keep the money incoming, as this may be the only occupation they have.

Both Non-UK bookies and UKGC bookmakers options available
If your exclusion period is over and you have managed to cancel Gamstop UK, you will have the opportunity to choose where you want to place your bets. Do you fancy the UK bookmakers, or have you found what you wanted on the Non-UK sites? The decision is yours. On the other hand, if you are still banned, the not on Gamstop bookies will be your only option and your way out of the exclusion.

Way to relax at home
Betting is fun and a way of relaxing at home when you come back from a busy and challenging day. By reversing Gamstop, you can have the enjoyment back, as long as this does not affect your pocket and your social life.

What are the dangers if you cancel Gamstop

The Gamstop removal comes with dangers that should be taken under consideration by the players. Gambling addiction might come back and may cause problems in your daily routine, while it could be even harder now to stop. Let’s see some of the drawbacks of getting back into action.

❌ Gambling problem lurking around the corner
If you are the type of bettor, who had gambling problems and has faced a gambling addiction in the past, the return to betting habits may affect you. Not only financially-wise but you may also be excluded from your social activities since the only thing you will be thinking of is gambling.

❌ Addiction may cause problems to your daily routine
If you have gone back to a gambling addiction, this may affect everything in your life. Your performance at your job may be worsened, while your daily routine might be problematic too. You may stop going out and taking care of yourself. A gambling addiction problem might even have a serious impact on your relationships with the people close to you, like your friends, parents, and partner.

❌ Hard to stop
Another possible aspect of going back to addiction is that it may be even harder to stop this time. The reason behind that is that you have stayed away for a while, and you returned. That means your passion for betting might be even stronger.

❌ Financial issues – Money loss
Of course, the most common problem coming from gambling addiction is the loss of money. If you aren’t able to control it, all your fortune may be gone. Also, keep in mind that your credit score may have been affected now, which means that you will not get a mortgage or a new credit card from the banks.

Can you cancel the Gamstop scheme?

If you want to exclude yourself from all gambling activities, you can do it for a specific period. So, apart from Gamstop, if you need help, you may use the following services:

red arrow GamBlock
red arrow GamCare
red arrow Gamban
red arrow Count Me Out
red arrow NetNanny

Players should note that they will not be able to undo Gamstop after they have registered. At least, not before the self-exclusion period has elapsed. This may be considered a precaution measure for the bettors ready to get back in betting with the danger of the gambling addiction lurking around. Once the exclusion is over, the users should contact customer support and declare that they don’t want to use the program anymore. Within 24 hours, they will be allowed to return to betting.

But what about those punters who just had a bad day? They just reacted spontaneously and still are within the self-exclusion period? In that case, there are just two things they may do. The first is the most obvious one; bettors will have to wait for the exclusion period to be over.

If they insist on getting back in action, then the only way is to register on non Gamstop betting sites. UKGC does not regulate those bookmakers; thus, the Gambling Act 2005 regulations do not apply nor the self-exclusion programs.

Is it safe to stop Gamstop?

Safe to stop gamstopFirst of all, if you have been wondering “how to stop Gamstop,” you should be aware that you can’t before your self-exclusion period is over. Nonetheless, such a decision, not only for Gamstop but for any self-exclusion program, comes with certain risks. You may find yourself in a more difficult situation regarding your previous gambling addiction, which in turn, may cause problems in your daily behavior. Also, you might suffer money loss, so you have to think twice before your final decision.

Can you reverse Gamstop before the self-exclusion period is over?

reverse GamstopIf you have found yourself in a situation where you have signed up for the Gamstop self-exclusion scheme, but you want to return to your betting habits, there are just a few ways to do so. Since you can’t really cancel Gamstop; you will either have to wait for the exclusion period to elapse or else you should turn your sight to non-UK bookmakers or to non Gamstop casinos UK has to offers. This is because your self-exclusion does not apply to these betting sites since the UKGC does not regulate them.

Can I remove myself from Gamstop after the self exclusion is over?

remove myself from GamstopYes, you can reverse Gamstop, but it will not happen by itself. As long as you haven’t declared your wish to eliminate the exclusion, the latter will still be in force. You will have to contact the Gamstop customer support through telephone, email or live chat service to do so. Of course, when you feel like you want to get back in exclusion, you can reinstate yourself in it just by contacting the National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme, which is behind the program.

How can I return to online betting if I have signed up with Gamstop?

return to online bettingUnfortunately, if you have registered with the Gamstop self-exclusion scheme, you will not be able to stop it. So, there are just two actions from your side. The first and most obvious would be just to sit and wait for the period to elapse. Otherwise, you can choose to bet on non-UK betting sites, which are the best way to help you learn how to get around Gamstop.