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Credit Card Betting Sites

One of the most massive changes on betting in the United Kingdom was the credit cards ban, in an attempt from the UKGC to prevent the players from using lent money to bet. More than 800.000 Brits used credit cards for gambling purposes in 2018, but the sad fact is that 22% of them have been identified as problem gamblers, so the UKGC had to make a considerable change.

Now, British gamblers will not use a credit card for betting, at least when the talk goes to UK bookmakers. Fear not, though, since there are still numerous betting sites that accept credit cards out there, and that’s exactly what the punters are going to discover in the following lines. The bettors will learn all the changes in the UK concerning card betting from a regulatory point of view and essential tips about how they should treat credit card gambling to stay under the banks’ radar.

The best betting sites that accept credit cards

Using credit cards to deposit to UK-licensed bookmakers is out of the discussion, leaving players only with the international betting sites accepting credit card transactions. You will find the most reliable operators in the following list, having no fees on deposits or withdrawals and quick payouts.

Why is credit card betting banned in the UK?

Since the 14th of April 2021, the players in the United Kingdom cannot use a credit card for betting, after a (not so) shocking decision, which came up from the UKGC’s findings of the gambling surveys. According to what the Gambling Commission has published, more than 800.000 people used credit cards to place bets in 2018. Combine this finding with the fact that 22% of the punters using VISAs and Mastercards have been proved to be problem gamblers, while even more of them suffer from any form of gambling harm. So, the decision immediately seems to be the expected result.

The most significant incentive behind the credit cards ban was to help players keep any debts due to gambling on a low level. It is also considered a measure to be combined with age verification and affordability checks. It will also be blended with the variable treatment and codes of conduct, among other actions, to create a safer gambling environment for the UK punters. That said, the latter will now be able to bet with VISA and Mastercard only on the international, offshore and European credit card betting sites, as you will find out on our Mr Sloty casino review and our Freshbet review as well.

Will online betting with a card affect my credit rating?

There isn’t a definite answer to that question. When you choose to go for online betting with a credit card, your credit rating can be harmful if your activity goes over the limits. Everything depends on your betting activity, the volume and the amount spent on your transactions with the non Gamstop casinos UK has to offer. If you top up your account now and then, while your deposit amounts are not high, you won’t have to be afraid that your credit rating will be affected.

On the other hand, a bettor with a high credit card betting activity, who prefers to make vast and frequent deposits, will be flagged as a compulsory punter. His credit rating and trustworthiness towards the credit institutions will be flagged massively affected. The reason behind that is that this person uses lent money to support his betting habit. So an occasion in which a player of this type will try to get a mortgage from a bank will probably be unsuccessful.

How do the British banks react to betting using credit card?

After the latest change made by the UKGC regarding the ban of any credit card for betting, the biggest fear of the UK punters is how the British banks will react to the possibility of VISA and Mastercard usage for gambling purposes. Mainly when the bank tracks the latter to a Non-UK betting site, as you will learn through our Goldenbet review. Another question is whether the UK high street banks will impose fees on gambling transactions made from the punters’ cards. Let’s see the answers for both these questions according to the most popular of the UK banks.

Using Credit cards on betting sites: Does Barclays charge interest?

You should expect the bank to charge additional fees for a deposit or a withdrawal made abroad through a Barclays credit card. Topping up or withdrawing from a betting account will come with a fee of 2.99%, apart from the charges that the bookmaker may impose. Remember that Barclays gives you the chance to block the deposits to gambling sites abroad, especially if the latter are deemed unprofitable because of the fees.

Does Natwest charge for credit card betting?

All the deposits and withdrawals made from a Natwest credit card come with a standard charge of 2.75% of the transaction amount. There are two types of credit cards where fees won’t apply for a transaction to an overseas betting site: the Natwest Credit Card and the Reward Black Credit Card. If you have another type of credit card and believe that it would be better not to keep betting using that one, you can always use the Card Locking feature to block your betting transactions.

Does Santander charge for using credit card on a betting

In contrast with what happens on previous occasions, Santander does not charge any extra fees to bettors who want to use a card to place bets on an international or a European betting site. In the question “will there be a charge from the bookmaker for the credit card transaction?” the answer is that it depends on the operator, but it’s something you will find out by looking at the Terms and Conditions. On the other hand, if you want to stop using your credit card for betting purposes, always remember to ban gambling transactions from your mobile banking app.

Sport betting with credit card in HSBC: Is there a charge?

Just like what happens with the transactions made from the Barclays or the Natwest cards, the HSBC VISA and Mastercard’s usage on offshore betting sites will come with a standard charge of 2.75% up to 2.99%, depending on the card’s type. Always keep in mind that if it’s too much for you to pay fees on every gambling transaction, you can activate the restrictions on the betting deposits and withdrawals through the Pay By Bank app.

How to bet with Non UK bookmakers that accept credit cards

Since credit card betting on UK sites has been out of discussion since April 2021, British players expectedly looked for international betting sites that accept credit cards. Luckily enough, more than one type of overseas bookmaker offers the players the chance to use VISAs and Mastercards. At the same time, these sites also come with many other benefits, like a possible chargeback or placing bets on the non Gamstop betting sites, even if they have registered with the self-exclusion program. Anyone wondering how he will avoid being detected by the banks will answer all questions just below.

How to avoid being detected for betting using credit card

You should never forget that the UK high street banks will be stringent and search the punters’ backgrounds before approving a loan, a mortgage, or a new credit card. Furthermore, you should expect to undergo a credit check, so you must keep your credit card betting activity average. So, which are the ways to avoid being spotted by the bank?

The more often and higher the amount of money you bet, the easier it will be for you to be described as a problem gambler, which means that the banks won’t trust you. So if you still want to place bets on credit card bookmakers, you should keep it low as much as you can, in terms of frequency and amount you spend.

Another trick would be to get a prepaid card from your bank and use it for gambling purposes. You can transfer funds from your credit card to your prepaid, and in that way, the payment will not be a direct one to the betting sites from your VISA or Mastercard credit.

Available types of credit cards in Non UK bookmakers

The great news is waiting for the UK punters to use every plastic card they own to top up betting accounts. Even on the best days, when the bank cards were allowed for betting purposes in the United Kingdom, the punters owning an AMEX or Diners couldn’t use them on the UK licensed bookies. Fortunately, this isn’t the case for new independent bookmakers, where all the types are accepted. Maybe not on every Non UK betting site, but each one of them might offer a combination of the following plastic money cards.


Probably is the most common and flexible type you may find on any betting sites that accept credit cards. Additionally, if we talk about a debit or a credit card, you can use VISA for deposits and withdrawals.


That’s another common type of plastic card, which the UK punters use to top up betting accounts. You should remember that many betting sites are out there, not letting you use your Mastercard for withdrawals.


While some international bookmakers will let you withdraw through a Mastercard, that is not the case when the talk goes to the AMEX cards. You can use them to top-up your betting accounts, but they will not be available for payouts. This means that you will have to choose a bank transfer or crypto to get the money out of your betting account.


The fact about Diners is that it is a suitable credit card for betting since you can use it anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Just like what happens with the latter, you can indeed deposit on any sportsbook, but it depends on the operator whether you can use it for withdrawals or not.

How to deposit on non UK betting sites with a credit card

It is fun to know that UK punters will use a credit card for betting purposes. So, how exactly can the British players transfer money from a plastic card to the European or International betting site they have just registered a new account with?

The procedure for betting sites with a credit card is no different from the one the UK punters used to undergo when they could use VISAs and Mastercards to top up accounts of the UK bookies.

You don’t have to have funds in a banking account since there is a limit of credit money you can use, as long as you pay them back, along with interest imposed by your bank. Always remember that topping up your betting account will be shown on your card statement as a cash transaction. That said, as soon as you log in to your betting account, you should follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the cashier
  2. Choose the type of the credit card
  3. Enter the name printed on the card (your name)
  4. Type the card number and the expiration date
  5. Insert the CVV (the three-digit number on the back of your card)
  6. Enter the amount you want to deposit
  7. Click on deposit

Upsides of using betting sites with credit card

Placing bets on bookmakers that accept credit cards comes with a handful of benefits for the players, who want to keep transactions quick and easy. Plus, there are more advantages for UK bettors using cards, so let’s break them down. Alternatively, you can check our Mystake review and Rolletto casino review for more benefits.

Instant deposits
The most obvious reason for using credit card on betting sites is that deposits are instant, and you will not have to wait for funds to be transferred and start betting. You just have to click a few buttons, and the money is there.

Chargeback is possible
Since the payments are overseas, it will be easy for the UK punters to claim that they haven’t authorized such a transaction, and that would possibly result in a chargeback of your funds. On the other hand, this action might give you a permanent ban on the bookmaker you previously chose to deposit to, but again, sometimes it is worth the risk.

Higher betting and depositing limits
Placing your bets with credit card betting sites means that the restrictions and limitations applying on the UK bookmakers will not bother you since all these sites are located outside the United Kingdom and the rules of the UKGC have no power over them. In most cases, you will find higher limits on deposits and winnings, which serves both the recreational and professional punters.

Smooth payments
The deposits will be completed easily and in no time, but almost the same goes for the payouts. The latter might not be instant, but the money will be available in 1 or 2 working days.

Available for Gamstop registered bettors
One of the most important reasons to choose the betting sites accepting credit cards, is that they will welcome UK punters. If they have registered with the self-exclusion scheme, they will be the perfect way of learning how to get around Gamstop. The self-exclusion program applies only to the UK bookies, so if you have been excluded from using the British operators you will get back in the game, thanks to the offshore license.

Bet outside the UK
Last but not least, the UK players will have the chance to place bets on many operators outside the narrow boundaries of the United Kingdom. That would result in wagering on more sports and betting markets from all around Europe or the world and having to underpass a more relaxed KYC procedure, among other exciting features.

Drawbacks of wagering on betting sites with a credit card

Not every aspect of placing bets with credit card betting sites is excellent since in case the UK players won’t be cautious, the betting activity might backfire on them. For example, the credit rating might be affected, while the money loss might be more extensive than when they had the chance to use a credit card on betting sites. Have a look below at all the setbacks that might come up from wagering on betting sites with a plastic card.

The credit rate will be affected
As we have already foretold, if your betting activity is higher than it should be in terms of frequency and amount spent on betting, this will instantly send a red alert to your bank, which will lower your credit rating.

Possible credit check
The disadvantage as mentioned above could result in another one. It will probably bring a credit check, which will show that the players use lent money to place bets. That means the bank will not trust you, and it will also result in a massive “No” at the request of a mortgage or a new credit card.

Possible bigger money loss
Since it is easier to transfer funds at the bettor’s favorite bookmakers that accept credit cards, it will also not be difficult to be tempted to deposit more and more. This will result in a higher loss and, finally, in a bigger debt to the credit institute.

Some credit card types excluded from withdrawals
In case you own a Mastercard or an American Express, you will be able to deposit to your betting account, but on the other hand, the payout should be completed through a different method. That would possibly be a bank transfer, which means that more days will be needed to have your winnings available.

Extra verification might be needed
There have been many cases where the credit card has been stolen and used for gambling purposes. To ensure that this isn’t the case, the bookmakers will possibly ask for extra verification, like a selfie holding the credit card next to your face or even a video call proving that you were the one who deposited with this card.

Slower payouts compared to internet-based methods
The main difference between using a credit card on Non UK betting sites and depositing through an internet-based method, like wallets or cryptocurrencies, is the time needed to complete a withdrawal. On the first occasion, up to 3 working days are required for the money to be available, while a few hours will be enough in the second one.


If the question “can I use my credit card on betting sites” is about the UK bookmakers, then unfortunately not, you won’t be able to use your VISA and Mastercard to top up your betting accounts. On the other hand, you can use the latter on the Non Gamstop Credit card Bookmakers. That means that if you choose as your next bookmaker a Curacao betting site, an offshore bookie or an independent one, then your deposits through credit cards will be valid.

One of the main reasons your VISA and Mastercard credit cards will not work is probably because you have been trying to top up your account on a British bookmaker. You should have in mind that deposits through credit cards have been banned in the region. If you have the same problem when you try to pay in a Non UK bookie, the site probably won’t take payments from some specific credit card types, such as Mastercard.

That depends on the operator since the fees applying to a deposit through a credit card are not standard. In fact, in some cases, both deposits and withdrawals are free of charge, while other bookmakers have fees as high as 3% to 5% of the value of your topping up or your payout. Remember to check out the Payment section on every sportsbook that you are interested in creating a new account with, and you will get a heads-up immediately.

No, betting using credit card can’t be described as an illegal action, since even if you try to top-up your account on a UK betting site with that method, you just won’t be able to. On the other hand, deposits on offshore bookmakers will be processed and completed as usual. You have to worry about the amount you will spend so your credit rating will not be affected.