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Curacao Betting Sites

Betting with the UK bookmakers tends to be harder and harder, while the exhausting verification makes privacy an unknown word within the British territory. Players have to disclose a lot of personal details, which makes them look towards bookmakers located overseas to stay anonymous. Sports betting with Curacao websites can precisely offer characteristics the UK players have missed all this time, like betting under the radar, high bonuses, more relaxed KYC and the chance to complete transactions through cryptocurrencies or credit cards.

In the following article, you will have the chance to learn the available types of Curacao betting sites and the benefits the UK players will get. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to check out all the steps you should take to file a complaint in case of a scam.

The top Curacao Gambling Sites

If you have been looking for all the available sites for UK players with a Curacao betting license, you should probably look at the following list. You will find the most reliable ones we have reviewed according to withdrawal times, odds, markets and betting offers, among other essential features.

Bookmaker types with a Curacao betting license

When we talk about the Curacao gambling sites, we mainly refer to the “gray” bookies, one of the many types of Non UK betting sites, such as Mystake. These sites have some specific characteristics, like high odds, fantastic bonuses and promotions. Still, most importantly, they don’t fall under the jurisdiction and legislation of any other country rather than Curacao. But still, they can offer services in most of the regions worldwide. Let’s see which are the two most common categories of Sports betting operators in Curacao.

Bitcoin sportsbooks

In this category, there are two kinds of sportsbooks. Firstly, Bitcoin or Crypto-only sportsbooks. You will have the chance to top up accounts with cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero and Dogecoin to place bets while the balance remains in cryptocurrency. On the other hand, sportsbooks like Mr Sloty accept cryptos but convert them into the fiat currency you have chosen during registration.

Other Gray bookies

The gambling sites with a Curacao betting license are characterized as “gray” because they operate in most countries worldwide without having any local licenses, headquarters in those regions or paying any taxes to any of these countries. They just take advantage of the Curacao license, practically accepting members from all over the world. In many cases, as soon as a country includes a Curacao bookie on a blacklist, the latter stops being available to that country’s players. However, there still are methods to help keep betting with your favorite Curacao operator. VPN programs are such an example since they give the punters the chance to enter this website again, by changing the IP address from the UK, to any other country.

How are the complaints resolved in Curacao betting websites

There might be times that players will feel unsatisfied with the services of Curacao betting sites or might be a dispute with an operator. What should the latter do on such occasions?

  1. The first step is to try to resolve the issue directly with the operator. You should keep all the evidence of the communication with the Curacao gambling operator since they will be asked to present it to the authority.
  2. If the previous steps fail and you still believe the operator is wrong, you must file a complaint against the betting site.

There are two different ways to file a complaint against your bookmaker:

  1. Visit the Curacao eGaming authority official website, click on the “contact,” and then select the “file a complaint” option.
  2. Send an email at the following address: info@curacao-egaming.com, which can also be found on the official Curacao eGaming website. Don’t forget to mention the following details.
  • Name of the betting site
  • You full name
  • Country of residence
  • Age
  • The email that the punters used to complete registration to the betting site
  • Username
  • Amount of money and currency (if needed)

Curacao gambling sites vs. UK Bookmakers

So, what is better for the UK punters, placing bets with a British or a Curacao operator? If you are looking for reliability, assurance and a massively better product, then you should better stick with the high-rated UK bookies. But if you want to keep your anonymity, bet with high stakes, have bigger limits on winnings, a more relaxed KYC procedure and the chance to use your cards and cryptocurrencies, a sportsbook in Curacao will cover your needs. Check out the following lines to learn all the advantages and disadvantages of a Curacao bookie like Rolletto compared to the high-rated UK sportsbooks.

Why should I prefer sports betting in Curacao?

Placing your wagers with Curacao gambling sites bears many advantages for the United Kingdom players since the latter have probably been used to suffer a vast number of restrictions and limitations from the UKGC. None of them apply to Curacao betting sites like Magic Win or any other Non Gamstop betting site. So players should expect to find an easy KYC procedure, the chance to gamble under the radar and with high stakes, among other benefits. Let’s see how the punters can benefit from choosing a Curacao operator.

Easy verification process
Forget about credit checks and extra validation of your documents through selfies or video calls. Also, if you fear that operators will ask for additional documentation proving the whereabouts of your residence, fear not, as the only documents you will need is your id, passport or driving license, along with a utility bill. Those documents will only be requested when you complete your first withdrawal and not upon your registration.

Quick withdrawals
When fewer documents and time are required to complete the verification than those asked by the UK sportsbooks, the result will be quicker withdrawals. In the case of an internet-based payment option, the punters may have the earnings available within a couple of hours.

Not in Gamstop
Curacao online gambling operators are not affected by the UKGC self-exclusion schemes nor by the latter’s restrictions. That means that it doesn’t matter if you are excluded from the UK high-rated bookies through the scheme. You are still welcome here, and you can use the Curacao sites if you wish to learn how to cancel Gamstop.

Crypto and Card payments
UK players haven’t had the chance to top up accounts through credit cards for a while due to the ban of this payment method. As for cryptocurrencies, they are not officially excluded by the UKGC sites, but none of the bookies offer them. Both these payment types are available to punters, and they can use them to complete transactions, just like on the European bookmakers for UK players or the independent ones.

No tax on winnings
No matter the amount the punters will earn from betting activity, they will not be taxed. Curacao casinos accepting UK players are not under the jurisdiction of the UK government, something that benefits both the UK and international players deciding to place bets with these operators.

Bet anonymously
At least until the time of the withdrawal, the betting site doesn’t care about verifying your identity. In that way, you will have the chance to keep betting under the radar, and they will not feel obligated to give away all details. And that’s freedom.

Pro punters are welcome
In this case, we have a category of technically excluded UK operators since the UKGC leans towards a recreational direction. The high rollers are welcome on many Curacao bookies, such as Goldenbet, where they may top-up accounts and place bets in the amounts they want.

Chance to bet on an international level
Curacao bookmakers also fall under the label of international betting sites since they offer many sports, leagues and competitions from all over the world. Anyone who loves betting on football matches from Colombia, Japan or Egypt, cricket events in India, or basketball games in China will have all the above and even more options.

Reasons to avoid Curacao sports betting sites

As with everything in life, the coin always has two sides, and one of them tends to be unsuitable for the UK bettors when it comes to the Curacao betting sites. Scam sites have flooded the internet, payment methods the British punters used, like Paypal, are unavailable. All the above, along with difficult-to-reach customer support, are just a part of the problems a player might face.

Lack of reliability
Curacao eGaming authority is considered one of the most lenient globally, with relaxed rules against the operators. Yes, there are many decent bookmakers, but you will also find a vast number of scam sites waiting to grab your money and run. So, you need to be cautious and patient over searching for a proper Curacao operator. Trust the betting community’s approval and stick with the experts’ reviews if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Problem gamblers in danger
On the one hand, it is excellent that the Gamstop self-exclusion does not apply in these sites, but this freedom might be hazardous for players facing a gambling addiction. If you are excluded from betting due to problem gambling, go under a self-assessment test before you jump into the action once more. If you still are a problem gambler, we don’t recommend you register to offshore betting sites.

Paypal not offered
Of course, having cryptocurrencies and credit cards available will make up for this miss, but again, Paypal is one of the most popular methods in the UK. Don’t expect to find it on any of the Curacao operators.

Problem in resolving complaints
Sports betting in Curacao can be fun, but it can also be a massive headache when things get tough, and a dispute between members and operators occurs. The bettors will have to be very patient, and again, it is not sure that they will find justice.

Mobile apps not available
We might live in the 2020s, but many operators will not follow the trends of our era. Most of the betting sites don’t offer dedicated mobile applications for Android and iOS devices. Also, mobile websites just keep the bare minimum standards, and you will find out that they might be slow and not responsive.

They might limit winners fast
Since the authorities do not constantly check the operators, online gambling in Curacao might be challenging. The betting sites will operate independently, and there might be cases where they will limit winners just because they can.

Mediocre Customer Support
Another big headache, especially for the UK punters, is that they might not have assistance from Customer Support. The agents will probably not be fluent in English. They may be slow on responses and – for what is more – not expertized on betting matters.


Many operators have licensed sportsbooks within Curacao territory, and in fact, some of the most popular “gray” bookmakers can be found there. These sportsbooks tend to come with high odds, huge bonuses and quick withdrawals, among other great features. On the other hand, the punters may face problems regarding the complaints handling and Support, so they have to make sure that they choose only the best sportsbooks.

Finding a sportsbook in Curacao will be easy. According to the betting community or the experts‘ reviews, it can also be extremely safe if you choose from the most reliable. Nonetheless, you should be cautious since many scams sites are licensed in Curacao, so they have to do a thorough search and make sure that you will trust your money only on the best sportsbooks.