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Does Betting affect your Credit Score?

One of the main UK players’ concerns is overcoming many obstacles to having fun. On the one hand, bettors have to deal with the UKGC regulation. It’s not easy, but even if they have chosen self-exclusion, they can try to get around Gamstop and bet on non-UK betting sites. On the other hand, bettors have to be careful regarding credit score, especially if they fancy betting on UK-licensed bookmakers.

The more you bet, the more you will be under the banks’ microscope. Especially in case, you have open debts or delayed payments. Also, if you place your bets on non Gamstop bookmakers, like Players Club VIP and Scarab Wins, and you tend to use your credit card to top up your accounts, just don’t. Lent money will result in affecting your credit score.

But the question remains. Does betting affect credit rating? There is no simple answer to that question since everything depends on different parameters. Depending on how you handle your betting and your total financial profile, your credit score might be or might not be affected.

Read in the following guide:

  • The criteria leading to block gambling sites for free in the UK from your banks
  • What exactly is a credit check and how it applies to betting
  • Every step you should take to avoid betting affecting your credit score
  • What you should do if you want to get a mortgage.

How does gambling affect credit rating

The relationship between gambling and players’ credit rating has always been a strange one. But, of course, your betting activity can and can’t harm the players simultaneously. After all, everything depends on parameters like how much bettors spend, whether they are late on debt payments or if they lend money to back habits. What exactly is a credit check, though, and how does it apply to the players’ betting activity?

What is a credit check

A credit check is also known as a credit search. This is an action used by the banks to check out your information regarding your financial status and behavior. That means that institutions will examine your credit history, or else your record of paying debts. You won’t necessarily have to give your consent for that. It takes place mostly when you have applied for a mortgage, a loan, or a credit card.

How does credit check apply to gambling

A credit check will occur on any occasion you will try to get a loan or a mortgage from a bank, but this doesn’t mean that your gambling activity will be costly. If you balance how much money you make and how much you spend on betting, you will not face any problems. Likewise, if you keep your betting on low amounts, don’t use borrowed money to gamble (loan or credit card), and don’t delay your payments, you shouldn’t be worried. After all, betting is not directly tied to credit score. But, to avoid the opposite, even the banks help you set your limits.

Can banks block gambling transactions due to gambling credit checks?

You don’t want to find yourself dealing with a low credit rating, especially if you want to buy the home of your dreams. Spending too much money will affect the latter. Also, there is another crucial matter at hand, bettors choosing to exclude themselves from gambling. In both cases, the UK high street banks offer tailor-made blocking applications and solutions like freeze and unfreeze your cards’ transactions or even offering Gamban for free for a few days. All are meant to keep you away from gambling or set the proper limits so that you won’t deal with a low credit score nor a gambling addiction. Let’s see, though, what does every bank offer.

Gambling with Bank of Scotland: Can You block it?

The Bank Of Scotland gives you the chance to have control over the usage of your cards. For example, it lets you freeze and unfreeze several types of transactions on your debit or credit card, like the gambling ones, through the card locking feature.

Does Barclays block gambling?

Barclays’ users can block deposits to any kind of gambling websites and applications through web banking applications. After the latest update of the service, as soon as this option is activated, users must wait for 72 hours before deactivating it and making transactions to gambling operators. It is worth mentioning that since 2018, when the feature was published, more than 570.000 players have used it.

How does Halifax stop gambling

Halifax bank helps UK punters who want to stop betting or set limits through various tools:

  1. It offers a 7-day free use of the Gamban application, so you can block your access to all kinds of gambling sites and betting mobile apps
  2. Players may choose among the “Card Freeze” and “Freeze Gambling” tools to stop gambling transactions
  3. Through the tool “Financial Tracking”, you will be aware at any time regarding the money you have spent for betting purposes
  4. The bank provides psychological support for those in need because of gambling addiction

Can HSBC block gambling?

HSBC tries to help out the punters who want to set restrictions on gambling transactions. Users may choose to add or remove gambling restrictions on debit and credit cards through the Pay By Bank app. Also, there is a 72-hour cool-off period, which means that even if you deactivate the restriction on gambling payments, you won’t be able to proceed with a gambling deposit for the next three days.

Can Lloyds Bank stop me from gambling?

Just like Halifax, Lloyds Bank offers you the chance to get and activate a free trial version of the Gamban application. Also, through the Freeze-Unfreeze function, you can choose whether you want to have the gambling transactions active or not.

Can MBNA stop gambling

MBNA not only provides a solution of freezing or unfreezing your gambling payments but also will provide you the chance to use Gamban for 7 days for free. In addition, ΜΒΝΑ also lets the customers keep track of spendings through the Online Card Services.

Does Monzo have a gambling block?

Yes, by using the bank application, Monzo lets you block gambling transactions. However, it won’t be easy to deactivate it since you will have to contact Customer Support. The latter will ask questions to understand why activating the service has changed since that moment.

How does Natwest block gambling?

Natwest will help you block your betting payments by using the card locking feature for gambling transactions. The feature applies to both physical and virtual debit cards, but note that you will have to wait for 48 hours before you can make a new gambling payment, even if you decide to deactivate it.

Can the Royal Bank Of Scotland stop gambling

RBS is aware of the fact that many customers may face a gambling addiction. To help them make life easier and to determine if they are under control or not, they provide a self-assessment tool. Also, RBS customers can block gambling transactions through a mobile bank app.

Can Santander block gambling

In case you have a Santander Mastercard, you won’t have to freeze your card altogether. You can choose to block specific types of transactions, as gambling ones. Also, through the Account Management section on your Mobile Banking app and more specifically, the My Money Manager tool, you can always stay on top concerning your spendings.

Starling bank and gambling: Will they block me?

Starling bank allows users to completely stop online payments, including gambling ones, through mobile banking.

We have covered how you can block gambling payments on the most popular banks in the United Kingdom, but many other parameters can affect your credit score. So, what should you do to keep your credit rating on a good level?

How to avoid betting affecting your credit score

The coin always has two sides and the same applies in the case of the relationship between gambling and credit check. Of course, everything depends on how you choose to bet, but your betting activity will not affect your credit score if you do it the right way. Therefore, always make sure you adhere to the following.

  • Always place your bets using your own money
  • Never spend too much, or the banks will notice
  • If you want to bet on UK betting sites, forget about using your bank to top up your betting account
  • Never forget to pay your debts on time. If you don’t, the combination of that and gambling will take a toll on your credit rating.

Gambling and credit score: Will I get a mortgage?

Many punters in the United Kingdom are afraid that gambling activity will cause them not to get a new house, but this isn’t exactly how things work. Your actions are the ones to bring the desired results or not. If your questions still are “does gambling affect credit score” and “will I get a mortgage”, then you will find out that the first answer is connected to the second one. That means that way you bet, could affect your credit rating:

  1. If you are a high roller who prefers high stakes betting sites, it will significantly affect your attempts to get a mortgage and how the banks see you. The latter will consider your lending as a possible risk.
  2. If you want to have the chance on your side, avoid placing your bets using borrowed money. Don’t use your credit card on casinos not on GamCare or on international betting sites when choosing to get around Gamstop and don’t even consider getting a loan to fuel your betting habits.
  3. Always make sure that your previous and running debts are paid on time.

If you follow the advice mentioned above, banks won’t bother checking out if you gamble or not.

Credit card ban: Does it help your credit score in the UK?

Many punters ask, “does gambling affect credit score”? Although your gambling activity can’t affect your credit score by itself, there was a parameter that could change the whole game. That was the credit cards, which are now banned from being used for betting transactions. So while wagering with your own money won’t bring any problems to you, using your credit card would have the opposite effect.

The reason behind that is that your credit card funds are considered borrowed money, which alone is enough to affect your credit score. So, does betting affect credit score? As long as credit cards are banned for transactions with UK-licensed bookmakers (but not on betting sites that accept credit cards), gambling will cause you problems only under certain circumstances.


Gambling, on certain occasions, might affect your credit rating, but this is not the case for the bookmakers you have chosen to place your wagers with. Sportsbooks don’t have the power to affect the outcome of your credit score or your mortgage. For example, they can’t get in touch with your banks, mentioning that you gamble. That is visible only through your bank’s transactions. So, just betting with any UK or a Non UK bookmaker doesn’t affect your credit rating.

Online gambling is not precisely linked to your credit score, nor a factor like betting credit score exists. That means that banks do not care if you place your bets online or on betting shops, as long as your payments are not late and you don’t use lent money to enjoy yourself through gambling. So if your question is, “does gambling affect credit rating in the UK?” note that the answer depends on your actions.

There isn’t a specific betting credit rating factor taken under consideration when you apply for a mortgage. This is because the betting accounts won’t be visible to the banks. Make no mistake, though. If you do have a low credit score from making late payments and the lender will see evidence of gambling through your transactions, these factors will be an inhibitor for your loan. If you want to avoid all the above mess, though and use alternative payment methods not visible to the banks, check here the complete list of Non-UK betting sites you can use if you choose to cancel Gamstop.