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European Betting Sites for UK Players

Many UK players have constantly searched for differentiating betting styles, but British websites won’t help them. Placing bets on European sports and leagues, using features like Asian layout, different types of odds, in-play multiview, and a broader range of extra bets are what this category of players want the most. All the above, combined with huge bonuses, a relaxed KYC procedure and the chance to use credit cards or cryptocurrencies, create a really attractive package, which surpasses the narrow boundaries of betting with a British sportsbook.

In the following article, you can learn what the best European sports betting sites can offer to the UK punters, where the British bookmakers prevail over the European ones, along with the benefits and drawbacks of such a choice. Of course, if you still are under a gambling addiction, we don’t recommend you return to your betting habits, not before you complete a self-assessment test, which will show you which your next move should be.

The Βest European Sports Betting Sites

You may find many European sports betting sites for UK punters around the internet, but not all of them can be trusted. You should expect your bookie to offer decent odds, a wide variety of sports and markets, along a handful of payment methods. In the following European bookmakers list, you can find the most trustable bookies tested by our experts.

Euro Betting Sites vs. UK Bookies

UK punters have been trying to find solutions to enhance betting activity and restore the fun part. The best European sports betting sites are among the new independent bookmakers giving them precisely this opportunity. The more straightforward verification procedure and the higher betting and winning limits are great incentives. Also, the wider variety of markets and sports those bookies offer gives the UK punters many reasons to leave behind the local operators. But what exactly are the gains and losses for anyone choosing a European betting site to place bets over a British one?

Why choose European bookmakers for UK Players

There are specific areas where the UK gambling operators can’t respond to what the punters want. Some of them are a matter of the British legislation, like the harder KYC and the more strict rules for self-exclusion. Other points, like the quick withdrawals or the availability of cards and cryptocurrencies as payment methods, are not a part of the UK bookies’ offering. That is where the European sports betting sites prevail and the same applies to Curacao gambling sites. Let’s see in-depth what these Non UK betting sites do better than the British counterparts.

Easy KYC

The verification process is the biggest headache for UK players, who must undergo credit checks and send additional documents to prove the residence’s address. They often have to wait for a video call to confirm that they are the same person sending all the documents. None of the above apply to European bookmakers and European casinos not on Gamstop, where an age verification document and a utility bill would be enough. Additionally, bettors won’t have to complete KYC as soon as they sign up, but only after requesting the first withdrawal.

Quick withdrawals

Especially if you tend to use internet-based payment methods, like cryptocurrencies or wallets, deposits will be instant and payouts will take up to a few hours. Along with the more straightforward KYC process, all the withdrawal times will be cut in half.

Not in Gamstop

Have you decided to exclude yourself from the UK bookmakers by registering with the exclusion program? No problem at all, since the best Euro betting sites are not part of the scheme and may give you the chance to learn how to get around Gamstop. Even if you have installed gambling blockers like BetFilter and GamBlock, you will still be able to place your bets on a European betting site since not all of them are included in the apps’ database.

No tax on winnings

The bettors need to know that winnings will not be subject to taxation and that exactly is the case with the European operators. The latter accept British players, but they are located overseas, meaning that the UK laws and rules have no power over them.

Bet anonymously

If you choose to place your bets on crypto-only betting sites, you won’t probably have to undergo a KYC procedure at all. But even at the regular Euro bookies, bettors won’t have to give away details before the first withdrawal. Until then, they can place bets anonymously and under the radar.

Payment methods

It’s not everything a matter of quantity. In the case of the payment methods, you should mainly care about the quality of the services. UK players love to bet with credit cards, cryptocurrencies and other popular methods not available in the territory. These payments are not offered in the United Kingdom for different reasons. Credit cards have been banned for a while, while cryptocurrencies have never been provided through any UK betting site. British punters may now use them both to top up betting accounts and get money out of the bookmaker.

More available markets and European sports

The UK punters who love to place bets on the European leagues, events, and races will have the opportunity to do so, which isn’t the case in most British bookmakers. Except for Bet365, which might be a UK bookmaker but is considered as a global brand. For example, UK punters will have more than 100 different markets at every match in football, including Asian bets and alternative totals. Moreover, they can bet on various international leagues, including U19’s, U21’s and women. The punters who enjoy betting on European basketball, volleyball, fighting sports and tennis, will get even more options.

Additional Betting Features

When betting on an international level, UK bettors have the chance to take advantage of more additional features. For example, European bookmakers like Goldenbet and Freshbet allow players to bet even with an Asian interface and US, Malay, Decimal, or Indo odds. Moreover, you may expect to find a live streaming service on the top European events, along with features like Live Multiview, Classic/Partial/Auto Cashout and Edit My Bet among other extra services.

Higher winning/betting limits

The UK high rollers will have the chance to get back in the game since they will be welcome in many European bookies. The deposit, winning and betting limits are more relaxed to the best European sports betting sites than what happens in UK counterparts. They are also considered as high stakes betting sites for the reasons mentioned above.


In contrast with the UK operators’ risk-free bets to new members and the low-value promos, the best European sports betting sites will give away a 100% or even 200% matched deposit bonus. Yes, the risk-free bets might be one-off, which means that you can get your earnings immediately. Still, anyone who wants to have more funds for a more extended period prefer to start with a welcome bonus coming with reasonable wagering requirements. Like a 5-6 times rollover with odds of at least 1.40 per selection.

Moreover, the bettors will be offered more promos than they will get when betting with the UK gambling operators. They may get €5-€10 free bets and combo insurance, where they can take the wager back if they lose a leg of multiple. Additionally, punters will find Acca bonuses, which add an extra percentage on top of the winnings, and many reload bonuses.

Disadvantages of the Euro Bookmakers

The European bookmakers bring many advantages compared to the UK betting sites, but it was inevitable that they would have some drawbacks. First of all, the problem gamblers are not protected, while the higher limits are not translated into more exciting betting activity and immense money loss. Let’s see which are the disadvantages the British players will face.

Lower quality services than the British gambling operators’
All the UK bookmakers offer top-notch amenities, odds and a total betting offering. Especially when the talk goes to the UK sports and events, they are considered the top choice. The above is combined with respectful licensing and transparent terms and conditions. On the other hand, the Euro Sports betting sites don’t have the experience to offer UK counterparts. Services (Customer Support, Banking) are below par or basic at times. Overall, they come second to the UK gambling operators.

Less reliable than the UK sportsbooks
The European sportsbooks are located outside the United Kingdom and regulated by offshore authorities, which can be a severe issue. It will be challenging to hunt down the bookies that the punters believe have been wronged by. That means they should be very patient and ready for every possible outcome in each dispute.

Gambling Addiction worsened/Bigger Money Loss
Gamstop is out of the discussion, which means that self-exclusion will occur only when you choose to. On the one hand, it is excellent since bettors will have the chance to get back in action again. But on the other hand, if the addiction hasn’t gone away or if it will relapse, things might get worse than before. It would be better to undergo a self-assessment test before you decide to return to your betting habits.

Also, being a high roller doesn’t always bring happy results. On the contrary, it comes with much pain since players will often lose big amounts of money. The UK operators offer lower limits than the European ones. For example, the Euro bookies might allow winnings of $200.000 per bet, while the British counterparts might offer that amount monthly.

PayPal not available
The truth is that this miss could be considered as a minor one since the UK players will have the chance to use credit cards and cryptocurrencies. Nonetheless, PayPal is one of the most popular wallets in the United Kingdom, and bettors should have in mind that it won’t be available.

Worse Customer Support
In many cases, the European sportsbooks don’t offer a Customer Support service 24/7, which is not the case for the UK ones. Most of them provide a mediocre live chat service and slow email responses. Additionally, it would be rare for the bettors to have the chance to reach out to European operators through the phone. On even fewer occasions, European bookmakers offer Social Media like Facebook and Viber support. It is clear that when the talk goes on supporting, the UKGC sportsbooks prevail.


No matter the type of punter you are, recreational or high roller, you can rest assured that you will find European betting sites available in the UK. These bookies come in multiple languages, available currencies, payment methods and more European leagues and markets. Moreover, the bettors can expect to find a handful of promotions and offers, along with decent Customer Support.

If by legal you mean “regulated” by the UKGC, then no. Nonetheless, you can find a handful of European betting sites for UK players who can operate in the region, thanks to licensing. The British players are welcome and can sign up to the European bookies, although the latter hasn’t gotten a local license.

While many European scam sites are waiting in the corner to get your money, there are still many European bookies worth your money and time. You just have to be cautious about which one you will trust in the end. Read the experts’ reviews and consider what the betting community says about the bookmaker you are checking out to make the best choice possible.