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GamBlock Review

GamBlock has been helping punters in the United Kingdom for more than two decades now since it was first launched in 2000. It has been considered one of the most effective software for bettors who want to put an end to any gambling activity. However, the most important feature of the app is preventing players from entering all the UK and many international gambling operators in an attempt to provide a complete protection solution to the vulnerable.

In the following article, you will have the chance to learn precisely what GamBlock in the UK is all about, how it works and everything about its cost. Also, many players ask if they can remove the app from the device or find a way to get around the program. Indeed, you can find four different methods to bypass the exclusion application, like placing your bets on a betting shop or using a device where you haven’t installed GamBlock. Note, though, that this guide is only for players who can control gambling activity.

What is GamBlock

GamBlock is one of the most effective tools punters can find in the United Kingdom to fight gambling addiction. The application can be installed from one up to multiple devices, depending on the license/licenses purchased. You will have to pay a separate license for a Windows, Android or iOS device.

The app blocks access to online gambling, helping problem gamblers since 2000. In addition, its database is constantly updated regarding the sites that will be blocked and concerning security and diagnostic features. In that way, players can rest assured that GamBlock will eliminate potential threats for vulnerable players. That includes sites with gambling information, hidden gambling, spread betting, fantasy games, lotteries, bingo, sportsbooks, gambling software and other sites affiliated with real-world gambling.

However, if you have found yourself in a better position than you were and feel like you can handle your betting urges, you can still enter many sportsbooks not on GamBlock, as long as they are not banned after the software updates.

How does GamBlock UK work

The GamBlock software starts preventing you from entering a wide variety of gambling sites as soon as you have paid, downloaded and activated it within your device. The software will protect you for the period you have pre-chosen at the time of your transaction, so you won’t have to set the exclusion period again.

Whenever you try to enter a gambling site, a popup message will be displayed, mentioning that “GamBlock protects this device.” Afterward, a 60-second countdown will start, and then your device will be turned off. Note that other browsers will not be affected. However, you won’t be able to remove GamBlock from your computer before your exclusion period is over.

How much does GamBlock cost?

The great thing about the price of GamBlock UK is that it depends on what you want to do, how many devices you want to protect and for how long. For example, if you own a Samsung Android device and you want to protect just this one for a year, you will have to pay $200, or almost $18 for a month. That’s for one device; for five, you would pay $89. For every other Android device, you will have to pay $161 for a year and $49 for a minimum of 3 months’ exclusion. This amount will go up to $196 if you want to protect five devices for the same period.

If you own a Windows device, the pricing depends on the solution you choose and ranges from $105 to $188 per year and only one device. There is also a Windows Corporate solution, which protects from 10 up to 100 devices, ranging from $400 to $4000 per year.

If you need the GamBlock software for your iOS device, you will have to pay from $150 up to $782 per year, while GamBlock for Mac Computers costs $25 for one device and a minimum license of 2 months.

Can I uninstall GamBlock?

You have decided to set yourself under a gambling exclusion, you searched everywhere, but you didn’t manage to find a GamBlock free download. So, you took the risk to pay for the license, and now the application is activated on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. If you have regretted being a part of the GamBlock community and your question is “How to remove GamBlock” note that you will not uninstall the software before your license has expired.

How to Bypass GamBlock?

It won’t be easy to get around GamBlock, but, for sure, there are a few ways available to do it. Of course, from our end, we don’t recommend taking any of the following actions in case you still are under gambling addiction. This guide concerns only the punters who have to find out that they can control betting impulses and are still self-excluded.

Use another device

The fact that you won’t be able to use a particular device only if you install and activate the GamBlock software can give you a way out of the exclusion. Use a device in which GamBlock is not downloaded and activated, and you will be able again to place your bets at the Non UK betting sites.

Bet in Non-GamBlock Bookmakers

The application blocks numerous gambling operators, not only from the United Kingdom but worldwide. However, with many sportsbooks springing up now and then globally and loads of Curacao casinos accepting UK punters, you can always find a new place to wager on your favorite sports and teams. These Non Gamstop betting sites promise to give the bettors everything they have been asking for, in terms of international betting.

Visit betting shops

Another way to go would be to keep your betting activity running by visiting the betting shops. The self-exclusion through any software or exclusion scheme applies only to online betting, leaving the option of wagering on a betting shop open.

Wait until the end of the exclusion

The most obvious way to get around GamBlock would be to wait until your exclusion is over. Take advantage of this given time to reassess your priorities and the ways to get your betting impulses under control, so you will be ready as soon as your exclusion elapses. It is the most obvious way of learning how to cancel Gamstop or how to remove Betfilter or any other gambling blocker and the safest of all.

Can I cancel the GamBlock app?

Once you have decided to pay for the app and exclude yourself fro betting, there is no going back. GamBlock and every other application made to block gambling sites for free in the UK has been designed in such a way that punters who are ready to relapse won’t have a way to do so.

That means that you should carefully choose your next step and proceed to a self-exclusion only if you are sure. So, first of all, move to a self-assessment test, and if you find out that you are in a lousy position concerning your betting urges, then do activate a gambling blocker like GamBlock.

Are there any Non Gamblock Betting Sites available?

If you have decided to exclude yourself from betting, you will probably not use Non-GamBlock Sportsbooks due to gambling addiction. On the other hand, you may have overcome your addiction, or you have just regretted your registration with GamBlock, feeling that you are in a good position. In that case, there are many betting sites not registered with GamBlock you can place your bets on such as Hawaii Spins and Freshbet. In the following list, you will find some of the fastest paying, reliable international sportsbooks around the internet.


No matter the operating system your device comes with, you will download the respective version from the application’s official site. For example, if you own an Android device, you may download GamBlock for Android. If you own an iOS device, you may get GamBlock for iPhone. If you have a computer (laptop or desktop) with Windows, you may download the respective software from the official website. Note that you have to log in using your credentials and link your account with the device as soon as you have downloaded the app.

No, it is impossible to crack GamBlock to get it for free or overpass its protection, letting you enter gambling sites. The application will be functional only as soon as you have paid for it, while in case you activate it, you will not be able to undo this action. At least not before the self-exclusion period, you have chosen has elapsed.

No, having GamBlock, NetNanny or any other blocker activated will not affect your mortgage application. Surely not in a negative way, since you will stop spending money on gambling. After all, the banks won’t know that you have chosen to exclude yourself, nor that you have been gambling, especially if you haven’t used lent money to place your bets (credit cards or loans).

If your payment is headed towards a gambling site, then for sure, the GamBlock application is going to prevent you from proceeding with that transaction. Otherwise, all other types of payments, like paying your bills or taxes, will be completed regularly and without any delays.

Unfortunately, you won’t find a free trial of Gamblock available. Should you decide to download the software, you will have to pay to get a license for the application. You may find discounts at times, but the application creators do not support a trial version format.