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GamStop Not Working – What are my options?

So, you have decided to take a break from betting, either because you face a gambling addiction or you just want to cool off. Despite your good intentions, you deal with a GamStop setback since the scheme seems like it doesn’t work. That leads you to be vulnerable and unprotected from gambling once more.

Τhe question lurking around is, “why won’t GamStop work”, despite your efforts? Maybe you have entered the wrong details. Or perhaps you have forgotten that your exclusion period was over and you have asked Gamstop customer support to stop your ban. Whatever the reason, you can always find a solution. Read in the following guide which your next moves should be if you face Gamstop troubles, along with all the alternative exclusion apps you may find in the United Kingdom.

GamStop didn’t work for me: Which are the reasons?

You have been in a mood to exclude yourself from gambling, but something seems to be off. With Gamstop not working, you can’t feel safe. You keep wondering why the scheme can’t do the job it is meant to. Here are the three most possible reasons:

Registered with wrong credentials
This is common mistake users make, by accident mainly. If you are not cautious about how you enter your details, it will cause you Gamstop troubles. Make sure that you have correctly spelled your name, email or even your address. Additionally, check that you have used the correct digits when entering your phone number. A slight mistake could be enough, but fear not, since you can enter your Gamstop account and alter each one of your personal information.

Created an account on non GamStop sites
The exclusion scheme always applies only to the bookmakers registered with it and licensed by the UKGC. If you have chosen to register on  UK betting sites not on Gamstop, you will not be able to exclude yourself through this service. The only way would be to manually ban yourself from this or any other bookmaker not registered with the scheme.

The self-exclusion period is over
In this case, you had probably forgotten that your self-exclusion period was over, and you contacted GamStop Customer Support, asking them to cancel your gambling ban. If that is the case, you should enter your Gamstop account once more and choose the new exclusion period.

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GamStop App Not Working: What are the next steps

Υou realize that you face Gamstop problems, the scheme is not working, leaving you unprotected against gambling. Do you wonder what you should do? You can either use alternative gambling blocking apps like BetFilter, Gamban or BetBlocker, or you can fight your way towards a workable Gamstop account. That could happen either by receiving help from customer support or creating a new account. Let’s see some of the most popular solutions.

Contact the Gamstop Customer support

The first and more rational move you should make is to contact the Customer Support of your scheme and state that Gamstop is not working. They will be able to guide you and give you the right solution.

Use Gamban

One of the most common alternatives to Gamstop is Gamban. This application blocks your access to thousands of gambling sites. Gamban is available across all mobile and desktop PC platforms and very easy to install. Just note that once you install the app on your device, you can’t remove it.

Use Betblocker

Betblocker is a free tool that was created to help punters control gambling impulses. The application lets you block more than 13.000 gambling sites, while you can choose the period you want to be blocked from these sites. With Betblocker, you may choose among the following exclusion periods: 24 hours, 2, 3 or 5 days, 1 or 2 weeks, 1, 2, 3 or 6 months, 1, 2, 3 or 5 years or forever.

Use Gamblock

Gamblock is another way to go regarding your self-exclusion from betting. Gamblock blocks all the new gambling sites and apps automatically. It would be impossible to be removed, deactivated, bypassed or circumvented by using any programs. It is completely hidden from others. Even the notifications are displayed to the user without mentioning the software.

Set limits on every bookmaker

If you don’t want to use other exclusion apps and feel like you can handle yourself, you could set limits on every bookmaker you have an account with. In that way, you can keep betting, but without exceeding your budget.

Exclude from every bookmaker

You can also try to manually exclude yourself from any bookmaker you have created an account with. Enter each account separately, go to your profile and choose to be blocked for the period you wish to. It is a time-consuming solution; nonetheless, it is a safe one.

Try to register with Gamstop again

If you are in a mood like “gamstop didn’t work for me”, you can always try to register again with GamStop. This time, though, ensure that you will enter your personal information correctly to avoid any GamStop troubles.


There are just a few reasons GamStop is not going to work. Usually, that would happen because you had entered your details wrongly when you registered with the scheme. Another reason could be that you may have forgotten that your exclusion period was over, and you contacted GamStop Customer Support, asking them to pause your ban. Otherwise, you may have created an account on Non UK betting sites where the GamStop scheme won’t be valid.

Yes, your details will be available to any gambling operator licensed in the United Kingdom and you will be flagged as a problem gambler. Also, from your side, you will be able to block all betting sites in the United Kingdom registered with the Gamstop scheme, not only those you had created an account with. In that way, you are restricted from creating an account on other operators. Note that the exclusion does not apply to the betting sites not registered with Gamstop and not licensed by the UKGC.

If you find out that Gamstop is not working, or maybe you feel like it isn’t the proper solution, many alternative apps may suit you. You can try out applications like Gamban, Gamcare, Betblocker and Gamblock, all created to help you have a cool-off period from gambling. In fact, some of them are also compatible with your mobile phone, not only your desktop pc.