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How to Get Around GamStop Self-Exclusion?

Gamstop is a great scheme that helps you restrict online gambling but comes with many limitations. If you have already signed up with the program but feel like you are in perfect shape, there are ways to return to betting. So how can you get around Gamstop? The bad news is you won’t be able to play on the UK bookmakers again, at least not by using your ID. Of course, you have the option to use 3rd party’s details to create a new account in a UK licensed bookmaker. However, it is a risky decision and we don’t recommend it.

The good news is that there are so many ways you can use to avoid Gamstop. In the following article, we will help you discover every possible way to let you get around the scheme, along with all the pros and cons coming with these actions. If you want to use your details, you should register a new account at the non Gamstop betting sites.

Best sites to avoid Gamstop

Once you have decided that you want to bypass Gamstop, you have been looking for your next Non-UK bookmaker. You will find some reputable non Gamstop betting sites in the following table, rated according to reliability, odds, verification and withdrawals policy.

What are the top ways around Gamstop

reverse GamstopSo, you have found yourself in self-exclusion, no matter how that happened and you are now on a search to sneak around the scheme. Fortunately for you, there are more than one ways to succeed in that. Here is a list of eight different patterns, which will let you turn the tides in your favor.

1. Bet with Non-UK betting sites

This is the most expected and common way to get around Gamstop. You just have to create a new account on betting sites not partnered with the scheme, or opt for the non Gamstop casinos UK offers. In simple words, you should register on a bookmaker not regulated by the UKGC that accepts British players. New bonuses, more payment methods and quick withdrawals will be waiting for you, among other perks.

2. Place your bets on betting shops

That is another way to get past the self-exclusion since the betting shops are not included in the Gambling Act. The latter applies only to online betting and the same goes to the Gamstop scheme. Even if you have signed up for Gamstop or any other self-exclusion program, you can still place your bets in any brick-and-mortar venues.

3. Get around Gamstop using VPN

This is another way to go. By downloading a VPN service to your mobile phone or laptop, you can try out several bookmakers not registered with the self-exclusion scheme but take British players. This is one of the most popular ways around Gamstop if you have wanted to place your bets on a sportsbook that has been blacklisted in the United Kingdom.

4. Register on Crypto Sportsbooks

Cryptocurrencies have been among the new technologies having a great appeal, especially to the younger punters. Crypto sportsbooks give you the chance to bet under the radar with Bitcoin, Ethereum or other digital coins and bypass Gamstop. This means that no verification will be needed upon creating your account; thus, betting is open for anyone.

5. Use someone else’s details to avoid Gamstop

If you are eager to keep betting on the high-rated UK bookmakers, then you may create a new account on these bookies. Instead of using your details, you can come to terms with a friend or your partner, register under a third-party name and keep betting. Of course, it is an option of getting past the exclusion, but it’s a risky one and we don’t recommend it.

6. Register on sportsbooks altering your details

That is another way to keep placing your bets with the UKGC betting sites. You will use your details in that case, but you will change minor things in your name, surname and your address, such as a letter or two. Of course, we are talking about changes that will be considered a typo and do not alter your credentials all the way. You can also use a different phone number, in case you have a second one. Have in mind, though, that sooner or later, the bookies will find out what you have done and they will shut your account down. So, this may work as a temporary solution only.

7. Place your bets on no verification betting sites

Among the wide range of Non-UK bookmakers, like Mystake and Goldenbet, which will help you get past Gamstop; you will find several sites which don’t ask to verify your ID to place your bets. Not only crypto betting sites but other offshore and international bookies as well. The only possibility for a KYC will be in case you will request your first withdrawal and that’s all.

8. Go around Gamstop by waiting until the exclusion period is over

If none of the above ways are good enough for you and you are still wondering “How to Get Around Gamstop” there is a sure way to be used as a last resort. If you want to bet again with the UK bookmakers, using your details just like you used to, you may wait until the self-exclusion period is over. Again, you should note that you may be flagged as a problematic gambler by the UK bookies, even after the self-exclusion period has finished.

Why should I get around Gamstop

Benefits of using GamStopMany punters think of how to avoid Gamstop, but they don’t dare to do it. Below, you are going to find several reasons not to overthink it. After all, you will have the chance to discover new betting brands, and that by itself will lead you to get away from the UKGC limitations. What else will you gain, though?

✔️ Chance to find exotic bookmakers
Maybe this is the most obvious of all the answers. Players may explore new bookmakers from all over the world. More bonuses and offers, high odds when they indulge in football betting not on Gamstop and the chance to use cryptocurrencies, as well as your credit card, is among the reasons to go for it.

✔️ Get away from the UKGC restrictions
While the UKGC has been trying hard to create a safe betting environment, it has also created many obstacles. Players will not face any more limitations on the size of the stake, challenging and demanding wagering requirements, nor will they have to tolerate the non-usage of the credit card.

✔️ Additional income
Professional punters will have the chance to do what they know best. Place bets for a living and increase the income again. This type of bettors is the most underprivileged of all in the United Kingdom since the Gambling Act, and the UKGC itself only serves recreational players.

✔️ Fun is back
Betting is all about fun and having tons of restrictions and limitations takes a lot out of that aspect. The latter is back for the bettors since they can have all the betting action they want, the way they want it, without fearing that the UKGC will be after them. Of course, all the three previous advantages apply if you decide to use international and offshore betting companies to get past Gamstop and not the UK bookies.

Which are the drawbacks of getting past Gamstop

dsadvantages of Non GamstopAlong with the benefits, you will have to cope with some drawbacks of your decision to get around Gamstop. If you have decided to choose the Non-UK bookmakers over UKGC counterparts, you should also consider that you might face some difficulties. You may have strains like mediocre customer support and difficulty in resolving possible disputes, among others.

❌ Disputes will be difficult to be resolved
Since you are not dealing with the UKGC, it will be challenging to get the proper help in any disputes. The authorities’ headquarters are usually located in offshore territories, and getting in touch with them might be extremely difficult.

❌ Reliability of the sites
One of the main issues when registering to a betting site not covered by Gamstop is the reliability of the bookmaker. The less experience your new choice has, the less reliable it may be considered. You should always be careful and don’t choose to register on non-tested sportsbooks since it may backfire in your face in serious aspects like your transactions or bets settling.

❌ Mediocre customer support
That’s another aspect that may bother you. By placing your bets on the UK bookmakers, you have been used to top-notch customer support, but maybe this will not be the case at the Non UK sportsbooks. The reason is that this type of bookies don’t invest in that aspect as much as they should, leading to mediocre and, in many cases, slow support from non-expertised agents.

❌ Scam sites around the internet
The risk of registering a new account with a scam site is considerable if you are not cautious, as new sportsbooks of questionable quality spring up every day. If you add them to the established ones, the result is chaotic. Υou have to make sure that you will choose only the best out of them. We are here to help you out in that quest since we have filtered and reviewed only the safest, more trustworthy and fastest paying bookmakers.

Is there a safe way around Gamstop?

no limitFortunately for the British punters, there are more than one ways to get around Gamstop. Whether you want to keep betting on the high-rated UK bookmakers or not bother placing your bets on Non UK betting sites, you can proceed with the proper actions. However, the safest way around Gamstop is betting on sportsbooks not registered with the scheme. You will not have to alter any of your details, leading to possible delays at your withdrawals, while you will also have the chance to explore new brands, coming with a great offering.

What details to change to get around Gamstop?

age verificationIf you have been wondering how to cancel Gamstop, here comes an excellent way to do it. You may alter your details when you are about to create a new account on the UK bookmakers. You may change your telephone number, spell your first and last name differently and do the same to your address and to any other details a sportsbook may ask from you.

Can I get money back if I bypass Gamstop

How ToThe answer to that question is simple. It is illegal to proceed to a chargeback, whether we are talking about a Non UK or a UKGC bookmaker. In recent years there have been several cases of players claiming deposits back, using as an excuse that they weren’t the ones who made the transaction. They have stated that the credit card was stolen and used by another person or didn’t authorize the transaction. Using another person’s credit card is considered a fraud, and in that way, they could get the money of the deposit back. After all those cases, the bookies have zero-tolerance against a chargeback, and they may impose sanctions on the players involved in such incidents.

Are there any sports sites that bypass Gamstop?

Sports Betting MarketsLuckily enough for the UK punters, there are more than enough sports sites letting you get around self-exclusion. The UKGC and the UK government do not regulate the so-called Sports Sportsbooks not on GamStop. That means that you have the chance to register a new account and place your bets without thinking about the restrictions and limitations set by the British authority.

Is it legal to get around self-exclusion?

betting lawsIf you want to go by the law, it is not legal to get past Gamstop. Nonetheless, among the eight ways you have available to overcome the scheme, you will not find anyone that could be described as illegal. Of course, the most prominent condition of all is not being under gambling addiction.