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High Stakes Betting Sites

Professional punters are – without any doubt – the most mistreated type of player in the United Kingdom. The Gambling Act and the rules set by the UKGC have created a betting environment addressed only to recreational players. That means that pro bettors are technically excluded from wagering with the UK operators, which has led them to search for new “homes.” This is where the high stakes betting sites jump in, giving the big spenders the chance to get back in action.

After all, high stakes online sports betting is a life job to this category of punters supporting yearly budgets. In the following article, you can read everything about the different types of high stakes bookmakers, the features separating a mediocre from a good operator, and of course, the benefits the high rollers will get from wagering on these bookies.

The Best High Stakes Bookmakers

High rollers are demanding players who won’t compromise with average high stakes bookmakers. The best online bookmaker for high stakes not only should be trustworthy since large amounts of money are at risk, but it should also give away high betting, winning and wagering limits. Check out the following list to find out the most reliable bookies offering a high cap on the above features.

Types of High Stakes Sports Betting Sites

All the high stakes bookmakers are not the same because they offer players the chance to bet and win big. If you fancy high odds and don’t care about licensing, you can switch to new independent bookmakers called No License betting sites. The crypto-chasers can switch to the crypto high stakes operators, while the under-the-radar bettors to offshore sportsbooks. Check below all the available types.

Crypto High Stakes Betting Sites

Crypto bookmakers are the first type of high stakes betting sites. They give away good odds and the chance to place high volumed bets, whether we talk about crypto-only bookies or the ones accepting cryptocurrencies transactions. The first category lets the punters deposit to betting accounts via crypto wallets and uses crypto money to place bets. In the second case, they will just top up betting accounts, but the funds will be converted into euros, dollars or British pounds, depending on the chosen currency.

No License betting sites

That’s another type of Non UK betting sites punters should be somehow cautious, as independent bookies have no license, which means they operate at will. Any authority does not regulate them, so the only indications the players have on whether the site is legit and reliable or not are the betting community’s approval and the extended reviews of the betting experts. Nonetheless, they can expect to find great odds, a more relaxed KYC procedure and the chance to complete transactions with credit cards and cryptos.

Offshore betting sites

Or else, we are talking about high stakes online sports betting at its best. The offshore betting sites are regulated in Panama or Costa Rica, but they allow users to deposit and bet vast sums of money. They are mainly addressed to anyone who loves placing wagers in an American interface, US odds, and a huge payout, especially on American sports.

Curacao betting sites

These types of betting sites are also called gray bookmakers. They are regulated by the Curacao eGaming authority, although headquarters might be located even in European territories, like Cyprus or the CIS countries. In this case, high stakes sports betting is addressed chiefly to international sports, like football, tennis, basketball, even cricket. You will get high odds, the big pockets are welcome here, and the withdrawals will be completed, in most cases, within a few hours.

What makes a good high stake bet site?

You can find plenty of bookmakers and independent casino sites out there, but which ones are worth your time, money and effort? If you have been wondering which are the main characteristics of your next high-stakes betting sites, which are another valuable category of Non Gamstop Betting sites, you will find all the answers below.

Reliability – Betting Community’s approval

We can’t speak highly of the high stakes bookmakers’ license since they might haven’t one, or offshore authorities can regulate them. So what matters the most is for the site to be approved by the betting community. The latter will tell you if the bookmaker pays on time, adheres to the limits as they are mentioned in the TnC’s, or if it tends to set restrictions on your account. Another way to check out the sportsbook’s trustworthiness is the comprehensive reviews of the betting experts, which are meant to help you make the best possible decision.

High betting, winning and transactional limits

What do the professional punters want and need? No limit betting sites giving them the chance to deposit, bet and win enormous amounts of money. The bigger the limits, the better for the big spenders, no matter if they are pro bettors or not. For example, can they top-up accounts with more than €/$/£20.000 daily? Does the winning limit reach a high amount of $200.000 per bet, or is the maximum cap defined daily, weekly or monthly? As for withdrawals, always be careful as many of the high cap bookies tend to offer low payout limits, in the likes of €/$/£7.500 to €/$/£10.000 per week, or €/$/£15.000 per month.

Huge bonuses/promotions

The truth is that professional players will not show any interest in bonuses and offers. But still, those who are willing to go under high stakes online sports betting want to test the site before spending more on that. So a good bonus, like a 100% Welcome Offer up to 200€, will be accepted in that case.

Variety of leagues and betting markets

Every kind of sportsbook, even the best online bookmaker with high stakes, should offer the bettors an – at least – decent range of sports, leagues and different betting markets. These are features meant to enhance the betting activity and should not be missed in either bookie. A number of 30+ sports from all over the world, 100+ extra bets on football, and the possibility to place wagers on markets like Asian Handicaps, combos and Corner/Cards are expected to be available.

Clear terms and conditions

This demand could also fall under the “reliability” part. Still, again, your bookmaker must have a transparent set of terms and conditions and not ones with double meaning. In that way, you may rest assured that they can find justice (at least on most occasions).


Without any doubt, the UK players want to use credit cards, wallets and cryptocurrencies to top up accounts, so all these options should be available. Moreover, withdrawal times are another significant prerequisite.

Customer Support

When considerable amounts of money are at risk, there will be times you will need the assistance of Customer Support, and this might happen at any time of the day. So, you should look for 24/7 service, while the more available channels the bettors can use, the better. Live chat should be there, quick email responses and possibly phone support would be great, along with the chance to reach out to the operator through Social Media.

Payment options on high stakes sports betting websites

Betting on High Stakes Sports betting sites, like Patrick Spins, demands flexibility and swiftness when the talk goes to the payments. The players would like to have not many methods, but top quality services from the available ones and, of course, the chance to top up and withdraw large amounts. Let’s see which are the offered types of payment systems on the high stakes bookmakers.

Cryptos like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum and Monero, have been on the rise the last few years and the reason behind that is the speed and the high transaction volumes. Cryptos give a chance to trade or deposit to bookies to do that anonymously and under the radar. None of the UK operators offers the opportunity to use this payment system, so it is a big deal that these sportsbooks offer cryptos.

Credit Cards
This is – by far – the most classic payment method of all, but the UK punters don’t have the chance to top up betting accounts when betting with the high-rated British bookmakers. Even AMEX and Diners will get in the game. Depending on the maximum limits the players’ cards have, this method is tailored for the big spenders and those who want to try high stakes sports betting. Deposits are instant, while withdrawals will be completed within a day or so.

Wallets & Internet-based local methods
Paypal is out of the discussion, so these lines are about other wallets or internet-based local methods, like Trustly and Sofort. You just need to open an account on these wallets, fund them through cards or bank accounts and from this time, you can complete transactions quickly, both deposits and withdrawals.

Local methods
Depending on the betting site the players have chosen, they might have available some payment methods addressed to a specific region, like Trustly or iDeal. This doesn’t mean, of course, that the UK players can’t use this system. On the contrary, it is there for them, and it can be of use when it comes to quick withdrawals.

Advantages of high stakes online sports betting

High stakes sports betting is not a usual condition for UK punters. On the contrary, the UKGC wants to push the players to a more recreational approach, leaving the pro punters aside. The same goes for the bettors who want to place more risky bets with a higher amount. On the contrary, choosing a high stake bet site comes with many benefits:

Higher winning & betting limits
The UK punters will have the chance to bet with more significant amounts of money and expectedly to gain even more. The daily, weekly, monthly winning limits and the ones per bet size are more considerable, benefiting the players. Of course, the bigger limits mean that pro punters are more than welcome.

Easy KYC
Another significant advantage is that UK players will not have to undergo credit checks or provide extra documentation to prove the residential address. A simple ID, a passport or a driving license along with a utility bill would do the job. The only additional document that will possibly be requested is proof that the payment method used indeed belongs to the punter. That is more of a measure of safeguarding.

Quick withdrawals
If you want to use internet-based payment methods to get any money, they will have the funds available within a couple of hours. As for the cards and bank payments will be processed and completed within two days, and the more relaxed KYC helps a lot towards those withdrawal times.

Not in Gamstop
UKGC does not regulate this type of bookmakers, and as a result, the Gamstop self-exclusion does not apply. This means anyone who has decided to sign up with the exclusion scheme can get back in the game and use the high-stakes sites to learn how to cancel Gamstop. Nonetheless, if you have gone through gambling addiction, it would be wise to undergo a self-assessment test before deciding to return to betting.

Crypto and Card payments
Both credit card and crypto payments are not available to the punters using the UK bookmakers. The first method was banned a few months before, while the crypto transactions have never been offered, although they are not – technically- disallowed. The punters can now use them to complete transactions, along with a handful of available payment systems.

No tax on winnings
The biggest fear of the professional punters, who also are possible big winners, is losing a part of earnings due to taxation. Fear not, since winnings are not taxed when placing bets at the high stakes betting sites, like Rolletto. The latest is outside the UK and not regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, so the respective laws and rules do not apply.

Bet under the radar
Last but not least, players can protect personal data until they request the first withdrawal, at least. They probably won’t have to pass a KYC procedure if they choose crypto-only bookies. The reason behind this is that the money will be transferred to your crypto wallet, which is anonymous.

Drawbacks of high stakes sports betting

Ηigh stakes online sports betting also comes with some hidden dangers and disadvantages, like an immense possible money loss, or an older gambling addiction might worsen. Let’s see all the setbacks you can face for choosing to wager with this type of bookies.

Gambling Addiction might get worsened
For players who have previously been on a self-exclusion due to a gambling problem, it is possible that coming back to the betting action will affect them, mainly if no limits will be applied. That means that wagering on high stakes betting sites may cause a return of the addiction, which might be worse this time.

Possible bigger money loss
Along with the previous disadvantage, an even worse might come, but this applies to every bettor. The high-stakes bookmakers allow the players to bet and win big, but a significant loss is also a massive possibility.

Paypal not available
On the … milder drawbacks, the lack of Paypal as a payment method is a vast miss for the UK punters who have been used to completing transactions through the latter. At least they will have a credit card and crypto payments available, so no harm, no foul.

Problem in handling complaints
Since these bookmakers are located outside the UK and are regulated by offshore authorities (or they might not be licensed), many obstacles may occur in solving the problems that might come up. Also, these bookmakers operate in a more relaxed manner, possibly will bring injustice against the players.

Only mobile web available
Most of the high stakes sportsbooks tend to bring a decent result regarding the desktop website, but when the talk goes to the mobile edition, you will find out that the site might be slow and not responsive. As for the dedicated applications for Android and iOS devices, they just are not there.

Low maximum payouts
The bookmakers offering high volume bets know that there is a huge possibility to have big winners in the database. For that reason, they have taken action by letting the players withdraw just a tiny amount, which may go up to $7.500 – $10.000 per week or $15.000 monthly. Even if a player manages to win as much as $30.000, he will have to wait for 2 months before he will be able to have the whole amount available.


If you are among the punters enjoying high stakes sports betting, you may be assured that placing wagers with the high stakes sportsbooks can be extremely safe. Of course, you have to be cautious about the operator you will choose, finally, since many scam sites wait in the corner to grab your money and run. Always consider what the betting community has to say about every bookmaker, and check out the betting experts’ reviews before you proceed with your final choice.

We have great news for the big spenders since they will have the chance to bet on a wide range of High Stakes gambling sites, even if they have registered with Gamstop. The latter does not apply to Non UK betting sites, so the punters who are not under a gambling addiction may return to the old betting habits. As for the gambling blocking apps like BetFilter or NetNanny, bettors loving high stakes online sports betting may rest assured that not all the available betting sites are included in each app’s database.