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How long does GamStop last

You have been patiently waiting for your exclusion to be over. Now that you are one step ahead of the Gamstop end of exclusion, you can’t wait to kick off your betting activity once more. The next day is not that simple, though. You should be self-aware regarding your betting status and if you can handle your impulses. Also, you have to consider the regulations and whether you want to bet once more with the highly-rated UK licensed brands, considering the risks coming with that decision. For example, you will be flagged or even blacklisted as a gambling addict, even if you are not.

Once you have made your mind on everything, there is one more question lurking around. Which are the next steps after the Gamstop exclusion ended? The following article will answer every single one of your possible questions. Learn every step you should take, whether you want to keep on being excluded or get back in the game. Discover the time needed for the exclusion to be removed, how long GamStop lasts and all the possible exclusion durations.

GamStop Exclusion Ended – What’s next?

The day after your exclusion ends is coming fast. Before making your mind to your next move, you should consider the impact the return to your betting habits might have on you. So, before you ask “what happens when gamstop end”, think of the following:

Make a self-assessment of your status

This is the first thing you should take into consideration. Before deciding to get out of the Gamstop scheme, think again if you are truly ready to come back to your betting activity or not. Especially in case you have been under gambling addiction, you will have to make sure that you won’t go down the same road again. Can you handle yourself and set limits when the time comes?

Choose whether you want to bet on UK or international bookmakers

If you haven’t been a problematic gambler, you have probably tested some of the most trustworthy Non UK betting sites while on exclusion. That means that you can compare the betting offering of this type of Gamstop not participating companies against the UK ones. Yes, the latter does have a better-localized product. However, if you fancy betting on an international style, under the radar, or using your credit cards and cryptocurrencies, the betting sites not registered with Gamstop are your best choice.

Consider the UKGC regulation

The last step will be to have important Gambling Act regulations in your mind, like restrictions on payments, how the offers work and especially what is needed for the painful KYC procedure to be completed. Suppose the regulations upon the sections above will be an obstacle to your betting activity and affect your betting experience. In that case, you should move to lay your hands on the betting sites not registered with Gamstop, such as Bruce Pokies or Slots Shine.

Should you have decided that you don’t want to return to the UK bookmakers and you have found out what you have been searching for at the non Gamstop betting sites, take a look at the following table.

What happens when GamStop ends

Many people think that after the period of chosen self-exclusion ends, they will start betting once more with the UK betting sites. This is not the case, though. So, what happens when gamstop ends? What should the following steps be both in the circumstances you want to stop your ban or keep it running?

Contact GamStop to stop exclusion

There is confusion in that case. Most of the excluded punters wrongly believe that as soon as the exclusion period is over, they will return to betting habits. The truth is that for Gamstop to end exclusion, players have to contact Customer Support and declare the intention to get out of the scheme. Note though that you may face problems from the bookmakers. You might be flagged as a problem gambler or even blocked in some cases.

Restart exclusion by logging in to your GamStop account

If you don’t mind betting on Non Gamstop bookmakers by learning how to get around Gamstop, or you still feel that you are not in the position to jump in the betting action again due to gambling addiction, it would be better to extend your exclusion. Note that even after the exclusion period has elapsed, if you don’t state your intention to get out of Gamstop, your ban will be valid indefinitely. Nonetheless, if you feel like you need a specific period to feel sure about yourself, log in to your Gamstop account and choose the new exclusion period. As soon as you save your preferences, your ban will be in effect immediately.

How long do GamStop take to remove exclusion

There are many UK punters out there asking, “does my GamStop exclusion automatically end”? As we foretold, you will have to contact the GamStop support team and state that you want to stop being banned from the UK betting sites. You will need 7 days for the process to take effect, including a mandatory 24 hour cooling off period. The reason behind that is that every bookmaker registered with the GamStop wants to make sure that you are in total control after the GamStop exclusion ended.

How long does GamStop exclusion last

Many punters in the United Kingdom have decided to take a break from betting. But after a while, they tend to ask, “how long do I have left on gamstop”. The answer to that question depends on the exclusion period you had chosen when you registered to the Gamstop scheme or when you extended your ban from betting. Below you will find a complete guide on how the GamStop scheme works and all the exclusion periods you can choose.

How does GamStop work

Gamstop is a free-to-register exclusion program helping you to take a break from betting. In that way, you may battle your gambling addiction or use the cooling-off period to rethink the way you should handle your betting activity. This exclusion scheme is not similar to any other. The idea behind it is to get banned from all the bookmakers registered with Gamstop at once. That includes all the gambling operators licensed from the UKGC, but not the offshore betting sites, as well as the non Gamstop casinos UK has to offer.

If you decide to register with the scheme, you will be asked to provide your details. Your full name, date of birth, your mobile number are some of the most crucial information you should give away. Also, you have to provide not only your primary email address but any email used for gambling purposes. Moreover, you should declare the address of your residence, along with your postal code and any other addresses receiving gambling promotional material. Finally, you will be asked to verify your identity, while you may re-check the details you have provided. Note that the self-exclusion applies only to the online bookmakers and not to the betting shops, something that applies also to gambling blockers like Gamban, or Bet Blocker.

GamStop Duration: Available exclusion periods

Now, let’s answer the most popular question regarding Gamstop: “how long does gamstop last”. You get to choose among three different options:

  • Six months
  • One year
  • Five years

After completing your registration and choosing your preferred exclusion period, you will be given a 24 hour period to arrange any open transactions with your bookmakers. Then, the exclusion will take effect. From that time on, you will not be able to log in to your betting accounts, nor will you be receiving promotional material and notifications. Note that as soon as you have registered an account with GamStop and you have chosen your cooling-off period, you will not be able to undo this action.


There are two ways to find out which is the remaining GamStop duration. First of all, you should use your credentials to enter your GamStop account. You are going to find all the necessary information for your self-exclusion period. Otherwise, you can contact the scheme’s customer support, and they will be able to guide you.

Before you decide, you should consider if you have recovered from a possible gambling addiction. If you are not entirely sure that you won’t go down the same road again, it would be better for you to extend your exclusion period for as long as necessary.