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Net Nanny Review

A massive issue concerning everyone in the United Kingdom is the minors’ access to gambling sites, which has caused a severe problem of gambling addiction to many underaged people. It is a painful fact that more than 50% of all the kids up to 17 years old living in the UK have been participating in gambling. Also, 54% of the people in that age have engaged in a gambling activity at least once within the last year. For that matter, NetNanny was created in 2018, so the parents have the chance to filter what children can access on the internet, blocking anything harmful to them, including gambling.

In the following Net Nanny review, you will learn what precisely the app is and how it can filter the internet to benefit children. On the other hand, you – the parents – might want to have some fun by placing your bets, but as soon as the software is installed on your device, you can’t.

So, can the app be removed temporarily or even permanently? The answer is yes, and it can also be bypassed using methods like installing a VPN or using other devices.

What is NetNanny

NetNanny is considered the number one Parental Control application in the United Kingdom. It helps parents filter the internet on all operating systems, like Windows, Android, Kindle Fire, and iOS, thanks to Net Nanny’s Family Protection Pass. Additionally, it prevents children from accessing harmful sites. That would include bookmakers, porn sites, dangerous applications, while the parents have the chance to set specific hours of the day where the kids may be online.

Also, Net Nanny offers protection on all social media applications and Youtube, so the children won’t be exposed to content they shouldn’t. Finally, you can find a “Track Location” and a family feed function, among other exciting features. The first lets you monitor your children’s whereabouts as soon as the app is installed on your smartphone. The second gives you insights into your family’s activity around the internet.

How does NetNanny UK work

NetNanny gives the parents the chance to monitor all the family’s internet activity and stop access to every kind of harmful site. At the same time, it also gives protection to the kids from online dangers. In contrast to any other blocking apps which block full access to the internet and allow you to block gambling sites for free in the UK, Net Nanny gives the chance to filter what the parents want to be visible to them and the rest of the family.

At any time the app determines that there is an unsafe occasion for your children due to exposure of the latter to hate speech, gambling, pornography, or bullying, the parents will be alerted. Overall, the application gives access to everything good the internet offers and blocks everything harmful, thanks to real-time internet filtering.

Is NetNanny free?

Unfortunately, Net Nanny is not free of charge. Of course, before you pay for the parental control application, you can try it out for 14 days. But as soon as your free trial ends, you will have to pay for a license if you want to keep protecting your device and prevent your children from entering gambling sites and every other harmful site.

The cost to protect one device would be an $11.00 fee per year, and per device, in case you get the 5-device deal., which in total is 55$. This plan also comes with a 30% discount, since it typically costs 80$. If you choose the one computer (Windows or Mac) plan, you will have to pay 40$ per year. Finally, the best deal would be the 20 device family protection pass, which costs 90$ a year. That means less than 5$ per device.

How to remove NetNanny

No matter the platform you are using, NetNanny, either for Android or iOS, has been designed to come with multiple levels of password protection. That happens so unauthorized people will be prevented from uninstalling the application from any device. If you still need to take it out of your smartphone/tablet, remove the app as a Device Administrator. Then go to Settings, Applications, Manage Applications, choose NetNanny and then select the “Uninstall” option. Finally, enter the Administrator password, and the app will be removed.

If you have the Windows computer version, you should go to Start, Settings, Control Panel and then open the Programs and Features tab. Then left-click on the Net Nanny program and click on Change/Remove. Click “yes to all” when the popup window will be shown to you, enter the Administrator code and finally restart your computer. As for the Mac users, select Finder, Applications, Manage Applications and choose the app. You will see the NetNanny folder, double-click on it and then click on the Uninstall button. Enter the admin password, and the program’s removal will be completed. Now you are ready to enter any non-UK betting site you want, like Goldenbet or Mister X.

How can I bypass NetNanny

Net Nanny has been designed as a tool to prevent you and your children from entering harmful sites, and the gambling operators are among those. Still, there might be a chance that you totally are in control, and you just want to have fun by placing a bet now and then. Just like you may get around Gamstop, you can do the same with NetNanny. There are some solutions for you, but we don’t recommend that you use the following actions if there is a possibility your children will take advantage of them, or in case you haven’t been in control of your gambling urges.

(For Computer users) Close the process from Task Manager

This is a temporary solution, but it is going to work. Go to the Task Manager by clicking Alt+Ctrl+Del, choose the Wnldr32 process and end it. Until you restart your computer, the app will not be functional.

Use a VPN

You can find a wide range of Virtual Private Networks around the internet, and most of them can bypass the application. As soon as your VPN is activated, your IP address will change, and as a result, Net Nanny won’t be functional.

Use other devices

Just what you should do in every other case of a gambling blocking app, like when you’re wondering how to uninstall BetBlocker, or when you want to know how to remove Betfilter use a device in which you haven’t installed NetNanny, no matter if it comes with Android/iOS/Mac/Windows operating system. That solution will spare you time and effort.

Go to a betting shop

That might be the safest solution since NetNanny will still prevent your children from entering harmful sites, and you will have the chance to place your bets on your favorite events and teams.

How do I disable Net Nanny

It won’t be easy to turn off the Net Nanny UK parental control app, no matter the platform you have been using it on. To be precise, the iOS and the Android versions of the application cant’ be disabled, but this is not the case for the Windows version. To succeed in disabling the app, you will have to modify some of the .dll files in the program’s folder. That’s the way to disable it permanently. Otherwise, you can go to the Task Manager, choose the Wnldr32 option and click on “End Task.” In that way, the app will stop working until you restart your computer.

Will I find Non-Net Nanny bookmakers in the UK?

If you have found yourself in need to protect your children from entering gambling sites, it’s entirely logical to download and set in your device the parental control app. But what happens in case you want to use this device to place your bets? In that case, maybe the best possible solution for you would be to choose a Non-NetNanny sportsbook. You will find some of the most reliable, fastest-paying international betting sites in the following list.


A simple search around the internet will allow you to get the discount you need to acquire the NetNanny application. You can get deals from 30% up to 90% off, but note that you have to be quick. These deals are not always on, so you have to check out the newly available discount coupons every now and then.

If you have installed NetNanny on a Windows computer or laptop, you can mess with specific files in the installation folder to turn it off permanently. Otherwise, you could shut the program down temporarily through Task Manager. You can do nothing to turn it off when it comes to the iOS or Android versions of the Parental Control app.

It’s effortless to install the gambling blocking app. You have to go to the app store from the device you want to protect, search and download NetNanny. You will first be prompted to get the free or trial version. As soon as you have completed the installation, open the app, and you will be asked to log in with the account you created when you downloaded the app. Then, link the device to your account, customize the user settings and go to the website admin.netnanny.com to manage all your settings. Finally, make Net Nanny the primary browser on the device. That’s it; you are now protected from access to gambling sites.

If you have previously decided to uninstall Net Nanny but now feel like you need protection for your devices, you have to follow the installation procedure repeatedly. When you complete the program’s installation, you should open the app again, enter your credentials to log in and link your device to the license you have bought. As soon as you finish customizing your settings, you will be once more protected.

The excellent news for the punters who want to put NetNanny to the test is that they can take advantage of the 14-day trial. If you want the 5-device deal, you will pay 55$ per year. The cost for one computer (Windows or Mac) is 40$ per year, while the 20-device family protection pass costs 90$ a year. At times, you may find a NetNanny voucher code to get a discount or deals, even for protecting only one device.