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No Limit Betting Sites

Betting limits and restrictions is not something new to players. Every bookmaker comes with stake, winning and transaction limits, as usually described on the terms and conditions. Bettors should check them out and decide if they will sign-up or skip the sportsbook. However, the operators impose the limits that can be considered “deal-breakers” to “punish” the players. Many bookies tend to set odds and maximum bet limits on all or specific events or even on betslip payout. In more harsh cases, bookmakers might even close the account if a player wins too much.

So the one million pounds question is, “Are there any bookies that don’t limit“? The answer could be a simple yes. In the following article, the British punters will have the chance to learn how to filter and choose the best no limit betting sites and the benefits of selecting the proper ones. Also, if you have been wondering what types of limitations an operator might set and the reasons behind them, keep reading, and we will answer all your questions in detail.

The Best No Limit Bookmakers

Finding reliable no limit betting sites is not an easy task since the punters should be cautious on which one they will choose in the end. In the following table, you can see the most trustworthy out of them. Additionally, the no-limit gambling sites have been reviewed and listed according to the betting offers, the availability of payment methods and bonuses/promotions, among other essential features.

Types of bookies that don’t limit

There are specific ways a sportsbook will impose restrictions. They will limit the amount of money the punters can deposit or withdraw from betting accounts, the maximum bet on every event and the volume of winnings they can get per day or betslip. Although bookmakers like Firescatters, which don’t limit, are very lenient; they will still impose limits on your account if they find out that you violate terms and conditions.

Bonus Wagering

This restriction is about the highest amount of money you can use to place bets. The limitation could be either general for everyone or a specific bettor if the latter has violated the sportsbook rules.

Deposit limits

In this case, every bookmaker has a minimum and maximum deposit limit, your chosen website. The sportsbooks that don’t limit allow the transfer of higher volumes of money to betting accounts. On some occasions, players should expect that above £5000 cumulative deposits UK bookies will request additional documents regarding the source of the players’ income.

Withdrawal limits

Payout limits are almost the same as the deposit ones. They are general and apply to everyone, while they vary across the betting sites. The bookmakers set a general rule of how much money you can get from daily betting accounts. The bigger the limits are, of course, the better. Note that even if you have completed the KYC procedure in some cases, for amounts exceeding £/€2.300, most operators will request additional documents.

Winning limits

In this case, bookmakers limit how much you can win daily or per betslip. The amount may vary depending on the event and the sports, while the sportsbook might set additional restrictions on how much a player who has violated the Terms and Conditions may win.

Odds limitation

That is another way to penalize the bettors who haven’t respected the terms of the betting company. The latter offers lower odds to a logged-in bettor than those shown to the same person when not signing in to his account.

Closure of the account

This may happen without any warnings from the bookmaker’s side, and it will mean that the punter has probably been found guilty of violating a series of terms or has been identified as a fraud. If the operator decides to close down a player’s account, the latter can not change that decision.

Why do the bookmakers set limits?

No matter the type of sportsbook, if we talk about the high stakes betting sites or the betting sites that don’t limit, you may find yourself in the difficult position of having restrictions set on accounts. This could happen due to a violation of TnCs, like having a second account, abusing the bonuses or placing bets on wrong odds. Let’s list some of the most important reasons a sportsbook might limit you.

  • Winning too much: While this doesn’t apply to the sports betting sites that don’t limit, many bookmakers aren’t fond of the punters who tend to win constantly. This is one of the most popular reasons for a betting account to get closed by the operator.
  • Abuse of promotions and bonuses: If you are found “guilty” of violating the terms of an offer or bet only when promotions are available, the account will be flagged, and limits will be set. For example, a case of bonus abuse is creating multiple accounts just to get the welcome offer. This category of bettors is also mentioned as bonus hunters.
  • Arbitrage: Or, in other words, the art of never losing. The punter wagers on both outcomes of a betting event and makes money, regardless of the result, due to the gap in the odds between two sportsbooks.
  • Non-round amounts: This might be linked with the above reason, but even in cases where the punters just tend not to place wagers with round amounts, this will arouse the bookmaker’s curiosity, and they might be monitored as possible sure bettors. An abnormal amount could be considered a bet of £100,54 or £31,63.
  • Changing your betting pattern: Limits may be set if the sportsbook finds out that you bet higher amounts on specific categories and lower ones on others.
  • Not using bonuses and offers is another indication that the operator might be dealing with professional players since the latter won’t waste time, money, and effort on using bonuses and promotions.

Owning more than one account: It is forbidden to have a second account, and it is mentioned in the terms and conditions of every bookmaker. So, having a second account is a clear violation of the rules, and it will limit both accounts of the bettor.

How to choose sports betting sites that don’t limit

The search for no limit betting sites or other Non UK betting sites meeting all the UK punters’ demands and expectations is not an easy task. When you choose to trust a sportsbook of that category, they expect to find a combination of reliability, high winning, betting and transactional limits, and high odds and quick withdrawals. Let’s see what the punters look into before registering a new account to any no limit bookmakers.

Reliability/ other punters reviews
The first aspect you should check into is the reliability of the bookmaker. We can’t really refer to licensing, although you can find European betting sites licensed by the respective regulators. The majority of those sportsbooks are either not licensed or regulated by offshore authorities. So what matters the most is the betting community’s approval of the site. Other players’ reviews mention if the bookie limits, shuts down accounts, or does what they promise in terms of minimum and maximum wagering, deposit, withdrawal, and winning limits.

Checking the winnings limits
The next step is to get into the terms and conditions page and check the winning limits. What is the maximum amount the players can win daily or per betslip? For example, a total sum of winnings surpassing $200,000 per bet is a decent cap. But again, you should check out and make sure that those limits don’t change depending on the sport and the event, and they follow the general rule of maximum earnings.

Checking the deposit/withdrawal limits
Next, you should check the maximum and minimum deposit and the withdrawal amount of money they can top up or get from the account, along with the available payment methods. When the payouts are capped at $7.500 to $10.000, although the winning limits are much higher, you should worry. Of course, it should also be clear whether these figures refer to a daily, weekly or monthly betting activity.

Bonus – Promotions
Another important aspect you have to check out is the welcome bonus terms and conditions, and the same applies to each of the available promotions. Usually, no limit bookmakers, as well as other operators like Curacao casinos accepting UK players, set restrictions on the wagering requirements regarding available markets, minimum odds, and the maximum bet.

High odds
One of the most prominent reasons to choose a sportsbook is the higher odds compared to antagonists. A total payout of 94% would do the job, so anything above that rate is more than welcome. When the talk goes to the premium football and basketball leagues, like the Premier League, the Serie A, the Bundesliga, the NBA or the Euroleague, for example, the players should expect to get a rate of 95% to 96%

Withdrawal times
The time needed for a withdrawal depends on the payment method the players will choose. An acceptable timeframe for credit cards and bank payments is 1-3 days for wallets up to 24 hours. When the talk goes to the cryptocurrencies, you should expect to have the money available within a couple of hours.

Customer Support
Not only do the UK bettors expect sportsbook to provide a top-notch Customer Support service 24/7, but it also has to offer communication channels like live chat, email and contact through the phone. If the bookie also provides the option of reaching out to the operator through Social Media, that’s even better.

Benefits of betting with Bookies that don’t limit

UK operators have many restrictions and limitations regarding transactions, the maximum bet for each event, and the maximum winnings you can get from each betslip. That is not the case for the gambling sites that don’t limit since they give players the chance to deal with higher amounts of money. Which are the advantages of using such a bookmaker, though?

Not on Gamstop
Even if you have decided to exclude themselves from the UK bookmakers through Gamstop, you will still be welcome here. The exclusion scheme has no power over the no limit bookmakers, which is one of the easiest ways of learning how to get around Gamstop. As for the gambling blockers like GamBlock and Gamban, not every bookie of that category is included in the apps’ database, so, for sure, you will have the chance to find a sportsbook to place bets.

High stakes betting
The big spenders are back in the game. Pro punters are not welcome at the UK bookmakers, but the no limit betting sites give them the chance to return to wagering habits and use betting activity to support the monthly income. Of course, high-stakes betting does not apply only to professional bettors since even the recreational players would like now and then to bet big.

Higher limits on winnings/deposits
Another significant advantage of this betting site category is that UK players can deposit more money to betting accounts, which has not been the case for the UK-licensed sportsbooks for many years now. In addition, the daily winning and bet limits are also more prominent, so players will have the chance to dream and think big again.

No credit checks
Although the KYC procedure might be more demanding compared to other sportsbooks, it is excellent for the UK punters that, at least, they won’t have to undergo a credit check. That is an action that takes place only when you deal with the high-rated UK operators.

Drawbacks of using Gambling sites that don’t limit

Placing your bets with no limit bookmakers like Mr Sloty may also come with several setbacks for the players. The fact that there are many scam sites around the corner is a big problem to the UK punters, and the same goes for the non-transparent terms such a sportsbook might have, even the best out of them. Below, the players may find all the possible disadvantages when choosing a sportsbook of that category.

Poor licensing/ Doubtful reliability
All the sports betting sites that don’t limit are regulated by relaxed authorities, like Panama, Curacao or Costa Rica, or are not licensed. Expectedly, the insufficient licensing causes a question of the operator’s reliability. At times, the latter can use the Terms and Conditions at will, deny paying the punters or even close the betting account without warning. In this case, the betting community’s approval is significant since it will help the bettors realize if they trust the sportsbook or not.

Higher money loss
With the high betting limits comes great responsibility. It is easy for the most controlled players to get upset when placing bets with sports betting sites that don’t limit the amount of money they can deposit or place bets. And in case they do not realize it soon, the money loss could be disastrous.

Low withdrawal limits
While all the other limits are incredibly high, in this case, most of the operators try to keep the payout amount as low as it can get. The reason behind that is they try not to let the punters get away with the winnings. Imagine that a punter might win $100.000, but with the maximum cap on withdrawals being $10.000 per month, he will need almost 7 months to get the whole amount out of his account. Enough said.

Dangerous for problem gamblers
If the most controlled out of the UK punters can be affected by the No Limit gambling sites, let them deposit vast amounts of money and place high stakes bets, try to consider what this could mean for those who have been, or still are, under gambling addiction. That is more important, especially since the Gamstop self-exclusion scheme and the gambling blockers don’t apply here. Something that means they can do nothing to help them get out of betting when the going gets tough. The results could be devastating for these players.

Tougher KYC procedure
We are mainly talking about enormous volumes of money, so expectedly these bookmakers should be very cautious. Although punters can begin betting without giving away ID at first when they register the new account, they will still impose a more complex KYC policy at the time of the first withdrawal. This is because they have to secure and guarantee that the players’ money will be safe.


Most of the no limit bookmakers are regulated by offshore authorities (Panama, Costa Rica, Curacao), while others might not be licensed at all. So, from that point of view, they are not legal since they do not have the approval of the UKGC. On the other hand, the gambling sites that don’t limit still accept members from the United Kingdom and offer services.

It depends on the perspective one has on the matter. On the one hand, it is excellent to find Sports betting sites that don’t limit the players. They will have the chance to place bets on the amount they want, win, and top up accounts or withdraw from them with as much as possible. On the other hand, betting with high amounts bears dangers regarding money loss and gambling addiction. For sure, the players who can control themselves can take advantage of the no limit betting sites, but those who have had a gambling addiction in the past should be highly cautious.

The UK punters will find many regular bookmakers offering a high maximum deposit. Still, the only betting sites with no deposit limit are the crypto sportsbooks, where bettors can top up accounts with as much as they want. Of course, after thorough research, you can find no limit bookmakers regarding the money punters can use to place bets or winnings the bettors can get from bet slips.