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Gambling Sites not on Gamban

Gamban is one of the most effective gambling blockers in the United Kingdom, preventing you from entering gambling sites in the UK and internationally. Since 2015, when it was first launched, it has been a massive success. So does that mean that if you have registered with Gamban, you won’t be able to bet again until your chosen exclusion or cooling-off period is over? The answer is no since you can take advantage of a wide range of Non Gamban Betting Sites.

Especially if you love betting on an international style, anonymously and -most importantly – on the new non UKGC betting sites, the Non Gamban bookmakers will be the way to go. But, of course, we don’t recommend bypassing the application if you face a gambling addiction. The article is addressed only to the players under control who want to escape the UKGC restrictions. So get the chance to know what exactly Gamban is and how it works on your mobile and desktop devices. Also, find the answer to one of the most asked questions around the internet: ways to remove the software from your iOS, Android, and desktop computer devices.

Best Non Gamban Betting Sites for 2023

So, you feel like you are ready to trade the high-rated UK bookmakers for the non Gamban sportsbooks. You will find out that the choices are endless, but you need to be very careful if you don’t want to end up dealing with a scam site. We have reviewed and listed some of the most reliable betting sites, coming with fast withdrawals and high odds. So, check the following table and follow the bookmaker that suits you the most.

Benefits of betting on Gambling Sites not on Gamban

Let’s begin with the most obvious. Since we are talking about Non Gamban, or non Gamstop betting sites, those operators will not be regulated by the Gambling Commission. Having that said, there are a few upsides, like anonymous betting, credit card and crypto transactions.

Bet Under the radar

If you consider that many bookmakers are not demanding age verification, at least not by the time you have registered your new account, you avoid this unnecessary waste of time. Also, if you choose to place your wagers on betting sites with no ID verification in the UK, you get the chance to bet anonymously. However, the KYC procedure will probably need to be completed as soon as you make your first withdrawal.

Credit-Debit Cards

Although you risk having your credit score lowered, you may top up your account using your credit card. However, always remember that the UKGC bookmakers don’t offer this option anymore since this type of payment has been banned.

Cryptocurrencies available

Although officially, cryptos haven’t been banned, they are also not available at any UKGC bookmaker. That isn’t the case, though, on Non Gamban sportsbooks. You may use cryptos to top up your account or even bet with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash, among others.

High stakes betting

Another huge difference with the high-rated UK bookmakers is that the pro punters are welcome. If you fancy betting with high stakes and your income is directly tied to your betting activity, then the Non Gamban sites are the way to go.

Drawbacks of the non Gamban Betting Sites

As it happens with everything, betting with the Non Gamban sportsbooks comes with some disadvantages as well.

Reliability in doubt

Joining new and Non Gamban gambling operators is fun and exciting, but it also might prove tricky and dangerous. Many scam sites are lurking around the internet. In addition, some betting sites may have the best intentions but are not experienced in how to treat the punters.

Not Tested sites

Many of the non-UK betting sites promise high bonuses, quick withdrawals and an outstanding betting experience. However, when they are put to the test, you might discover that none of those mentioned above are true. So, always try to stick with the tested bookmakers, like Freshbet and Goldenbet.

Low-quality services

When you register with a new bookmaker, such as Magic Win, you expect to find the proper support when you are in trouble or for your transactions to be processed and completed as soon as possible. Unfortunately, that might not be the case on betting sites that have not been reviewed by us or from players worldwide.

How to get around Gamban

You have decided that the best solution is to be self-excluded or have a cool-off period using Gamban. But on the other hand, you quickly regret it and want to get back to the betting action. What can you do?

Use another device
Gamban will block you from entering gambling sites and applications as long as you have it installed on your device or devices. If there is a smartphone, tablet or computer where the Gamban exclusion app hasn’t been installed, that is your chance to place your bets again.

Use the Non Gamban Betting Sites
Although Gamban tries to block as many betting sites globally as possible, it will never have every single bookmaker from around the world in its database. That means that you will find sportsbooks like Mystake or Mr Sloty to help you return to betting by doing the proper research.

Go to betting shops
As it happens with every exclusion program, it applies only to online betting sites. As a result, you can visit a betting shop at any time without fearing that you will not be able to place your bets.

Wait for the exclusion period to be over
Last but not least, you can always wait for your chosen exclusion period to elapse. As soon as it’s over, you will be able to place your bets at any betting site you wish to.

What is Gamban

When the United Kingdom punters search for a solid solution to block betting sites from all types of devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets and desktop computers), the Gamban App is among the top choices. It’s an easy to install application created back in 2015 for players having a gambling addiction or just need a break from betting. The app has been described as one of the most reliable ways to stay away from all types of gambling sites and apps.

Note that the application will not stop you from entering all the Non Gamban Betting Sites. It indeed aims to block both the UK and Non UK betting sites, but that’s not an easy task. Many new gambling operators are coming to the spotlight regularly. Additionally, the international betting sites are not regulated by the UKGC, nor are they located in the United Kingdom. Something that means that the UK government laws don’t apply to them. So always remember that you will have to show determination along with the install of Gamban if you want to stay away from all types of gambling.

How does the Gamban app work

The great thing about Gamban is that it is an easy-to-find application. You can kick start your cooling off period by following the following simple steps:

  • You can either enter the official website or your device’s store (Google store, App Store, Windows Store) and download the app.
    Then, choose your desired solution, a monthly cool-off, or a yearly exclusion.
  • Create your new account and take advantage of the 7-day free trial.
  • In Android and iOS devices, you first set up the Gamban VPN by tapping the ‘Get Started” button. Then, finally, let Gamban complete the setup of your accessibility and set the Push Notifications you want to receive.
  • You can install it on as many devices as you want using the same account.

Gamban won’t be visible to others. Even when you get notifications from the application, it will be shown as a VPN app message, which will be removed shortly. In that way, you can keep your privacy. Note that you will not be able to delete Gamban before the end of the exclusion period, so make sure that you want to be excluded or cool off from betting before you sign up.

Is Gamban free?

The Gamban app doesn’t come free of charge, as the bettors will be charged a monthly fee of £2.49 or a yearly subscription at the price of £24.99. However, both monthly and annual subscribers may take advantage of benefits like ‘Protection for unlimited devices”, “Access to Gamban Resources”, “Technical Support”. Along with all those mentioned above, users will get a 7-day free trial to understand how Gamban works and protects vulnerable UK players.

The most popular UK banks also provide the free version of Gamban as an extra solution to help them stay away from betting. So, in addition to blocking applications, they give out a 7 day trial of Gamban, trying to give the players a complete solution against gambling.

How to cancel Gamban on every device?

You have chosen to be excluded using Gamban. You downloaded it, created your account and installed it on your device/devices, but now you feel like you want to delete Gamban from your smartphone. Is it possible? The truth is that you will not be able to uninstall the application since it has been designed to help vulnerable people. So, the concept is that the latter won’t be able to undo this action.

The only thing you can do is cancel the Gamban account, but again you will not have the chance to enter the gambling sites and apps before your already paid exclusion period are over, nor uninstall the app from your devices. The database keeps your details and will let you proceed with any other action as soon as the chosen exclusion elapses.

How to remove Gamban from the computer?

If you have installed the app on your desktop computer, you will not efficiently remove Gamban. Many procedures and the usage of expertise software are required, but again, the results are not guaranteed. You have to mess with your Windows registry, find all the files and Hotkeys associated with the application. Once again, opting for casinos not on Gamban, would be an easier task.

How to remove Gamban from iPhone

If you own an iPhone and have decided to install Gamban on it, it will be visible as a VPN service. You can choose to turn off the VPN, but again the block of the gambling sites will still be valid. You will need to remove Gamban, but this can happen only as soon as the cooling-off or exclusion period is over.

Is it possible to remove Gamban from Android?

If you are an Android device user, owning a tablet or a smartphone and have decided to install Gamban to exclude yourself from betting, you should think about it twice. You won’t have the chance to undo your action and remove Gamban before your exclusion period is over.

What should I do when the Gamban exclusion app doesn’t work?

The Gamban app has been created under the scope of a stable and safe application for the players. Still, unexpected problems might occur, leading to letting you unprotected from gambling. What should you do in that case?

Contact the Customer Support
It’s the first thing anyone would do if the application crashes all the time or if you find out that although you have registered, you still have access to all betting sites.

Update the application
If the app crashes, that is a sign that bugs need to be fixed. Update to Gamban’s latest version, and you will be alright.

Use alternative gambling blockers
If the problems persist and you still feel vulnerable, you can try using another blocker. Some of the most popular applications you may use are Betblocker, Gamstop or Gamcare. You can also check our Gamstop reviews for more details on which blocker is the most effective one.


Although the application targets blocking every single bookmaker globally, players can still find a handful of gambling sites not on Gamban. You just have to check out which are the ones that have not entered the database of the app, which applies mainly to the international betting sites. Especially the newest ones that spring up every few days on a global scale.

Unfortunately or not, UK punters will not have access to any of the high-rated UK betting sites once they have downloaded and installed Gamban to devices. So, if another question comes to your mind is “how to get around Gamban” regarding betting on the local betting sites, there are two options available for you. Either use a device where you haven’t installed Gamban or try the Non Gamban Betting Sites.

As soon as you have decided to download, install and activate the application, you cannot cancel Gamban. The nature of the product itself is to help people who have decided to take a break or be self-excluded from betting. It is impossible to sign up with the service unless you are determined to for a reason. Logically, a Gamban removal can’t occur before the end of the exclusion period.