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Offshore Betting Sites

Betting with the high-rated UK bookies becomes more complex as time flies by due to the demanding verification, the credit cards ban and the responsible gambling restrictions. The UK punters feel like they need to try out something different in terms of available markets and betting options the UK-licensed bookmakers offer. That could be new betting types, like pleasers, teasers or more international football coverage. Or the chance to top up betting accounts through cards and cryptos and enjoy more relaxed KYC and higher bonuses. All the above reasons have led the players to the best offshore betting sites.

The latter comes with a more relaxed approach and more betting options on international and US sports. Read the following article to learn about the offshore bookmakers, the available sites accepting British players and the benefits UK bettors will get.

List of Offshore Betting Sites

Many offshore bookmakers are available on the internet, but finding a reliable one is not easy. We have listed the websites offering a quality betting experience like fast withdrawal times, high odds, stable payment methods and good betting promotions.

What means Offshore in Sports Betting

When we talk about offshore bookmakers for the UK players, we mean the brands that are not licensed by the UKGC or located in the United Kingdom. On the contrary, the offshore betting sites are regulated overseas, mainly in Panama, Curacao or Costa Rica. Although they don’t pay taxes in the UK, they accept British players.

Types of Offshore Bookmakers

Not all offshore betting sites are the same, but they still are an essential category of Non UK bookmakers. They might have in common that headquarters and license are located overseas, but they still have some differences in operation. Let’s see which are the three different offshore types available to the UK bettors.

No License Sportsbooks

When you read our offshore betting sites reviews of Voodoo Wins and Slots Dreamer, you may find that some are characterized as no license sportsbooks. These operators have decided that no authority will regulate them, but they prefer to operate independently. Before you choose any of these bookies, make sure you have checked out the betting community’s opinion, along with the betting experts’ reviews, since many scam sites are waiting in the corner.

Offshore Crypto Betting Sites

Some of the best offshore betting sites fall under the crypto betting sites category. Players can place bets and complete transactions through cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Monero and more. In offshore bookies accepting crypto transactions, players may top-up accounts through crypto wallets and get the winnings without undergoing a KYC procedure. On these sites, the players can expect to find huge bonuses, along with high odds and the chance to bet under the radar.

US Οffshore Βookmakers

Οffshore sports betting sites located in Panama and Costa Rica are mainly addressed to the US players. However, they still take members from all over the world, the United Kingdom included. If you love betting on US sports you will be catered with high odds, a US betting interface, and many extra wagering options, like teasers, pleasers, if bets and parlays.

Curacao Sportsbooks

Bettors who fancy a more broadened betting activity may look at Curacao betting sites. The Curacao eGaming authority regulates the latter. Those sites come with a more relaxed approach to the KYC procedure, no taxes on winnings and offer the chance to bet internationally.

Benefits of betting on offshore bookmakers in the UK

If you are after the fun part of betting, specific conditions should be met, and the non Gamstop betting sites can give the players what they need. Many offshore betting sites satisfy the punters’ demands about extra alternative betting types, a more relaxed verification process and high odds, among other intriguing features.

Alternative betting types
The great thing about betting with offshore bookmakers is that players will discover new types of betting, like parlays, teasers, pleasers, if bets and futures. If you combine the above with many available markets, the betting experience becomes even more enjoyable.

Cards and crypto payments
UK players haven’t had the chance to use credit cards to top up betting accounts for a while now due to the ban the UKGC has set. As for cryptocurrencies, they are not officially restricted, but no UK operators have ever offered them.

Pro punters are welcome
This players’ category has been left aside because of the limits and restrictions set by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. The offshore betting sites welcome the high rollers, and the latter has the chance to deposit, place bets and win big.

Lenient KYC
If credit checks, requests for extra documentation and video calls or selfies have made you feel tired, it’s time to rejoice. Forget all the above since sending your ID card, passport or driving license, along with a utility bill, will be enough to complete the verification process. Moreover, choose to register with a Crypto-only sportsbook, or if you are a casino enthusiast, with slot sites not on Gamstop. You probably won’t have to undergo a KYC since the transactions are anonymous, meaning the money will be transferred directly to your crypto wallet.

High odds on Football, Basketball, US sports
Another significant advantage of placing bets with the best offshore betting sites is the high odds on the most popular sports. US bookmakers will offer you a high payout on the US sports, reaching 97-98%, while unlicensed and the rest of offshore operators will come with a house edge of 3-4% on the best football and basketball leagues. Moreover, punters who love to place bets on international races can join the best offshore horse betting sites.

Not in Gamstop
The offshore operators are not under the gambling rules of the UKGC nor the UK government’s laws. This means that even the players who have excluded themselves from betting with a UK-licensed bookmaker will have the chance to learn how to get around Gamstop by using offshore operators. The Gamstop scheme does not apply in this case and the same goes for gambling blockers. The latter have included some of the offshore options into the database, but not all of them.

No tax on winnings
Win as much as you can since no taxes will be imposed on your earnings from your betting activity. Place your bets without fearing that part of your winnings will be taxed since offshore operators are outside the United Kingdom, and the UK laws don’t apply to them.

Higher bonuses/More offers
Most UK punters love to hunt big bonuses, and offshore sportsbooks give them that chance. Be prepared to get matched deposit bonuses and more offers than a UK bookie gives away, like reload bonuses, free bets, cashback, combo bets insurance, among other intriguing promotions.

Drawbacks of using an offshore betting site

Placing your bets with an offshore bookmaker isn’t all “peaches” and benefits. There are many drawbacks as well that punters should take under serious consideration. Reliability might be in question since the sites might be licensed or regulated by relaxed authorities. Moreover, players should not expect to get the best possible Customer Support, while fees might apply on the deposits and withdrawals, among other setbacks.

Trustworthiness in question
Most offshore sports betting sites are regulated by relaxed gambling authorities, like Panama, Costa Rica or Curacao, or hold no license. That gives them the chance to operate as they deem fit, and many injustices might occur against the players in terms of payments, bet settlement and how the terms and conditions will be explained or used.

Fees on payments
In many cases, even on the top offshore bookmakers for UK players, the latter will have to pay transaction fees. For example, the sportsbook will charge the punters for transactions if you choose to top up your account or withdraw through a cheque, Moneygram, or even credit cards on a US betting site.

Mediocre Customer Support
Another big problem when choosing an offshore betting site is finding it hard to reach customer support. Often, even the live chat service might not be operational, while the email responses might be extremely slow and, in many cases, troublesome in terms of the agents’ expertise.

Payments are often down
Since the payments were down, many cases have been reported where users couldn’t complete a transaction (deposit or withdrawal). That’s a problem that can often come up, and it will probably ruin the players’ betting experience.

No mobile apps
Most offshore operators don’t want to follow the new era trends, leaving the mobile betting offering aside. Don’t expect to find dedicated apps for Android and iOS services, while the mobile website can be slow and not as responsive as it should be.

Gamstop exclusion doesn’t apply
Even if you have chosen to get excluded from all the UK bookmakers through the Gamstop self-exclusion scheme, they will still be welcome on the offshore bookmakers. The same applies to those who have installed gambling blockers like BetFilter or NetNanny since these sportsbooks are not included in the applications’ database.


If you expect the offshore bookies to be licensed by the UKGC, then no, we can’t say that they are legal in that way. Nonetheless, British players will find a handful of offshore sports betting sites accepting the British punters, and that means that the latter can register a new account and place bets.

Placing your wagers with Offshore bookies can be safe as soon as you choose the most reliable out of those. To find out, though, which of them are trustworthy, you will have to read what the betting community has to say about the bookmaker that you are interested in creating your new account with and the reviews of the betting experts.