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About me

Greetings! I am David, the resident casino guy for nongamstopbetsites.com. You say I am quite the geek, as I have been playing all types of video & tabletop games from a young age.

I enjoy a wide variety of game types, ranging from fantasy ones like World of Warcraft, Dota, Diablo, Baldur’s Gate and Age of Empires to competitive shooters like Counter-Strike and Overwatch.

As for board games, I have played a wide variety of classic titles and RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons (duh). But my favourite gaming hobby by far is Warhammer 40k. I field over 5 full armies and regularly partake in my local club tournaments.

As for gambling, I started after a few sessions of poker with friends, which escalated to full-blown casino nights. Online casinos were the natural step after this, as the convenience is unparalleled, and the benefits with bonuses and offers are too good to ignore.

I hold an account in pretty much every online casino that I can sign up with and I have read thousands of lists with t&c’s for promotions. And while you can not directly compare normal games with casino ones, the RNG mechanic behind them excites me the same.

I enjoy sharing my findings and opinions with you here at nongamstopbetsites.com and I hope that my articles will enhance your casino sessions (and bankroll)!

Education and Professional Career

After high school, I went on to get an accounting degree. While a student, I worked a plethora of jobs to sustain myself, like catering, stockpiling warehouses and cashier. So you could say that I have seen what goes on in different industries.

Nowadays, I am a part-time accountant at a local law firm and a writer/reviewer for nongamstopbetsites.com.  

Why Did I Choose to Work in Gambling

I always blogged about my gaming interests, reviewing new releases or the new updates for Warhammer. After getting a taste of slots, I incorporated them into the blog as well. That’s how I came in contact with the rest of the team of nongamstopbetsites.com

Being able to work directly for something I am so passionate about is simply amazing. I did not directly choose to work in gambling, so to speak, but now that I started, I don’t think I am ever going to stop.

Areas of Expertise

With so many accounts created, Bonuses claimed, KYC verifications passed and money wagered, I can pretty much feel the vibe of a new casino right away. I know it’s weird, but I enjoy scrutinising the terms of a new operator in order to find out any unfair rules. And this can only be a net benefit to you dear reader.

Latest Articles


What is your Favourite Sport?

From all the nerd stuff mentioned above, you won’t expect what’s coming. But yes, I enjoy playing rugby. However, when I am in front of my TV, I like watching football.

What about Casino Games?

The first slot I ever played was Gonzo’s Quest, so I will always have a soft spot for Netent games. In general, slots are my jam.

What is your opinion on UKGC Regulations?

Their actions made many of my favourite brands leave the UK market. I understand they try to protect vulnerable individuals, but they end up doing more harm than good. In any case. That's how I found the benefits of offshore brands.

What are your thoughts on UK Gambling Industry?

A powerhouse for sure. But if the UKGC keeps going this way, it will slowly rot.

What do you Think Gambling is Going to be like in the Future?

Gamification, gamification, gamification. Online casinos will keep growing, and the victors will be those who can offer personalised experiences and rewards.

What Advice do you have for British Punters?

I know that it might seem risky at first, but offshore casinos offer a product that can not be found anymore in pure UK brands. Give them a chance.