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Hello there! My name is Gordon Bennett, and I am from Lincoln. I mainly deal with sports betting topics here at nongamstopbetsites.com.

My first contact with sports was at a young age. My father, an avid Lincoln City F.C. fan, used to take me to the pitch regularly in weekend home matches. The whole atmosphere & vibe with the rest of the ‘Imps’ was amazing, and it's still one of my most cherished childhood memories.

Growing up, I kept up with sports both as a player (amateur, of course) & a fan. And while I much enjoy playing football with the lads, as a viewer, I prefer tennis. But in general, I try to keep up with as many disciplines as possible since each one of them has something different to offer.

Gambling came a bit later in my life once I had achieved financial independence and could spare a few extra pounds every week. But once I started, I never stopped wagering on all kinds of bookies. The extra enjoyment & passion you get from it can not be replicated.

To be sincere with you, I never expected to be writing about sportsbooks & betting. But here we are! I try to be as meticulous as I can be in my research to support nongamstopbetsites.com becoming the pillar for UK players seeking independent bookmakers.

I hope you enjoy our content and that the information provided helps you most fruitfully!

Education and Professional Career

After finishing high school, I enrolled in Lincoln’s University Chemistry & Physics Department for a BSc in Physics. I always enjoyed math and physics in school, so I thought that this was the correct first step since I had not figured out an exact career path.

I managed to finish the program in the expected time frame, but by then, I was not interested in continuing with a Master's. To be honest with you, I didn’t fancy academia that much.

And perhaps due to the fact that I had lived in my hometown for so many years, I had a growing wanderlust feeling inside me. Long story short, I moved to Malta as a customer support agent for a large iGaming company.

To some of you, it might seem like a bold move but trust me, that island is full of expats with the same thought process as me, heh.

Unexpectedly, the gambling industry grew on me. I worked in the wider business for several brands in different roles like CRM and Product, so you could say that I am pretty opinionated on the whole bookmakers' subject.

Why Did I Choose to Work in Gambling?

In short, I started in the industry by pure chance, it was not a planned career move. But I stayed because most companies are generally more open-minded in their processes & procedures compared to traditional industries.

This innovative and disruptive environment inspires me to apply myself in the best way possible and be productive. And also, I thought, since sports betting is my favourite hobby, why not upgrade it to a full-time job? So far, this choice seems to be working out perfectly.

At the moment, I play a key role in the nongamstopbetsites.com team. We are a small team, completely different from the large workgroups I was used to. But we get along well and have a common goal. I am also able to do things my way without compromises, and this is something I will not change for anything.

Areas of Expertise

Having been on both sides, I know very well what both players and bookies want. And as a UK resident myself, I fully understand the hardships that locals face due to the UKGC’s iron-fist regulatory directions.

With my industry knowledge and betting experience, I can separate reliable brands from scammy ones and detect the pros & cons of each bookie. I am sure that reading my articles will be a net benefit for our readers.

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What is your Favourite Sport?

As a player, 5 a side football. As a TV viewer, tennis. However, I believe that nothing beats being on a fully-packed football pitch and shouting chants.

What about Casino Games?

I only play online casino games since I don't much like brick-and-mortar casino establishments. My go-to game is live roulette tables.

What is your opinion on UKGC Regulations?

What started as a reliable safety net for the wider industry became a bureaucratic nightmare. It is no wonder the legal teams of gambling companies are working overtime almost every day.

What are your thoughts on UK Gambling Industry?

Even with all of its problems, it’s one of the most potent ones and will continue to be one for many years to come. However, clever bettors will slowly find their way to offshore brands.

What do you Think Gambling is Going to be like in the Future?

Online gambling will keep growing and reduce betting shops to a minimal percentage. Tools like AI and cryptocurrencies will make gambling sites as efficient as ever, with non-restricted payments and a personalised gamification experience.

What Advice do you have for British Punters?

Whatever the UKGC does, you have other options. Do not let them dictate your gaming sessions. Offshore bookies offer complete freedom. However, this also means that you must be more responsible than ever.