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Esports Betting Not on Gamstop

Are you a UK punter passionate about esports and wondered if you could bet without limitations on a platform where restrictions don’t hinder your play? Esports betting has witnessed a phenomenal surge, becoming a favourite among bettors for its instant betting options, live action, enticing promos, higher odds, and a plethora of markets and features.

Recent statistics reveal a significant increase in stakes and turnover in Esports betting last year, highlighting its growing appeal. Esports betting sites not on Gamstop are at the forefront, offering diverse markets like outrights, map winners, and total rounds. These platforms garner massive support from UK bettors, especially for popular esports teams, further fueling the industry’s growth.

These platforms present an array of benefits. They provide a sanctuary for UK punters facing restrictions, offering anonymity in transactions, the convenience of credit card payments and lenient KYC processes. These features collectively create an environment where the thrill of betting meets the ease of access.

This article delves into the world of esports sites that are not a part of the Gamstop scheme. We explore these sites’ varied markets, weigh their pros and cons, and uncover the bonuses that set them apart. Prepare to dive into an informative guide.

Top-performing Esports Betting Sites Not on Gamstop

Exploring the world of esports bookmakers unveils a thrilling array of options for avid British punters. These platforms, unbound by UK regulations, offer an expansive and exciting betting landscape. They cater to those seeking diversity in betting markets alongside convenient payment methods and enticing bonuses. Make sure to check the following sites below:

Reasons to Join
ribbon-with-numbering #1
40+ Sports
Dedicated Sports Bonus
Horse & Greyhound Betting
120% up to €600
ribbon-with-numbering #2
Not Bound By Gamstop
Credit Card Payments
Easy KYC Process
100% Bonus up to €500
ribbon-with-numbering #3
Not In The Gamstop Scheme
Visa And Mastercard Accepted
Cryptocurrency Payments
100% Bonus up to €500
ribbon-with-numbering #4
Non Gamstop Brand
Credit Card Deposits
Crypto Accepted
450% Bonus up to €7,500
ribbon-with-numbering #5
Not Registered On Gamstop
Accepts Credit Cards
Competitive Odds
100% Bonus up to €500
ribbon-with-numbering #6
30+ Sports
Dedicated Sports Bonus
Horse & Greyhound Betting
150% Bonus up to €1,000
ribbon-with-numbering #7
Non Gamstop Operator
Credit Card Transactions
Crypto Accepted
600% Bonus up to €9,500
ribbon-with-numbering #8
Bonus Up To €1,000
40,000+ Events Monthly
Cash Out Feature
150% Bonus up to €1,000
ribbon-with-numbering #9
15+ Sports
100,000+ Events Monthly
E-Wallet Withdrawals
400% up to €2,500
ribbon-with-numbering #10
Bonus Up To £450
3,000+ Daily Events
Bet Builder Feature
225% up to £450
ribbon-with-numbering #11
Unrestricted By Gamstop
Credit Cards Allowed
Very Few Documents For KYC
Freebet up to €100
ribbon-with-numbering #12
Non-Gamstop Bookmaker
Credit Cards Accepted
Simple KYC Process
Freebet up to €100
ribbon-with-numbering #13
35+ Sports
High Premier League Odds
Horse & Greyhound Betting
950% up to €6,000 + 175FS
ribbon-with-numbering #14
Bookie Not On Gamstop
VISA & Mastercard Credit Cards
Fast & Easy KYC Process
Freebet up to €100
ribbon-with-numbering #15
Not On Gamstop
Credit Cards & Crypto
24/7 Customer Support
50% Bonus up to €100
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Essential Criteria for Benchmarking Non-UK Esports Bookmakers

Several factors come into play when evaluating esports bookies not blocked by Gamstop. It’s critical to consider the range of popular esports titles offered, market variety, the quality of live betting, and the attractiveness of esports-dedicated bonuses.

✔️Popular Esports Titles

Leading non-Gamstop Esports sites should encompass the most popular games, such as Dota 2 and League of Legends, catering to various betting styles like match betting, tournament betting, and in-play options. This diversity ensures British punters have access to their preferred games and betting types.

✔️Variety of E-sport Markets

An extensive array of betting markets is paramount for top esports bookies. This includes popular options like predicting the map winner, number of rounds, and handicap bets. The depth and range of these markets for each type of betting reflect the site’s dedication to suiting diverse preferences and strategies.

✔️Live Betting Action

It’s common sense that factors like average payout (90-92%), the variety of markets (10+), bet acceptance speed (2-3 seconds), and user experience play crucial roles in live betting. The best esports platforms excel in these areas, providing an exhilarating live betting atmosphere.

✔️Multiple Features Available

Additional features like live stats, cashout options, live streaming, and bet builders are essential for a comprehensive betting platform. These features enrich the betting experience and provide bettors with tools for better decision-making.

✔️Esports-dedicated bonuses

Esports-dedicated bonuses, including welcome bonuses, enhanced odds, cashbacks, and free bets, are key attractions. Examining UK bookies’ promos and their UK-related terms is essential to understand the value offered. Usually, they come with high wagering requirements, meaning you must roll over the funds before making a withdrawal request.

✔️Credit Card Payments

Credit card payments and e-wallets preferred by UK punters are critical for convenience and accessibility in esports betting websites. The availability of these popular payment methods not only guarantees ease of transactions but also adds a layer of trust and reliability to the platform, making it more appealing to British punters.

Which Are the 5 Most Popular Esports Not on Gamstop Games

Certain games stand out in the dynamic realm of Esports online betting not on Gamstop, drawing immense interest. These games, identified through research and bookmaker revenues, captivate bettors with their competitive nature.

From intense gameplay to massive tournaments, they offer varied betting opportunities. Here, we explore the five most popular games, delving into their player bases, significant contests, betting revenues, and unique aspects.

🎮League of Legends

League of Legends reigns supreme in the esports betting scene. Its massive player base and iconic global tournaments like the World Championship contribute to its popularity. According to our research, betting statistics show more than $1.5 million in revenues are attributed to LoL, with specific markets such as match winners and tournament outcomes being top-rated. The payout usually sits between 92-94%.

🎮Dota 2

Dota 2 is another heavyweight in the esports betting landscape. Known for its strategic depth and a solid player base, the game’s premier event, The International, garners widespread betting interest. Revenues from Dota 2 are substantial, exceeding $4 million, with markets focusing on tournament winners and individual match outcomes. The payout is between 91-93%.

🎮CS:GO 2

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a cornerstone of Esports betting. Its enduring popularity, driven by a dedicated player base and high-profile tournaments like the Majors, translates into significant betting revenue – over $2.5 million based on our research.

CS:GO’s diverse betting markets, including map winners and total rounds, contribute to its appeal. The payout depends on a specific platform but usually ranges between 91-93%.


Overwatch stands out for its unique gameplay and vibrant esports scene, headlined by the Overwatch League. The game’s popularity in betting circles is evident from the revenue generated -over $3 million, according to our stats- with bets often placed on league outcomes and specific match events. If we take into account the payout, it is 92-94%.


Valorant, a relative newcomer, has quickly cemented its place among top Esports betting games. Its growing player base and prestigious tournaments, like the Valorant Champions Tour, have captured bettors’ attention. Betting revenue up to $2.25 million reflects its popularity, focusing on markets like match winners and tournament champions. The payout is 90-93% for the game.

Non-UK Esports: Leading Markets for Each Game

In the world of non-UK Esports betting, each game offers distinct markets that attract punters with unique challenges and opportunities. This Esports not on Gamstop betting guide delves into the top 5 games, highlighting the leading betting markets for each and exploring the range of payouts UK bookies offer.

🕹️League of Legends


Match Winner

In this market, bettors predict the winner of a specific match, with UK bookies offering competitive odds reflecting team strengths and recent performances. For instance, if Fnatic is playing against JD Gaming, you might expect the former to win the match. The payout here is 93-95%.

Total Kills

This market focuses on the total number of kills in a game, appealing to bettors who understand team dynamics and offensive strategies. You may want to predict the result between Dplus KIA and TSM. The payout here is 90-92%.

Map Handicaps

Map handicaps level the playing field by giving an advantage or disadvantage to a team, offering a twist to traditional betting. To illustrate, if NRG is against Evil Geniuses, you may consider the bet on map handicaps and the payout will be 91-93%.


Outright bets involve predicting tournament winners or league champions, often featuring higher payouts due to the long-term nature of the bet. For instance, JD Gaming will likely win a particular tournament. Outrights payout usually starts at 92%.

🕹️Dota 2


Outright Winner

Like League of Legends, bettors wager on the overall winner of a tournament, a market with potentially high returns. For instance, if Azure Ray plays against Bleed Esports, you might pick the latter as the winner. The payout here is 90-92%.

Map Total Kills

It focuses on the total kills on a specific map, requiring bettors to assess team strategies and map-specific dynamics. For illustration, you might consider total kills if there is a match between Team Liquid and Supernova. The payout here ranges between 90-92%.

First Roshan Kill

Bettors predict which team will kill Roshan first, a unique aspect of Dota 2 betting that requires in-depth game knowledge. If Team SMG plays against Team Spirit, you might pick the former to get the first Roshan kill. The payout here is 91-93%.

Team to Reach Final

This market involves betting on which team will make it to the tournament finals, combining long-term strategy with knowledge of team form. If 9Pandas will reach the final, consider that option. The payout stands at 92%.



Map Winner

Bettors predict the winner of a particular map, with odds influenced by team performance on specific maps. If there is a match between Astralis and HEROIC, you might choose a winner by the map. The payout here is 92-94%.

Total Rounds Over/Under

This market is based on predicting whether the total number of rounds will be over or under a specified figure. If Fnatic plays against MOUZ, take into account the total rounds number. The payout here will be 91-93%.

Pistol Round Winner

Betting on which team will win the initial pistol round is a famous market due to its unpredictability and excitement. For instance, if Gambit Esports play against Team Vitality, picking the Pistol Round Winner can be a reasonable idea. The payout here will be 89-91%.

First Kill

The market focuses on which team will secure the first kill, appealing to those with knowledge of teams’ opening strategies. It is considered a fast market, and the payout is 90-92%.



Stage Winner

Bettors predict the winner of a specific stage in a tournament, requiring knowledge of teams’ performance across different stages. To illustrate, if Dallas Fuel faces Boston Uprising, the payout here will be 91-93%.

Correct Map Score

This market involves predicting the exact score on a map. It is a challenging but potentially lucrative option. If Los Angeles Gladiators take on London Spitfire, you might pick the correct map score, and the payout will be 92-94%.

First Point

It is a betting market on which team will capture the first point. It requires an understanding of teams’ early-game strategies. Consider this selection if there is a match between Houston Outlaws and Los Angeles Valiant; the payout here will be 91-93%.

Number of Team Kills

The market focuses on the total number of kills by a team. It is appealing to those with insight into teams’ offensive capabilities. Is there a match between the Seoul Dynasty and Vegas Eternal? Then, pick this market; the payout will be 90-92%.



Player Performance

Betting on player performance markets involves placing wagers on specific outcomes related to an individual player’s actions in a game. The following option requires knowledge of players’ skills and roles. If Gentle Mates and Ascend are playing, choose individual performance, and the payout will be 91-93%.

Total Maps Over/Under

In this market, you should predict whether the total number of maps played will be over or under a specified line, provided by the bookmaker. It is for those who understand teams’ endurance and map preferences. Are Mouz playing against Fokus? The total maps option will have a payout of 90-92%.

Correct Score

Needless to say, betting on the exact score in a match is a popular option. This market requires a deep understanding of teams’ competitive form. If 100 Thieves compete against Sentinels, the payout for the correct score will be 89-91%.

First Blood

The first blood market involves predicting which team will achieve the first kill. It is a popular market because a lot of punters are excited to get the result instantly. For example, if Cloud9 and Mid Phase play, the market will come with a 90-92% payout.

Top 5 Tips for the Esports Betting

Esports betting requires more than just luck; it demands strategy and insight. We present five essential esports betting tips to assist punters in enhancing their profitability and enjoyment. These guidelines delve into various aspects of esports, from understanding balance changes to analyzing game-specific updates. By incorporating these strategies, you can make more informed decisions.

📝Follow Roster Changes

Roster changes and player substitutions can significantly impact a team’s performance. Staying updated with such changes is crucial as they often signal strategy shifts.

A new player can either bolster a team’s strength or introduce uncertainty. Monitoring these changes, especially before significant tournaments, can provide insights into potential outcomes.

📝Bet on Map/Objective Progress

In games with specific objectives like capturing points or pushing payloads, betting on the progress of these objectives can be a strategic choice. These bets require understanding each team’s approach to map goals and their proficiency in executing strategies.

You should assess how teams perform under different map conditions and their ability to meet objectives efficiently, which can vary significantly between matches.

📝Watch for Patch and Balance Changes

Esports games often undergo patches and balance changes, affecting gameplay, strategies, and the viability of certain characters or tactics. Keeping abreast of these updates is vital, as they can dramatically alter the competitive landscape.

📝Look for Cross-Game Comparisons

Betting markets that involve cross-game comparisons require an in-depth understanding of different Esports and how teams or players perform across them. This approach is beneficial when teams or players participate in multiple games. Analyzing their performance trends, strengths, and weaknesses in different gaming environments can provide valuable insights.

📝Analyze Off-Meta Picks

In games with hero or champion selections, paying attention to off-meta or unconventional picks can be a game-changer. These picks, often unexpected, can catch opponents off-guard and lead to surprising outcomes.

You should understand the potential impact of these unconventional choices. Keeping an eye on team tendencies for off-meta picks and their success rate can offer unique betting opportunities.

Exploring Esports Betting Sites Not on Gamstop

Delving into Esports sites unblocked by Gamstop reveals a world rich in diverse gaming titles, varied betting markets, and strategic betting tips. From understanding the significance of roster changes to analyzing off-meta picks, you gain a comprehensive view of the Esports betting landscape. Below, we will explore the pros and cons of these non-Gamstop sites.

Gamstop-Free Esports Betting: The Key Advantages

Non-UK esports bets come with distinct advantages. These sites cater to bettors looking for alternatives to the traditional UK betting scene, offering unique benefits. We’ll explore the critical perks of these platforms.

✅Exclusion from the Gamstop Program

One of the primary benefits of non-UK Esports betting sites is their exclusion from the Gamstop program. This allows bettors restricted in the UK to continue enjoying betting activities without being bound by the limitations and self-exclusion policies that Gamstop imposes.

✅High Betting Odds

Non-UK Esports betting sites often feature higher betting odds than their UK counterparts. This aspect particularly appeals to players seeking more lucrative returns on their wagers, as it can significantly enhance the potential winnings.

✅Credit Card and Crypto Transactions

These platforms stand out for flexible transaction options, including credit card and cryptocurrency payments. The convenience is attractive to a broader audience, allowing British users to choose the most convenient and suitable payment method.

✅Requires Zero Verification

Another advantage of esports betting sites is the minimal or zero verification requirement for users. This feature streamlines the registration and betting process, making it quicker and more accessible, especially for those who prefer a more straightforward approach to online betting.

Pitfalls of Esports Betting Outside Gamstop

While Esports bookmakers not on Gamstop offer numerous benefits, it’s crucial to consider the potential drawbacks. These pitfalls can impact the overall betting experience, and awareness of them is vital for UK players. This section highlights some of the challenges someone may encounter.

❌Sub-par Customer Support

One noticeable downside of some non-Gamstop Esports platforms is the subpar customer support. You may encounter delayed responses, limited communication channels, or less knowledgeable support staff. This can be frustrating, especially when dealing with urgent issues or queries.

❌Excessive Wagering Conditions for Bonuses

Another drawback is the excessive wagering conditions attached to bonuses on these sites. While the bonuses can be attractive, the high wagering requirements can make it challenging to benefit from them. You may have to bet a significant amount before withdrawing any winnings from bonus funds.

❌Occasional Technical Problems

Lastly, occasional technical problems are not uncommon on esports bet sites. Issues like slow website performance, glitches during live betting, or difficulties with payment processing can hinder the betting experience.

Non-UK Esports Betting Alternative Options

Are you looking for additional alternatives? Make sure to check the following non-Gamstop Esports sites below. All of them are secure and safe for British players.


Which are the top Esports betting tips for UK players?

For UK players, top Esports betting strategies include focusing on popular markets such as match winner, total kills, and map handicaps. Understanding game dynamics, team form, and player performances is crucial. In League of Legends, consider the impact of patch changes, while in CS: GO, analyze map preferences. Betting on objective progress in Overwatch and off-meta picks in Dota 2 can also offer benefits.

Which are the top Esports betting sites excluding Gamstop?

Top Esports betting sites excluding Gamstop, include Goldenbet, Anonym Bet, and Fortune Clock. These platforms are renowned for their extensive range of Esports markets, competitive odds, and user-friendly interfaces. They cater to a broad audience with diverse preferences in Esports betting. These sites are popular choices among UK bettors seeking alternative betting sites.

Where can I find the best Esports betting odds beyond Gamstop?

To find the best Esports betting odds beyond Gamstop, comparing odds across different bookies is advisable. Each platform offers varying odds in markets, including map winner, total rounds, and player performance. Regularly checking these sites can help identify the most favorable odds for esports events. Usually, the odds sit between 90-93%.

Is the Esports outright betting market profitable for British punters?

The esports outright betting market can be profitable for British punters, especially those knowledgeable about the games and teams. As you predict the start, you will get significantly higher odds due to their long-term nature. These bets require understanding team form, player dynamics, and tournament structures.