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Amigo Wins Sportsbook Review
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Amigo Wins Sportsbook Review

Established in early 2022, Amigo Wins Sportsbook is a highly reputable Non Gamstop site that accepts bettors from the UK. Managed by Cerberlot, N.V., it is no surprise that Amigo Wins has continued to make waves. Particularly for UK bettors on self-exclusion, this Sportsbook is one of the best sports betting not on Gamstop sites that serves as a decent alternative. The site is flexible and has minimal restrictions.

Amigo Wins Sportsbook features 40 popular events such as handball, tennis, futsal, football, darts, basketball, handball and many more. UK bettors will find many football betting options, from the English Premier League to other niche options like country-specific championships.

There is no sportsbook bonus at the moment. However, there is a special reward for multiple bets. In this Amigo Wins review, we present factual details about this Non Gamstop betting site to see whether or not it is worth a try.

Is Amigo Wins Sportsbook scam or legit?

Is Amigo Wins legit? So far, the answer is yes. Amigo Wins Sportsbook, since its release, has continued to raise many questions, especially for first-time bettors. Indeed, this is expected since it is an independent online bookmaker.

After extensively reviewing the site, we have gathered enough evidence to support the claim that this sportsbook is legit. Beginning with the security system, the site uses state-of-the-art 128-bit SSL encryption. Hence, all your personal KYC information revealed to the site is safe from third-party access.

Another feature that supports the credibility that it has an exclusion scheme and promotes responsible gaming. Bettors who wish to take a break from gambling can contact the customer support team using the available channels. The site is also strict regarding age verification, and as a measure, all the required KYC documents must be provided before any withdrawal is approved.

Amigo Wins Sports Bonuses and Promotions

Amigo Wins sports bonus is currently unavailable. For new bettors looking to stake for the first time, the sportsbook does not have a dedicated welcome bonus. Instead, punters can make do with the multi-bet bonus that offers different percentage payouts depending on the number of betting events added to the slip.

How does the sports bonus work

In this Amigo Wins review, we discovered that the bookie does not offer any sportsbook bonus. Once your account is ready, fund it and start playing. There are no extras on your deposit.

However, depending on the betting option you choose to play, you can enjoy up to 100% multi-bet bonus and up to 55% multi-bet cashback. All you need to do for the multi-bet bonus is add as many events as possible on your first-ever bet slip, and you get a bonus from 1 to 100%, depending on the number of events.

Likewise, for the cashback bonus, the process is the same except that the reward is different; in this case, the maximum is 55% on 20+ events. Indeed, this is something to spice up your gaming experience.

Amigo Wins Bonus Codes & Offers

Whether your interest is in the multi-bet bonus or the cashback offer, it is interesting that you don’t even need an Amigo Wins bonus code to activate the offer. The most important thing is to play by the rules that differentiate each bonus. For example, the multi-bet bonus is a one-off deal only applicable on the first bet. However, the multi-bet cashback bonus is always available. All you need to do is add more events to increase the bonus percentage, as stated on the site.

Meanwhile, for casino and eSports enthusiasts, there are many exciting bonuses and promotions to enjoy.

Which are the strengths of Amigo Wins

For UK bettors, the primary reason to consider Amigo Wins bookmaker is that it is a Non Gamstop sportsbook. This distinct feature paves the way for many other benefits, which include the following:

  • Flexible KYC verification: It is easy to complete the verification process. First, this does not come during registration which makes it fast. However, during withdrawals, bettors must provide the relevant KYC documents.
  • No Gamstop restrictions: Because the bookmaker is a Non Gamstop site, it does not offer the same limits as a standard Gamstop bookie. Instead, bettors enjoy much flexibility, which is why it is the top option for many.
  • Appealing website design: The design of Amigo Wins is simple, colourful and attractive. The site allows players to navigate easily from one event to the other. For bettors new to the site, this feature can be beneficial.
  • Secure payment options: This bookmaker integrates many popular payment options like Mastercard, Binance pay and Visa. These are top-tier banking options that are secure and convenient to use.
  • Optimized for mobile gaming: You can always carry the fun everywhere because Amigo Wins bookmaker is optimized for mobile devices. Bettors can easily access the website from Android and iOS devices without downloading any app.

Which are Amigo Wins weaknesses

  • Amigo Wins non-UK bookmaker, is not without its flaws. For an independent online bookmaker with no reputable license, there are red flags regarding the legitimacy and safety of the site. Below are some obvious weaknesses that you might encounter:
  • Limited banking options: There are available only three major banking options. Mastercard, Visa and Cryptocurrency. E-wallets like Skrill, Trustly and Neteller are not available. So, verify the available banking options based on your location before signing up.
  • Limited Sportsbook bonus: There is no outright sportsbook welcome bonus on Amigo Wins non-UK bookmaker. The only bonus is available on multi-bets which is not good enough. So, if you are particular about bonuses, you might want to reconsider.
  • No credible license: If you are running away from Gamstop exclusions in UK-licensed casinos, this is a good hideout. However, independent online bookmakers like this one can pose a considerable risk. Play with caution until you are sure about the site.
  • Limited currency options: It is disappointing that they do not allow transactions in GBP for a site that is particular about UK bettors. The default currency is Euros, although bettors can also use Russian Rubies.

What are the betting markets provided by Amigo Wins

The homepage gives a detailed overview of the site and all the betting markets it covers. At a glance, bettors can see the list of pre-match and live games currently available on the site. There are about 40 pre-match events that include table tennis, boxing, football, water polo, basketball, snooker, volleyball, handball and cricket. Clicking on any of these events further reveals different betting options. Football which is very popular among UK bettors, is a top choice at Amigo Wins betting. It provides over 1000+ betting options scattered across different leagues and tournaments.

Bettors can take advantage of the betting features like bet builder, calculator, live tv, live info, cash out, multi-bet and accumulator. Each of these features is designed to make your gambling experience worthwhile.

Are the odds at Amigo Wins competitive?

Having reviewed the odds for different events in Amigo Wins Sportsbook, it is clear that the odds are comparatively competitive. With the odds calculator on the site, bettors can calculate potential wins for a set of games on a fixed amount. Meanwhile, in terms of payout, football, basketball, and tennis offer the highest payout percentage, usually around 95%.

Features & Live Betting section of Amigo Wins

A remarkable feature that makes this bookie stand out is the live tv that allows registered bettors to stream live events. This, along with the live info tool, is crucial for bettors interested in live betting, another offering available on the site. Bettors can also enjoy the cashout option and the numerous benefits of adding multiple bets to a single slip.

How to sign up for Amigo Wins

Amigo Wins login is a straightforward process for existing members. However, if you are new to the site, the first step is to create an account. The signup process can be done by filling out the forms manually or by using social media options like Google and Twitter. In filing the forms, the bettor provides a valid email and chooses a strong password. Other relevant details include address, full name, date of birth and country of residence. A verification email is sent, and the bettor uses the link to authenticate the account. After completing this step, your account will be ready.

How to Deposit and Withdraw from Amigo Wins

Everything about deposits and withdrawals takes place in the site’s cashier section. To deposit, select from the available options, enter the amount and send. Amigo Wins Sportsbook is a credit card betting site that supports using MasterCard and Visa. In addition, bettors that fancy crypto can also use Binance Pay which supports currencies like Bitcoin and Teether.

Amigo Wins withdrawal is fast and reliable. The default currency is Euro. The withdrawal limits are as expected. €2000 is the daily limit. €10,000 and €40,000 is the weekly and monthly withdrawal limit respectively.

How to complete the verification process

Amigo Wins Sportsbook saves the verification process for a later stage to keep the registration process easy and fast. Unlike in Gamstop sites, where the KYC documents must be provided and verified before the account is approved, Amigo Wins starts verification only when a withdrawal is initiated.

The KYC documents include a utility bill and a passport or valid government-issued ID photograph. These documents cover details about the bettor’s age, identity and location. Additional credit card or crypto wallet details are required to complete the process. The downtime is usually within 36 hours. This could be less or more, depending on the circumstance surrounding the withdrawal process.

How do I contact Amigo Wins customer service?

Bettors can quickly contact Amigo wins customer service via any available channel. The most accessible approach is reading the FAQ section to get acquainted with the basics. Amigo Wins live chat is the best option for pressing queries. The live chat is fast but not available around the clock. Other channels include email ( and telephone.

How to bypass Gamstop with Amigo Wins

Bypassing Gamstop sites is a growing trend among UK bettors, and it offers a fantastic alternative. As an independent online bookmaker,  it automatically qualifies to receive bettors that are looking for how to get around Gamstop. The reason is not limited to self-exclusion alone. It could be to enjoy gambling at a site that offers many flexible betting options. While this is a good thing, there are also many questions about the credibility of Non Gamstop sites. In this case, is Amigo Wins safe? So far, we have no reason to doubt their credibility. However, we advise that you play with caution.

Is Amigo Wins the right choice?

You are probably thinking, is this the right choice? Without any doubt, it is the right call if you want to try a new adventure in a Non Gamstop sportsbook. In our Amigo Wins review, we have extensively covered all the benefits and possible weaknesses of the site. Other than that, everything looks good.

Other Sportsbook Alternatives to Amigo Wins?

It doesn’t have to be Amigo Wins. Our review is to help you make the best decision based on the available information. So, if this is not convincing enough, you can explore other sportsbook alternatives.