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Greyhound Racing Not on Gamstop

Are you interested in betting on Greyhound racing, a popular option among UK punters? Dog racing offers plenty of excitement and a wide range of markets and features. Between April 2021 and March 2022, the annual turnover of Hound betting in the UK was around £740 million, further demonstrating its popularity.

If you’re looking for Greyhound betting sites, not on Gamstop, you are in the right place to explore markets like each-way and race winner, as well as some of the popular events like the English Derby and Scottish Derby.

Races betting outside UKGC restrictions has numerous advantages, as it provides more freedom for UK punters by keeping their transactions anonymous and not bothering them with complex KYC procedures.

This informative guide will delve deep into the world of canine racing betting sites unblocked by Gamstop. We will thoroughly explore the wide range of markets offered by these sites, their advantages and pitfalls, and see what bonuses they include. So let’s get going.

Top-Tier Greyhound Betting Sites Not on Gamstop

In the world of Dog racing stakes, there’s a diverse and vibrant landscape beyond the constraints of the Gamstop scheme. As you may have guessed, there’s no shortage of these sites. Luckily for you, we have already explored the best ones.

Reasons to Join
ribbon-with-numbering #1
40+ Sports
Dedicated Sports Bonus
Horse & Greyhound Betting
120% up to €600
ribbon-with-numbering #2
Not Bound By Gamstop
Credit Card Payments
Easy KYC Process
100% Bonus up to €500
ribbon-with-numbering #3
Not In The Gamstop Scheme
Visa And Mastercard Accepted
Cryptocurrency Payments
100% Bonus up to €500
ribbon-with-numbering #4
Non Gamstop Brand
Credit Card Deposits
Crypto Accepted
450% Bonus up to €7,500
ribbon-with-numbering #5
Not Registered On Gamstop
Accepts Credit Cards
Competitive Odds
100% Bonus up to €500
ribbon-with-numbering #6
30+ Sports
Dedicated Sports Bonus
Horse & Greyhound Betting
150% Bonus up to €1,000
ribbon-with-numbering #7
Non Gamstop Operator
Credit Card Transactions
Crypto Accepted
600% Bonus up to €9,500
ribbon-with-numbering #8
Bonus Up To €1,000
40,000+ Events Monthly
Cash Out Feature
150% Bonus up to €1,000
ribbon-with-numbering #9
15+ Sports
100,000+ Events Monthly
E-Wallet Withdrawals
400% up to €2,500
ribbon-with-numbering #10
Bonus Up To £450
3,000+ Daily Events
Bet Builder Feature
225% up to £450
ribbon-with-numbering #11
Unrestricted By Gamstop
Credit Cards Allowed
Very Few Documents For KYC
Freebet up to €100
ribbon-with-numbering #12
Non-Gamstop Bookmaker
Credit Cards Accepted
Simple KYC Process
Freebet up to €100
ribbon-with-numbering #13
35+ Sports
High Premier League Odds
Horse & Greyhound Betting
950% up to €6,000 + 175FS
ribbon-with-numbering #14
Bookie Not On Gamstop
VISA & Mastercard Credit Cards
Fast & Easy KYC Process
Freebet up to €100
ribbon-with-numbering #15
Not On Gamstop
Credit Cards & Crypto
24/7 Customer Support
50% Bonus up to €100
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Inside the Ranking Process: Non-UKGC Greyhound Bookies Unveiled

As we entered the world of Greyhound bookmakers not on Gamstop our experts carefully examined every nook and cranny of their service. They paid particular attention to the following features.

✔️Variety of Venues Coverage

Top-tier bookmakers must cover prestigious events like the English Derby and Melbourne Cup or local favourites like Romford and Crayford. Covering such exciting racing events ensures a captivating experience for punters and provides more betting options, like in-play bets and Fast markets. At the same time, it illustrates the bookie’s reputation.

✔️Range of Greyhound Markets

Offering the basics was not enough to earn a spot on our list. The leading bookmakers must include at least 8 standard markets, like tricasts and forecasts and 1-2 special markets, such as head-to-head challenges. This diversity provides more freedom to punters, and having plenty of choices allows them to use different betting strategies.

✔️Live Betting Features

The most prominent canine racing bookmakers excel in live experiences and offer essential features such as live streaming, quick bets, fast markets such as Next Race Winner and In-Play Betting, bet acceptance in 2 to 3 seconds, and an intuitive user experience. These elements create an immersive environment, allowing punters to engage in real-time wagering with efficiency and excitement.

✔️Bonuses and Promos Offered

The goal of enticing promotions is to elevate the betting experience, and every bookie knows it. From Best Odds Guaranteed to free bets, cashbacks, and reload offers, they ensure that punters receive added value for their wagers. Bonuses and promos attract players and retain loyal customers, contributing to an enhanced overall betting experience.

✔️Credit Cards & Instant Banking

Recognising the preferences of UK bettors, our focus was on emphasising credit card betting sites and instant bank transfers as the preferred payment methods. Credit card deposits are usually processed instantly, so you can start betting immediately, while one-off payments boast security and anonymity and have lower fees than other payment methods. These are just some of the reasons why they are a popular means of payment among UK punters.

✔️Mobile Compatibility

You no longer have to rely on your PC and laptop to place bets. Betting on the go has become a hit among punters, which is why bookies have optimised their sites for smartphones. It doesn’t matter whether your device uses iOS or Android; all brands make sure their sites are fully compatible.

Which 8 Non-Gamstop Greyhound Betting Markets Deliver Optimal Returns?

There are more than enough markets that offer optimal returns and allow punters to make the most of Greyhound Racing Betting not on Gamstop. From predicting outright winners in the Win market to navigating the complexities of Tricast and exploring the options of Daily Double, each of these promises a distinctive experience.


The Win market is the most straightforward in greyhound racing. Punters bet on which dog will win the race. Let’s say your pick has odds of 4.00 to win. If you bet £10 and it wins, you’ll receive £30 in winnings. The average payout for Win is around 90-92%, meaning the bookie pays £95 in winnings for every £100 wagered.


The Each-Way market involves betting on a racing dog to win or get to a specific place. If it wins, you get a full payout, or a smaller one, if the canine places. If the odds for a win are 4.00 and 2.40 for the place part, for a £10 Each-Way bet, you’ll get £30 for the win and £14 for the place. The average payout for this market stands at 93%.

🐕Straight/Reverse Forecast

The Straight/Reverse Forecast market allows punters to bet on the first two greyhounds to finish in a race in a correct or in any other order. If straight and reverse odds for hounds are 11.00 and 6.00, a successful £10 Straight Forecast bet will result in £100 winnings or £50 for Reverse Forecast. An average Straight Forecast payout is 16.00. For Reverse Forecast, the average payout is 93-95%.


In the Tricast market, punters bet on the first three dogs to finish in a race in the correct order. Placing a £10 Tricast bet on three runners, with odds of 2.00, will get you £20 in winnings if they finish the race in the proper order. The average payout for the Tricast market is typically around 93%.

🐕Total Betting

The Total Betting market allows punters to bet on the total number of bets placed on a race. Let’s say the Total Betting market odds for Over 500 bets is 3.00. Setting a £10 and making the correct prediction will award £30 in winnings. The average payout for this market is usually around 94%.


The Place market involves betting which Dog will finish in the top 2, 3, or 4, depending on the bookmaker’s offering. For example, the odds To Place in the top 2 are 1.50, and you bet £10. You’ll receive £5 in winnings if any of the first two dogs finish the race. The average payout for Place stands at 94%.


The Head-to-Head market is about betting on which dog will finish first in a head-to-head race between two dogs. If the odds on the first dog are 3.00 and 3.50 on the second, a successful £10 bet on the first will earn you £20 in winnings. The average payout for this market sits at 92%.

🐕Daily Double

The Daily Double market allows punters to bet on the winners of two races, usually the first two or the first and last races of the day. If you place a £10 bet on the first dog to win Race 1 at 3.00 and the second dog to win Race 2 at 3.50, you can get £50 in winnings if both succeed in their respective races. The average payout is typically 91-93%.

What Are the Best Non-UK Greyhound Betting Events?

There’s no shortage of canine betting events throughout the year, offering many opportunities for UK punters. Regarding Non-Gamstop Greyhound Bets, here are the events you shouldn’t miss.

🎖️English Greyhound Derby

The English Derby, a pinnacle of dog racing, takes place annually at Towcester Greyhound Stadium. The main appeal of this event lies in the fierce competition that captivates both enthusiasts and bettors. According to our available information, the total betting revenue for the event last year was a staggering £28 million. The most popular markets in this event are Win and Place, typically paying 5.00 and 1.50, respectively.

🎖️Irish Greyhound Derby

The Irish Derby, hosted at Dublin’s Shelbourne Park, has been Ireland’s premier canine racing event since the early 1930s. Renowned for intense competition, it attracts fans and bettors to Ringsend. In 2022, the event’s betting revenue exceeded £21 million. Tricast and Head-to-Head are very popular markets among bettors in the Irish bookmakers not on Gamstop, paying 6.00 and 3.00, respectively.

🎖️Scottish Greyhound Derby

The Scottish Derby is an annual fixture held every spring at Shawfield Stadium in Glasgow. The race has been running since 1928 and, together with the English and the Irish Derby, makes up the UK Greyhound Racing Triple Crown.

Last year’s total betting revenue was £15 million. The most popular markets for this event include Place and Straight Forecast. The former typically pays 1.50, while the latter awards payouts at odds of 26.00.


The St. Leger is a classic UK Greyhound race held today at Perry Barr Stadium in Birmingham. The first occurred in 1928 at Wembley Stadium, moving to Wimbledon Stadium in 1999. It is prevalent among racing fans and bettors, with the latter wagering £22 million during last year’s event. Win and Reverse Forecasts are among the most popular markets and usually pay 5.00 and 11.00, respectively.

5 Greyhound Tips & Strategies for High Returns

Every bettor wants to make the most of their experience. To help you, we offer Greyhound betting tips that can make all the difference when it comes to getting high returns.

  1. Speed Figures and Ratings – Advanced speed figures and racing are vital to every Dog racing betting strategy. This information will help you better understand each dog’s performance. You can use the numbers to make better decisions and significantly improve the odds of success.
  2. Weight Adjustments – Weight has a crucial impact on a dog’s performance, and it’s easy to understand why. Heavier dogs can have an upper hand in certain conditions; the same can be said for their lighter counterparts. Understanding these circumstances and the overall dynamics of weight adjustments will provide depth to your betting strategy.
  3. Trap Handicapping – Allocating starting traps allows slower runners to start the race before their faster opponents. Knowing about the dog’s running style and ability to adapt to different race conditions can help maximise your betting experience.
  4. Jockey Analysis – Jockeys, those skilled handlers also known as trainers or drivers, also play an essential role during a race. It is vital to understand their track record and expertise in guiding dogs and recognise their impact on determining a dog’s success in a race.
  5. Track Bias – Make sure to research potential track biases at the specific venue betting on. Understanding if certain conditions swing the odds in favour of particular positions or running styles, will help you tailor your strategy, maximising the potential for successful bets based on the track’s unique characteristics.

Greyhound Bookies Outside Gamstop: A Comprehensive Overview

If you want to experience dog racing betting outside Gamstop, plenty of alternatives aren’t restricted by this scheme. These platforms offer diverse markets, catering to those seeking flexibility and unique features. In the following sections, we’ll delve into the pros and cons of Greyhound bookmakers without Gamstop, providing valuable insights for punters navigating this distinctive betting landscape.

Exploring the Unrestricted World of Non-UK Greyhound Betting

The world of non-UK Racing Dogs betting provides plenty of opportunities, as it is free from the confines of UKGC. It provides plenty of advantages, which is why it’s so appealing to punters.

  • Not part of the Gamstop scheme

Being outside the Gamstop scheme opens up a world of advantages for bettors. They can enjoy unrestricted access to various betting sites and diverse markets through independent bookmakers. Also, non-Gamstop sites offer a more comprehensive range of payment methods and soft verification processes, adding to a seamless and flexible betting experience.

  • Lavish Rewards and Promotions

Non-Gamstop Canine betting sites lure punters with lavish rewards and promotions, setting them apart in the betting landscape. From enticing welcome bonuses to ongoing offers like free bets and cashbacks, these platforms prioritise player benefits, ensuring a rewarding experience for those seeking lucrative incentives.

  • Credit Cards & Bank Transfers Payments

At non-UK betting sites, punters can use credit cards and bank transfers to place their bets on any racing event. Non UK-licensed brands don’t have to adhere to the stringent regulations in Great Britain that prohibit credit cards and allow bank transfers of up to £1,000 per day. Choosing a non-UK site provides all the freedom you want.

  • Light-touch KYC Verification

Dog racing non-Gamstop betting sites streamline the Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process, adopting a light-touch approach. This efficient verification ensures a hassle-free onboarding experience for bettors, combining the advantages of reduced bureaucracy with the thrill of unrestricted access to diverse betting opportunities.

3 Pitfalls of Greyhound Sites Not Blocked ByGamstop

Despite the benefits we’ve just mentioned, online Greyhound betting not on Gamstop has certain pitfalls. Punters must take them into consideration before choosing to place their bets on non-UK betting sites.

  • Risks and Consequences for Problem Gamblers

These betting sites can be particularly harmful to problem gamblers. They may be exposed to severe risks and consequences. Typical outcomes of such behaviour include financial issues, strained relationships, and even mental health problems. With no self-exclusion options, punters may face challenges in controlling their habits.

  • Lack of UKGC Safeguards

The absence of UKGC regulations is a notable disadvantage for punters who want to bet on non-Gamstop sites. The lack of regulatory oversight can result in poor player protection, and many expose bettors to increased risks and fraud. Also, in the case of any dispute, having no safeguards from the UK gambling watchdog means a limited course of action.

  • Mobile App Vacuum

No dedicated mobile app is a significant pitfall regarding Greyhound betting on non-Gamstop sites. The lack of a proper mobile experience can be inconvenient for punters looking to place their bets on the go. It can even discourage users from using a specific betting platform.

Alternative Options For Greyhound Betting not on Gamstop

If you’re looking for alternatives for Greyhound sites unaffected by Gamstop, plenty of reputable platforms exist to get the job done. Alternatively, you can always choose options that include other sports:

Horse racing Betting Not on Gamstop

Esports Betting Not on Gamstop

UFC Betting Not on Gamstop

Box Betting Not on Gamstop

Snooker Betting Not on Gamstop

Which are the best Greyhound betting sites not affected by Gamstop?

Plenty of Dog racing betting sites aren’t affected by Gamstop. Speaking about the best ones, we must mention brands like Golden Bet, Fortune Clock, and Anonym Bet. Punters who decide to place bets on these sites can look forward to an engaging and immersive experience.

Which is the most profitable Greyhound betting strategy for UK punters?

Although no betting strategy guarantees profit, some offer higher odds of winning. However, several strategies are successful, and these strategies can be tailored to the needs of individual punters. These include Win, Straight/Reverse Forecast, and Place.

Where can I detect the best non-UK Greyhound betting odds?

We recommend visiting Mystake Casino, Goldenbet, and Winstler Casino. to find the best non-UK canine betting odds They cover many races in the UK and Ireland and offer a wide range of hound betting markets, such as Win, Place, Forecast, and Tricast.

Which is the most lucrative live Greyhound betting market?

The most lucrative live-hound betting market is Win. It is a simple betting market; even new punters can easily understand how it works. Bettors predict which dog will win the race, and when it comes to payouts, the odds typically range from 2/1 to 10/1 but can be even higher.