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Basketball Betting Not on Gamstop

Basketball’s popularity among UK punters is undeniable, with 54% of punters betting on basketball yearly, according to the YouGov Sport research. Enthusiasts looking to take better advantage of their passion for the game will discover a wealth of options, from match results to points range and quarter bets at basketball betting sites not on Gamstop. These bookmakers cover the leagues UK bettors love, like the NBA and the Euroleague, some of which have produced local heroes like Ben Gordon and James Donaldson.

These betting sites attract bettors’ attention, and there are many reasons why. For starters, they have faster Know Your Customer procedures that see withdrawals processed within a short time frame. Their exclusion from the UKGC’s rules allows them to offer more customised and massive promotions and popular payment methods like credit cards and cryptocurrencies.

Our basketball not on gamstop betting guide discusses the intricacies of placing stakes with such independent bookies. We’ve covered the top bookmakers in this category, their benefits, and their drawbacks. Whether you’re a new or seasoned bettor, you’ll learn about the most profitable markets and the top leagues these sites cover.

List of Top Basketball Bookies Not on Gamstop

The internet crawls with basketball sites not on Gamstop, offering excellent services like extensive coverage for major tournaments and boosted odds on specific events.

We’ve reviewed and listed online bookmakers with the most impressive offerings to ensure you pick only the best platforms.

Reasons to Join
ribbon-with-numbering #1
40+ Sports
Dedicated Sports Bonus
Horse & Greyhound Betting
120% up to €600
ribbon-with-numbering #2
Not Bound By Gamstop
Credit Card Payments
Easy KYC Process
100% Bonus up to €500
ribbon-with-numbering #3
Not In The Gamstop Scheme
Visa And Mastercard Accepted
Cryptocurrency Payments
100% Bonus up to €500
ribbon-with-numbering #4
Non Gamstop Brand
Credit Card Deposits
Crypto Accepted
450% Bonus up to €7,500
ribbon-with-numbering #5
Not Registered On Gamstop
Accepts Credit Cards
Competitive Odds
100% Bonus up to €500
ribbon-with-numbering #6
30+ Sports
Dedicated Sports Bonus
Horse & Greyhound Betting
150% Bonus up to €1,000
ribbon-with-numbering #7
Non Gamstop Operator
Credit Card Transactions
Crypto Accepted
600% Bonus up to €9,500
ribbon-with-numbering #8
Bonus Up To €1,000
40,000+ Events Monthly
Cash Out Feature
150% Bonus up to €1,000
ribbon-with-numbering #9
15+ Sports
100,000+ Events Monthly
E-Wallet Withdrawals
400% up to €2,500
ribbon-with-numbering #10
Bonus Up To £450
3,000+ Daily Events
Bet Builder Feature
225% up to £450
ribbon-with-numbering #11
Unrestricted By Gamstop
Credit Cards Allowed
Very Few Documents For KYC
Freebet up to €100
ribbon-with-numbering #12
Non-Gamstop Bookmaker
Credit Cards Accepted
Simple KYC Process
Freebet up to €100
ribbon-with-numbering #13
35+ Sports
High Premier League Odds
Horse & Greyhound Betting
950% up to €6,000 + 175FS
ribbon-with-numbering #14
Bookie Not On Gamstop
VISA & Mastercard Credit Cards
Fast & Easy KYC Process
Freebet up to €100
ribbon-with-numbering #15
Not On Gamstop
Credit Cards & Crypto
24/7 Customer Support
50% Bonus up to €100
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How We Rank Non Gamstop Basketball Bookmakers

Our top picks make it to our list after undergoing thorough evaluation. We constantly review the site’s sports coverage, features, and odds, among other things. Here’s a breakdown of the most essential considerations in our selection process for basketball bookmakers not on Gamstop:

✔️ Coverage Of Top Basketball Leagues

The NBA and the NCAA League rank highest for the sport, so all bookies covering them will have many markets. However, betting options for the EuroLeague, Basketball Champions League, and FIBA EuroCup should also be available.

It’s a plus if the site covers lesser-known leagues like the National Basketball League of Canada and Spain’s Liga ACB.

✔️ Basketball-Oriented Promotions

Promotions are one of the highlights of betting online, and top bookies have various options for punters.

In addition to welcome offers, basketball not on Gamstop sites should provide sport-exclusive promotions, ranging from odd boosts on popular games to free bets for specific markets. These deals should come with reasonable conditions.

✔️ Wide Array Of Basketball Markets

The Match winner and the handicaps are the most common markets bookies offer. Regardless, we expect more diversity and look for other betting options like player specials, anteposts, and quarter/halftime bets.

Moreover, it is widely accepted that live betting draws most of the bettors’ interest. Race to X points and winning margins are what players are looking for to increase their profit.

✔️ Live Streaming Availability

Watching a game unfold offers live bettors insights into making more informed betting decisions. This makes live streaming an essential addition.

Even if this feature is absent, the platform should compensate for it with live game trackers and detailed statistics pages to keep bettors abreast of developments in the game.

✔️ Boosted Odds On Selected Matches

An independent betting site where you can place wagers on basketball gets better recommendations when they boast high odds. Our top picks usually have great odds and low margins that range from 4-5%.

Occasional odd boosts, especially on popular events like the NBA Finals and the FIBA Basketball World Cup, enhance the punter’s winnings, as the VIG decreases even to 2%.

✔️ Mobile Betting Experience

Bettors shouldn’t be limited to bet on basketball not on Gamstop events, only on a computer. Top bookies make their websites mobile-friendly, allowing them to scale and fit smaller screens.

These versions are primarily compatible with iOS and Android devices and offer the same markets, odds, and promotions as their desktop counterparts.

8 Profitable Markets For Basketball Betting Not on Gamstop

There are various basketball markets for punters, and here are the most common ones:

🏀Match Result

For the match winner, you select which of the two teams will win the game outright. One group stands as the favourite, and the other is the underdog.

The former has higher winning chances but offers lower potential payouts, while underdogs have better potential rewards but lower winning chances.

Consider a game between the Denver Nuggets (favourite) and the Los Angeles Lakers (underdog). You can simply back the odds for the Nuggets to be the winner.

🏀Totals Betting

Placing bets on the total market means punting on the game’s overall score. The betting platform offers a specific number, and you aim to predict if the number of points scored is over or under that number.

Using the game between the Nuggets and Lakers as an example, a bookie might offer points 225.5. Bet on over,” and you win if the total points at the end are over 225.5. Likewise, an underbet is successful if the total points are fewer than 225.5.


A handicap bet is a wager placed on the final score difference of both teams. It’s a scheme to even out the playing field between a solid and weak team. In this case, the stronger of both is placed at a disadvantage, while the weaker one gets an advantage.

Consider a game between the Atlanta Hawks (-1.5) and the Charlotte Hornets (+1.5). For a bet on the Hawks to win, the team beat the Hornets by two or more points. On the other hand, a stake on the Hornets wins if they don’t lose by less than 2 points or win the game outright.

🏀Odd/Even Points

The odds or even market revolves around betting on whether the total points will end in an odd or even number. These points could be in one of the halves, quarters, the entire game or the points per team. Its odds usually range between 1.80 and 1.90.

For illustration, consider a face-off between the Golden State Warriors and the Phoenix Suns. One can wager on the total points for the first half ending in an odd number.

🏀Points Range

For this market, you bet on the winning margin between two teams. For instance, in a game between the Portland Blazers and the Washington Wizards, one can place stakes on the home team winning by one to five points.

The higher the margin, the greater the odds and the better the returns if your prediction is accurate.

🏀Quarter Bets

Basketball games are divided into four quarters, and bookmakers offer different betting markets for each. Quarter markets can include betting on the leading team, the total points, or the winning margin.

A good example is a game between Liberty and the Mystics. You can bet on the winner of the first, second, or third quarter. Bookies also offer options like Draw No Bet (where you get your bet back if the game ends in a draw) and handicaps.

🏀Special Bets

These bets focus on specific game aspects or player performances. One popular particular bet is the “Players Special”, where you bet on individual player statistics.

For instance, you can wager on a player’s total points, rebounds, assists, or even three-pointers. Another exciting option is the “Player Bets,” allowing you to bet on team-specific outcomes like the first team to score or the highest-scoring quarter.

🏀Antepost Bets

Instead of placing stakes on individual games settled on the same day, you’re making predictions about longer-term outcomes in antepost betting. These could include wagering on the team to win the entire season or on the player to receive end-of-season awards.

For instance, in the 2023/2024 NBA season, you bet on Mikal Bridges of the Brooklyn Nets being the year’s most valuable player. Take advantage of the odds in these markets at the beginning of the season.

Most Popular Leagues of Non Gamstop Basketball Sites

Before engaging in basketball betting not on Gamstop, note that the sport has many leagues. However, a few draw more attention than others, and they include:


The National Basketball League sits at the top of the ladder in terms of popularity. According to a 2021 study, it has 210.2 million followers, 2.5 times more than the National Football League (NFL), making it the world’s most popular League. Punters are looking to take advantage of the live betting features for these championships in order to maximize their winning margins.

30 teams compete for the championship; among them, the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers are famous for winning the most Championships, with 17 titles each. The NBA has also produced legendary Hall of Fame inductees like Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan.


This is Europe’s top-tier basketball league, ranking second in popularity after the NBA. Its season consists of 41 games, with 34 played in the regular season, 5 in the playoffs, and 2 in the final four. Bettors enjoy wagering on this tournament, as the bookies offer many special bet options, like “Player Points” and “Team Total Rebounds”.

22 clubs have won the title, with 14 winning more than once. Among these is Real Madrid, which holds 11 titles. Some all-time leaders in the league include Vassilis Spanoulis, Dimitrios Diamantidis, Juan Carlos Navarro, and Šarūnas Jasikevičius.


The EuroCup Basketball is one of Europe’s premier professional basketball competitions, serving as the second-tier league just below the EuroLeague. This tournament consists of multiple rounds, and the two finalists proceed to the next Euroleague season. That draws the bettors’ interest to place their stakes on antepost markets, which are available at any bookmaker.

20 teams are participating, with three having won the title more than once. Among these, Valencia Basket is the most successful, with four titles. Some legendary players in the league include Igor Rakočević and Bojan Dubljević.

🏆Basketball Champions League

Founded in 2016, the BCL is one of the newer leagues in the basketball scene. Though not as popular as the NBA or the Euroleague, it boasts approximately 14 million fans worldwide. As a result, betting sites offer many markets for this championship, such as quarter bets and player combos.

The BCL spans over nine months, during which 205 games are played, offering enough options to bet on online basketball not on Gamstop sites. Since its founding, a few clubs have clinched the title, the most winning being the Lenovo Tenerife and the San Pablo Burgos.

🏆FIBA Europe Cup

This is FIBA’s second-level competition, where clubs qualify based on Cup contests and National League performance. Its inaugural season was in 2015 when 56 teams battled for the top spot. That tough competition prompts punters to seek betting opportunities and opt for bookies providing handicap bets to increase their winning range.

Eight clubs from seven countries have emerged at the top of the league. These include the Skyliners Frankfurt, Nanterre 92, Reyer Venezia, and Dinamo Sassari.

All You Need to Know About Basketball Sites not on Gamstop

Their autonomy from rigorous exclusion programmes, massive bonuses, and high limits are some of the benefits of using these bookmakers. These advantages allow bettors to make more from their sessions on such sites. However, independent bookies have their downsides. We’ve explored the pros and cons of these sites in the following sections:

Benefits of Non-UK Basketball Bookies

Basketball bookies not on Gamstop present British players with multiple benefits, which make them ideal alternatives to UKGC-licensed sites. These advantages include:

➡️ Not Bound By Gamstop

Independent bookmakers don’t operate under the purview of the UK Gambling Commission, which automatically excludes them from restrictive programmes like Gamstop. As such, they accept British punters of legal age, even those on the exclusion programme. They establish reasonable terms and conditions for safety that prevent fraud and identity theft.

➡️ High Limits Offered

Punters enjoy wider betting limits, allowing them to bet as little or as much as their budget can take. This permits both casual and high-stakes gamblers to wager comfortably. Their translation limits are also reasonable, with the deposit and withdrawal options within an optimum range to suit different bankroll sizes.

➡️ Swift KYC Process

The time-consuming customer verification process is absent from basketball not on Gamstop sites. While these sites have their own KYC processes, they are usually shorter and take between a few minutes and a few hours to complete. This translates to faster withdrawals, allowing bettors to get their winnings quickly.

➡️ Credit Cards Allowed

Credit cards and cryptocurrencies are the top payment methods for deposits and withdrawals on these sites. These transaction options protect your credit score as they don’t appear on your bank statements. With cryptocurrencies, punters also make anonymous payments without revealing sensitive financial details.

Drawbacks of Basketball Bookmakers Not on Gamstop

Basketball betting sites not on Gamstop have a few disadvantages you should note, and they include the following:

❌ Limited Betting Options On Lower Leagues

Independent bookies tend to focus on famous tournaments and leagues, as these attract the most bettors. Unfortunately, their coverage for lesser-known games like the National Basketball League of Greece and Spain’s Liga ACB is sometimes sub-par. Instead of extensive betting options, punters will find only a few markets.

❌ High Wagering Requirements On Bonuses

Engaging in online basketball betting not on Gamstop comes with the added perk of claiming bonuses, but these offers might have high wagering requirements and other strict conditions. As such, meeting the necessary criteria and cashing out the bonus winnings is challenging.

❌ Live Streaming Not Offered On All Events

Some bookies limit their live streaming services to the NBA and other high-profile tournaments. Bettors interested in the lower leagues can only watch some games on television or streaming platforms like YouTube.

Decent Alternatives to Basketball Bets Not on Gamstop

A basketball bookmaker not on Gamstop covers more than basketball games. The best platforms also provide markets for a variety of sports. Here are the top alternatives:

Football Betting Not on Gamstop

Cricket Betting Not on Gamstop

Horse Racing Betting Not on Gamstop

Rugby Betting Not on Gamstop

Golf Betting Not on Gamstop

Tennis Betting Not on Gamstop

Are There Any Basketball Bookies Unaffected By Gamstop?

Yes, there are basketball bookies that aren’t part of the self-exclusion scheme. These platforms don’t use a UKGC licence, enabling them to offer better payment methods, fast payouts, and high betting limits. They also include massive promotions, from welcome offers to free bets.

Which Are The Best Basketball Bookies Not On Gamstop?

We have picked and reviewed the best independent bookies where you can make a profit from basketball betting. Some of our best options include Goldenbet, MyStake, and Freshbet. These sites checked all the right boxes during our selection. It means they’re safe, with impressive basketball coverage, odds, bonuses, customer service, and more.

Can UK Players Indulge In Basketball Betting Excluding Gamstop?

Of course! Many bookmakers offer services to UK punters, regardless of the self-exclusion programme. One only has to register, which usually takes a few minutes. Once done, fund your account, take advantage of the signup offer if interested, and bet on the sport.

Is There Any Safe Non Gamstop Basketball Bookie?

Yes, there are many safe non Gamstop bookies, and some of the best ones are Goldenbet, MyStake, and Freshbet. These platforms don’t use a UKGC licence, but some are regulated in other well-known jurisdictions like Malta. The independent ones implement outstanding safety features like SSL encryption to protect users’ details.