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Gamstop vs. Gamban vs. GamCare – Which is better?

Gambling does not have the same impact on everyone. But still, there are cases when you might feel frustrated from betting; you might have had enough or started to walk down the dark road of gambling addiction. According to what your status is, you have to choose the proper gambling blocker. If you feel or know that you are addicted, maybe the best solution would be to exclude yourself once and for all using GamStop. On the other hand, if you feel like needing the proper guidance for your gambling or treatment, then GamCare is where you should turn.

If you believe that you can handle yourself but still need to be away from gambling sites for a short or a more extended period, then the Gamban app will do the job for you, letting you block all the gambling sites and mobile apps from every device you use. If you still don’t feel sure about which one you should use, read the following article and discover the differences among the three popular gambling blockers.

How do GamStop, Gamban and GamCare differ?

Self-exclusion from betting is not something simple since everything depends on the type of player you are. Therefore, according to your needs, you should carefully choose the scheme that suits you the best. For example, if you mostly need advice and checking the available blocking solutions, then GamCare should be your option. On the other hand, if you believe that you should put a brake on betting, you can choose to install Gamban on your devices. Finally, if you feel like having a gambling addiction, GamStop is the proper solution. Nonetheless, read below the GamCare, GamStop and Gamban review and learn the differences among the three solutions.

Note that none of the three following gambling blockers apply to the betting shops, and they are intended to prevent the players from betting online.

Even if you have chosen any of the above, you may feel ready to come back to the betting action. If you are still looking for a way to make it happen, just see the following list and register to the non GamCare betting sites of your choice.

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GamStop self exclusion review

GamStop seems like it is the most radical solution for players under gambling addiction. By registering for it, you are automatically excluded from every single UK betting site. The scheme is free of charge and once the punters sign up, they can choose to be banned for six months, one year or five years. The players can get out of the program only after the exclusion period elapses, while all the UKGC licensed gambling operators are obliged to participate in the scheme.

The disadvantage of the other two solutions is that players who decide to register with the GamStop scheme and later regret it will not go back. So Gamstop should be considered the last resort and is addressed to the punters facing a severe gambling addiction. However, if you have already registered with the scheme and you feel that you are in a better condition, you should know that there is a way to learn how to bypass Gamstop.

Gamban review

The Gamban software gives you the chance to block a wide range of gambling sites and applications by installing the app on unlimited devices. No matter if you own an Android, iOS, Windows or Mac smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Punters may block not only the UK betting sites but many international ones as well. Apart from the 7-day free trial, players should pay a monthly or yearly subscription to use the app on devices.

The application is easy to use and safe, but the big drawback (apart from the cost) compared to Gamstop is that if players own devices where they haven’t installed Gamban, they will still be able to gamble from those. On top of that, if you’re feeling ready to indulge in gambling again, you will be glad to find out that there are many gambling sites not on Gamban available online, offering slots not on Gamban and great games as well.

GamCare Review

This is different compared to the previous two solutions. Its main target is to educate UK punters on treating gambling, handling gambling impulses, and finally, how to overcome addiction. A GamCare blocking software is not offered since an outright restriction is not the way GamCare works. Still, the official site offers all the alternative proposals if you feel like setting restrictions on yourself. Through the helpline and live chat, you can get all the support you want 24/7, while the services are highly confidential.

Comparing GamCare to the other two blocking apps, this one has a more educational approach. If you want the safest and most complete solution, though, there is only one way. You should probably combine GamCare with any of the previous two blockers, along with the ones offered from the UK banks, like Credit Card Freeze.

GamStop vs. Gamban: What is better?

Both schemes are designed to stop you from entering gambling sites and applications. But they do have a significant difference. On the one hand, GamStop is designed to prevent you from entering all the UK gambling-related sites for a specific period. You can’t get away though, once you have registered, that’s it. You are banned from every bookmaker in the United Kingdom. The Gamban app, on the other hand, blocks UK-licensed sportsbooks (but not any non-UK bookies such as Anonym Bet and Rolletto), yet only on the devices on which it has been installed. So, if you are a hardcore bettor who can’t control himself, you should choose GamStop over Gamban.

GamStop vs. GamCare: Which one should I choose?

GamStop provides a radical solution. You register to the scheme, and you find yourself excluded from every single betting site in the United Kingdom. On the other hand, GamCare is an independent charity organization giving away counseling on how to get over a possible addiction or control yourself, along with the proper blocking solutions. The two solutions offer a different touch to how the players are going to treat gambling urges.

Should I use the GamCare blocking software or the Gamban software?

The two blocking tools are two entirely different stories. If you want to block all the UK betting sites and a wide range of Non UK bookmakers with apps from every device you own, or you just want to cool off from gambling, then the best possible solution would be to use the Gamban app. On the other hand, if you feel like you mainly need guidance and block your entrance to the UK betting sites, read the GamCare review and all the latter’s benefits to the punters.